How the Top Pursues the Bottom/C2 Recovering Demons by Rainy Night
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How the Top Pursues the Bottom/C2 Recovering Demons by Rainy Night
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C2 Recovering Demons by Rainy Night

In the summer night, the night was quiet. The only sound that could be heard was the pitter-patter of rain. The entire fishing city of Qingzhou was shrouded in a hazy rain and fog.

In the middle of the vast open area to the southeast was a star tower. It was over a hundred zhang tall, with Soul Luring Lamps hanging from each of the eight corners of its eaves. It looked like an ordinary lantern. The lampshade was painted with cinnabar so it was a complex rune. The light was dim and flickering, yet it was soaked by the rain and did not extinguish.

A man was standing at the top of the tower, dressed in a white robe, with a delicate lavender scented bag at his waist. The scented bag had a silver line that depicted the Iris, and a longsword with a dragon's scale was leaning against his back.

This person wore a bamboo hat, but his appearance could not be seen. He stood there like a statue, not moving an inch. The mountain breeze mixed with the heavy rain that blew incessantly, rustling the corners of white-clothed man's robe.

The rain was getting heavier and heavier, and soon white-clothed man was completely drenched. Under the black veil of the bamboo hat, white-clothed man's lips were pursed and his eyes were narrowed. His consciousness was spread out along with the howling wind.

Ten miles away, there was a scream that sounded like the roar of a wild beast. It actually drowned out the sound of the rain.

"There's a ghost!" Help! "

"Wuwuwu …" Help! "

The cries for help rang out one after another. Several families of fishermen lit up their lamps in fear. Under the dim light of the candles, they looked around in fright.

Suddenly, a huge shadow of a fish tail appeared on the white curtain. Suddenly, it disappeared.

Just as he was about to heave a sigh of relief, he heard a few loud 'kacha' sounds. The roof of the house was instantly overturned by a strange force. Soon after, a gust of wind blew in, chilling to the bone. The force of the impact was blinding, and people began to cry out of instinct in their extreme panic.

"Gulp …"

The sounds similar to fishes spitting bubbles were magnified. The originally ordinary sounds were exceptionally terrifying on this gloomy night.

It was said that every time this sound was heard, more than a dozen people would go missing, and not long after, several white bones would be shockingly discovered, washed up on the riverbank by the tide.

"Gulp …"

"Gulp …"

As the rain got heavier and heavier, the strange sound became louder and louder, as if it was very close. It sounded as if it was right next to his ears, but he couldn't see where it was coming from. Then, countless bubbles came from all directions and enveloped the people who were in a state of collapse.

A wave rolled in from the sea, sweeping back into the sea the "prey" that had been swallowed into the bubble.

Right at this moment, "Ding ding ding …" A crisp and melodious bell sound rang out from the top of the Star Gazing Tower. It was alternating between fast and slow, high and low, with one sound overshadowing the other. Finally, it linked together to form a long, sharp whistle.

Of course, people could only hear the first few rings, but they could not hear the one behind, because the ear-piercing shriek was especially directed towards the "Hua Kun".

Sure enough, the sound of the Soul Guiding Bell made the Hua Kun that was hiding in the rain become irritable. After being enraged, it took off its disguise and revealed its true form.

"There's a fish in Darknorth, its name is the Giant Leviathan, and it's name is the Giant Leviathan." This "Hua Kun" was a hybrid demon beast that had the body of a fish and the legs of a lizard. Although it wasn't as big as the Giant Leviathan, it was still much bigger than normal demon beasts.

Furthermore, the more powerful the rain, the stronger its demonic powers would be, and the more violent it would be. When the rain became smaller, the weaker the demonic powers would be, allowing it to dive back into the sea.

The Hua Kun was naturally cunning and difficult to deal with. The only way was to enrage it and find an opening to subdue it.

Feeling a strong demonic aura approaching menacingly, white-clothed man's tower body shook violently. He stood firmly on his feet and the Soul Guiding Bell in his hand continued to ring loudly.

Suddenly, a huge shadow appeared above white-clothed man's head, "Pa!" It was as if a crushing pressure had pressed down on the Star Gazing Pagoda, instantly leveling it to the ground. The bell suddenly stopped ringing.

The Hua Kun looked at the ruins below it, and snorted loudly, as if showing its disdain. It raised its head high and let out a carefree cry, giving off an aura as though it was invincible.

"Ding ling ling …" The bell for the disappearance of the Hua Kun rang again, causing the Hua Kun's scarlet eyes to open in anger. It turned its head towards the source of the sound, its red eyes were like two balls of blazing fire, staring straight at white-clothed man who avoided death. It bared its teeth and roared, furiously digging holes in the ground.

"Pa!" With another loud noise, the fish tail swept towards white-clothed man, creating a huge crater on the ground.

A white shadow leaped into the air, taking advantage of this moment, white-clothed man threw the Soul Guiding Bell into the air, summoned eight Soul Lamp's in the form of a cap, and encircled the Hua Kun in the center.

white-clothed man didn't unsheathe his sword. He was only chanting the chant. The eight Soul Lamp's rotated rapidly, and in just a few moments, a giant net was formed.

He jumped onto the net like a crane, using all his strength to step on it, forcing the Hua Kun to scream out miserably. He pulled on the net with his right hand, and the huge Demon Hunting Network became smaller and smaller, causing the Hua Kun to be unable to endure it.

At this point, the rain was gradually receding and the demonic powers of the Hua Kun were obviously weakened. No wonder they would run for their lives, but their strength was still limitless.

white-clothed man couldn't stop the outlaws no matter how hard he tried. The Hua Kun that was fleeing in panic, as well as the road wet by the rain made him slide continuously, and he couldn't stop himself from being dragged along the ground.

