How the Top Pursues the Bottom/C20 Lou Jue's Missing
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How the Top Pursues the Bottom/C20 Lou Jue's Missing
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C20 Lou Jue's Missing

Ling Mochen's shoulders were covered in purplish-red scars, appearing very prominent on his almost perfect skin. Especially his left shoulder, which was the most serious. The scars were like tree roots that extended all the way to his arms.

His gaze was fixated on Ling Mochen's left hand, where Ling Mochen's left hand was wearing a protective glove all year round, even in the blazing summer, Yun Chuxiao had teased him about the fact that the ice mountain was not hot, and Gong Loujue had only said that he was strict in his personality and adhered to the rules of the sect. It was only now that he realized what exactly was hiding under the protective glove.

The Bailing Mountain was only worn by disciples of the sect when Ling Mochen entered the sect. Their goal was obvious, and the reason was to help Ling Mochen hide his secret.

After almost twenty years, Gong Loujue wanted to take a look at the Demon Puppet Seal that he personally left behind on the back of Ling Mochen's hand. As soon as his fingertips touched Ling Mochen's left hand, his wrist was firmly grabbed by him. Ling Mochen frowned uneasily, as if he was struggling to open his heavy eyelids.

"Don't move my protective palm. Stay away from me. Let's go …" "Let's go …"

"Alright, I won't move, I won't move …" Gong Loujue retracted his hand as he spoke.

Ling Mochen then felt more relieved. His eyebrows gradually relaxed. He turned over, pressed his left hand against his side and fell asleep again, leaving Wu Tie's bare back. A few shallow scratches could be seen on his messy clothes.

Gong Loujue's heart instantly felt numb.

"Father …" Mother … Your child... Your child is in pain... "It hurts." The ferocious Demon Fox in the dream tore him apart as it pounced on him, its sharp fangs trying to tear him to pieces. In its hoarse cry for help, it could only hear the sound of his shoulder bones being broken.

"Hengzhi, Hengzhi!" "Hengzhi!"

Gong Loujue called out to Ling Mochen repeatedly after hearing his disordered breathing, as if he was sobbing, and pulled him into his arms. Although he knew that he no longer had the qualifications to hug him, he still couldn't help but get closer. He patted Ling Mochen's back and gently wiped away the cold sweat on his forehead.

Suddenly, the scene in his dream changed as someone gently embraced him. It was a refreshing and warm feeling. When he was halfway up the mountain, that person smiled brightly at him and said:

"Hengzhi, is this place very beautiful?"

Ling Mochen reached out his hand to grab the man, but Gong Loujue locked his fingers together.

Ling Mochen fell asleep peacefully and had no nightmares at all.

When he woke up in the morning, it was an empty room. In a flash, Ling Mochen propped himself up abruptly and felt slightly dizzy. Subconsciously, he checked his left palm. He clearly remembered that he was drinking with Gong Loujue last night, and after that... He vaguely remembered pressing down on a person. Who was that person? Ling Mochen closed his eyes as he tried to recall the scene. Gong Loujue's face appeared in his mind and then... Then how did he get back to the chamber?

The noise outside the room interrupted Ling Mochen's thoughts. Yun Chuxiao had already rushed in. This was the first time he had entered Ling Mochen's bedroom. He couldn't help but sigh. This … It was too neat, too clean, the pear-blossom case spotless, the pen rack running from big to small hung full of brushes, a stack of spare blank spirit paper neatly, even the laundry in the corner stacked like a book.

What made one's scalp tingle the most was that thirty-meter-long screen. It was not painted with mountains and rivers, was composed of poems and poems, or even pictures of beauties, but rather, it was filled with lessons in calligraphy. On the other side, it was painted with thousands of patterns of monsters. Savage Wolf Demon, beautiful flower spirit, handsome bamboo demon … There was everything that he could think of, which made him dizzy. After the diagram was explained, it was much more interesting than the stiff, simple text that was recited in the book. Yun Chuxiao obviously liked this kind of annotation.

"Eldest Martial Brother!" No wonder you were ranked first in Bailing Mountain cultivation, you actually worked so hard in private! It's really amazing! " Yun Chuxiao stared at Ling Mochen with a look of admiration.

"If you work hard, you can also do it." Ling Mochen said lightly.

"Hee hee …" Yun Chuxiao smiled embarrassedly, "I think it's better if I don't."