As long as the Hua Kun was trapped on land, they would have sufficient confidence to subdue it.

However, once it escaped back to the sea, it would be equivalent to releasing a tiger back to its mountain, causing endless troubles in the future. At that time, it would be able to use all of its demonic powers, making it difficult to subdue it.

Just as he was about to draw the Demon Killing Talisman, he was tripped by a rock under his feet and his body staggered and fell to his knees. He quickly grabbed onto the Demon Hunt Squad with both hands, and was forcibly dragged into the sea.

"Howl …" The Hua Kun suddenly let out a low cry of excitement. A wave struck the beach and splashed white-clothed man from head to toe.

Not good! They were already at the seaside. white-clothed man did not care about the pain in his entire body and kneeled on the ground, constantly placing the Spiritual Power into the Demon Hunt Squad, blocking its advance. It was like a mad dog being chained up, unable to break free, he could only plow his claws on the ground.

Very quickly, it dug out a huge sand pit, the lapping seawater also rushed into the hole, and not long after, it filled up the hole, as long as there was water, the Hua Kun would be able to release even more demon power, it was truly cunning!

However, no matter how high white-clothed man's cultivation was, there was a limit to the Spiritual Power's power. If he continued to waste time, although he could trap the Hua Kun for a while, it would not be a long-term solution.

It seemed like Spiritual Power could only pour half of the liquid in one go in order to trap the Hua Kun and end the battle quickly. Although this method used up a lot of Spiritual Power, he could not care too much about it.

Just as he was about to cast the spell, a magnetic and pleasant voice pierced the air.

"Eldest Martial Brother, why didn't you call me for fishing?"

As the sound of his voice faded, a figure wearing the same white robe as white-clothed man appeared out of nowhere. It was not a scented sachet, but an inky black jade pendant.

This person did not wear a bamboo hat, his face was unrecognizable in the drizzling rain, his eyebrows flew into his temples, his enchanting fox eyes were raised, his eyes were filled with valiance, his black hair fluttered in the wind, his body was as light as a swallow, he suddenly rushed to white-clothed man's side, without saying anything, he grabbed white-clothed man's hand, his beautiful face carried a crafty smile.

"Eldest Martial Brother, did you miss me?"

"Junior brother, don't mess around." Wu Tie said in a deep voice. Although it was not a reprimand, the person who came heard that Eldest Martial Brother was indeed angry and quickly stopped smiling. He let go of Wu Tie's hand and coughed lightly. He grabbed onto the Demon Hunt Squad seriously and said with a frown:

"I'll hold it back. You go ahead and seal it!"

"Can you do it?" white-clothed man was a bit hesitant and didn't let go.

"Yes." A simple word.

"Alright." It was also a simple and straightforward word. According to their degree of tacit understanding, they did not need to speak much. white-clothed man did not doubt that his junior was trying to be brave, and his junior was not worried that white-clothed man would not be able to deal with Hua Kun.

With the help of his junior brother, white-clothed man was able to do twice the work with half the effort, but in the blink of an eye, he had already drawn the Demon Killing Talisman and froze on its forehead.

Along with an ear-piercing wail, the Hua Kun's enormous body quickly shrank, and the Demon Hunt Squad closed in right after. The giant fish, that was only the size of a fist, was tossed around by its junior brother, crying out with a "wuwu" sound.

"Give it to me."

white-clothed man took off his bamboo hat with his right hand and extended his left hand towards his Junior Brother, revealing a refined and handsome face. The most outstanding thing was his pair of eyes which were like peach blossoms looking forward to the future.

Gong Loujue looked at white-clothed man's hand that was stretched out to him. His palm was full of bloody wounds caused by the Demon Hunting Network. Even his white armguard was worn down. It was stained with blood, making it look even more serious.

He pulled white-clothed man's hand, wanting to help him remove the medicine on his palm. Unexpectedly, white-clothed man suddenly stopped his hand, secretly formed a fist, and placed it behind his back. He then signaled Junior Brother Gong Loujue to follow, turned around and walked towards the ruins of Star Gazing Tower which were flattened by the Hua Kun's stomp.

Gong Loujue hurriedly walked up to white-clothed man and walked beside him, "Eldest Martial Brother, your hand is injured. Let me apply the medicine for you!"

Within his sleeves, the hand that was clenching his fist unconsciously tightened. Little did he know that the white palm was concealing a secret white-clothed man would never want to tell anyone. How could he let his junior see through it?

white-clothed man slightly frowned before returning to his indifferent expression and said.

"No problem. This Hua Kun will be yours. "

Gong Loujue kept the Hua Kun into the Demon Binding Bag, still worried about white-clothed man's injuries and asked with concern: "Eldest Martial Brother, apply the medicine first!"

"No problem." white-clothed man waved his hand.

Gong Loujue was unrelenting. He forcefully grabbed white-clothed man's arm when he wasn't paying attention and laughed so hard that he revealed two rows of teeth, "Mochen..." "Serve the medicine first."

white-clothed man's name was Ling Mochen, and upon hearing his junior calling his name, he stopped in his tracks. His starry eyes stared at Gong Loujue, causing him to be stunned. Lowering his eyes, he pulled out his arm from Gong Loujue's chest.

"Got it."

After he said those two words in an indifferent tone, Ling Mochen walked forward again. That unapproachable aura didn't let Gong Loujue find an opportunity to get close to him.

Gong Loujue looked at the peerless figure and quickly caught up with him again. This time, he used his trump card.

He jumped around Ling Mochen in a circle happily. He looked to be in a funny mood as he kept mumbling to himself.

"Hengzhi, Hengzhi, Hengzhi …"

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