"Last month's class, the Spirit Convergence Talisman was incorrectly drawn. At the end, there was an additional stroke; the Wind Controlling Talisman is missing a stroke." Ling Mochen picked out Yun Chuxiao's lessons from the neatly arranged bookshelves. He had miswritten the entire two stacks of spirit glyphs. "Write another set when you get back and make up for it." "And this …" Ling Mochen drew out Murong Qi's lessons, a complex talisman for leaving the soul. The talisman was correct, and the signature was unexpectedly wrong.

"Murong Qi, written into Murong Ji." Ling Mochen said lightly, "Although your handwriting is very similar to Qian He's, but Qian He wouldn't make such a low level mistake."

How did Eldest Martial Brother know that I was imitating Qian He's handwriting? If it wasn't for Qian He who asked for help, would I have made a mistake? Yun Chuxiao felt wronged and the smile on his face could not be hung up anymore. At this time, Murong Qi himself appeared and knocked Yun Chuxiao's head as he asked, "Did you write the foundation?" "What about my clothes?"

Yun Chuxiao rolled his eyes and said: "If you wear clothes, then it's' O ', and if you take off your clothes, then you will be the foundation. Isn't it still you?" It's just that we're missing a piece of clothing, it's not like we're missing a piece of meat. "

Murong Qi shook his head with a smile. "Yun Xuan, did you say that?"

"Ah!" Only then did Yun Chuxiao remember the important matter and said to Ling Mochen,

"Today, another letter asking for help was sent to your study, Eldest Martial Brother. The letter said that the Hua Kun had escaped from the demon Binding Bag and also harmed eight people, so the whereabouts of that Young Master Qingzhou Sect, Yin Lie, is still unknown. "

Ling Mochen was not surprised by this, when he was forced to hand over the Hua Kun, he already expected such severe consequences, but he was powerless, he was unable to fight against his master, so he could only hand over the Hua Kun. What could they do now? Once again ignoring the rules of the sect and disobeying the orders of his master? Thinking of his master's lonely back, Ling Mochen hesitated. This time, he could no longer turn back without hesitation.

"Yun Chuxiao, you seem to have missed the most important point." Wu Tie said.

Yun Chuxiao had a bitter face, "I didn't say it on purpose. I was still thinking about what to say."

Ling Mochen was aware that things were not going well. Just thinking of that possibility already made him scared, "Quickly tell me, where is Loujue?"

"Younger Martial Brother Gong, he …" Yun Chuxiao looked at Murong Qi for help, "He's missing." I have already sent a letter to my fellow sect members outside to send him back to the mountain the moment I discover his whereabouts. "

"How can he be so ridiculous!" Ling Mochen suddenly slapped the table beside him. He pursed his lips and reprimanded in a low voice, causing the poor furniture to emit a muffled sound. Ling Mochen's face was as dark as the clouds, which scared Yun Chuxiao a little. As far as he could remember, Eldest Martial Brother never showed any emotion on his face and this was the first time he saw Yun Chuxiao get angry.

"Rustle, rustle …" How could a wooden table withstand a palm from Ling Mochen? With a poke, Yun Chuxiao disintegrated into a pile of wood scraps.

"Sorry." Sensing that he had lost control of his emotions, Ling Mochen apologized and Murong Qi shook his head.

"It's alright, the most important thing right now is to find Loujue and his disciple. "While Master still doesn't know about this, let's hide it for now. Our fellow sect members have already gone to look for him, we …"

"I'll go find him." Before Murong Qi could finish his sentence, Ling Mochen had already rushed out of the door.

"Is Eldest Martial Brother going to violate the rules of the Sect this time?" Yun Chuxiao said.

"The first time was for the people of Qingzhou; this time was for Gong Loujue; the second was for Gong Loujue. "My family's Eldest Martial Brother …" Murong Qi smiled lightly, "I'm afraid I'm falling in love with Gong Loujue."

"..." "Two men?" Yun Chuxiao raised his eyebrows in confusion.

Murong Qi nodded and looked at Yun Chuxiao with a little smile in his eyes. Yun Chuxiao was intimidated by his stare, so he rubbed Murong Qi's chin and suddenly asked: "You can't have taken a fancy to me, right?"

Murong Qi was still smiling and asked instead of answering, "What do you mean by that?"

"You forged a Moon-Chasing Bow, a Wind Chaser Sword, and a Sleeve Arrow for me …" Yun Chuxiao counted with his fingers as if he was talking about his own family. In the end, he asked: "Did you prepare these for your own dowry?"

Murong Qi smiled without answering and said, "Let's go. It's time to go practice earlier."

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