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C6 Encountered

This Yin Lie was just a young man, but he was unrestrained and unrestrained. His men did not seem disrespectful at all as they also started to heckle him. Suddenly, all the obscenities rushed towards Gong Loujue like a flood.

Ling Mochen frowned and looked at Yin Lie with his ice-cold eyes. Unconsciously, he released the pressure that belonged to a superior cultivator. Yin Lie was stunned and his smile froze on his face. Then, he retracted his arrogant look and the surrounding people also felt the pressure and gradually quieted down.

"What's the appearance of my junior apprentice-brother?" It's your turn to judge? "

The cold voice carried anger this time, and the pressure it exuded became even more intense. Even Gong Loujue, who was standing beside him, seemed to be intimidated. He looked at him dumbly, feeling that Ling Mochen Jun was extremely handsome at this moment!

He, who had never argued with anyone, actually stood up for himself. Just thinking of this made Gong Loujue jump for joy. How could he even bother about that brat's rudeness?

His face turned pale from anger, this method of directly using the upper echelons' cultivation to suppress him revealed his weak point. If both sides' strengths were equal, then the pressure would have no effect, but how could he compare with Ling Mochen? From his point of view, Ling Mochen was just like a tall adult using his physical strength to bully a weak child. He was both overbearing and shameless as he immediately shouted:

"Could this be how your Bailing Mountain works? Going to someone else's territory to put on airs! He could bully others with his high cultivation? You want to snatch the Hua Kun from us even if it is our Qingzhou Sect! Is there any justice left in this world? "

So in the end, it was still to retrieve the Hua Kun. Ling Mochen glanced at Yin Lie indifferently. His eyes were like a grown-up looking at a naughty kid who was making a fuss out of nothing. Obviously, he did not think much of him, which made Yin Lie even angrier.

"Don't look down on those with the surname Ling!" I do not believe that you will be able to take the championship of next year's Evil Killing Conference! "

The teenager stared at Ling Mochen with a firm and furious gaze. Ling Mochen's thousand-year-old face finally changed. This time, it was not the kind of gaze that looked at a child but at him as an equal opponent. He said, "I will wait."

A feeling of being respected arose, and the awkward Yin Lie snorted coldly.

"Let's go."

Ling Mochen patted Gong Loujue, who was still in a daze, and couldn't help but silently criticize, "Why is this Junior Brother getting more and more dazed? He's too absent-minded to pick a time."

After being patted by Ling Mochen, Gong Loujue reflexively shrugged his shoulders and finally came back to his senses. He followed behind Ling Mochen and left. After Ling Mochen left, the pressure around Yin Lie also disappeared.

Who knew that after a few steps, Yin Lie would lead his men and catch up with them. With a winning attitude, he raised his chin even higher. He glanced at Ling Mochen and his companion and shouted,

"If you don't have any chances of winning, how would I dare to provoke you!?" Hmph, Ling Mochen, so what if your cultivation is high? Is it possible for it to defeat the divine tool, the Illusionary Mirror, of the Primordial Era? "

Just at that moment, Yin Lie took out the Mirror of Illusion from his sleeve and threw it out. It was originally meant to attack Ling Mochen, but it was thrown aside and a strong white light shot straight at Gong Loujue beside Ling Mochen, quickly enveloping him.

"Be careful!"

Ling Mochen was shocked. He subconsciously pushed aside Gong Loujue, but was repelled by a wall of light. It shook his entire arm until it became numb.

A halo of light quickly formed under Gong Loujue's body. Silver white dots of light bloomed and intertwined to form a complex light ray. It was as if there was life slowly winding up from beneath his feet. Gong Loujue hurriedly pulled out his sword and slashed horizontally, but it was of no use. Those rays of light continued to intertwine and soon bound Gong Loujue's legs, preventing him from moving.

Gong Loujue's already handsome face became even more mesmerized after being covered by a layer of dazzling color. However, his eyebrows were tightly knitted, and he gradually revealed an expression of unbearable pain. Countless threads of white light quickly wrapped around his waist. The hand he used to wield the sword began to tremble, and a trickle of blood seeped out of the corner of his lips. This light was poisonous! A part of him had quietly entered his body.

At the same time, Ling Mochen had already twisted Yin Lie's hands, putting the sharp Dragon-scale Sword onto his neck. All of this happened too fast, and Yin Lie did not even have time to react, he only felt a blur in front of his eyes, and fell into Ling Mochen's hands.

A cold voice rang in his ears:

"Release them!" Otherwise, don't blame me for being heartless! "

Yin Lie shuddered, but he was stubborn and refused to give in.

"Let them go!" Hand over the Hua Kun! "

Ling Mochen looked at Gong Loujue, who had been poisoned by the poisonous gas, and coldly said without a shred of hesitation.

"Alright, release him." As he said that, he withdrew his sword. He wasn't afraid that Yin Lie would go back on his word. If he wanted to catch this brat, it would be as easy as turning his hand.

Yin Lie, who had finally gotten rid of his shackles, touched his neck subconsciously. Luckily, he didn't bleed and rubbed his shoulder that was hurting. He grumbled in his heart, "Is this the one with the surname 'Ling'?" So powerful! His shoulder was about to be crushed!

"Hurry up!" Ling Mochen urged with a dark face.

Only then did Yin Lie withdraw his Mirror of Illusion.

The Illusionary Mirror said that it was an ancient divine tool, rather than a killing weapon. Anyone trapped by the Mirror would be exposed to a strong light, and this light was obviously no ordinary sunlight, but a high-temperature white flame similar to the Samadhi Fire. If a normal person were to step inside, the consequences would be no different from a live fish that had its flesh ripped open; however, the most terrifying aspect of the Mirror was not the strong light that could take a life.

The cruelty was outrageous.

The Illusory Mirror was the treasure of the Qingzhou Sect, and only the inheritors of the Qingzhou Sect knew the secret to opening it. Other than seizing Yin Lie, Ling Mochen did not have a better way to quickly rescue Gong Loujue.

And this young lord of Qingzhou, who didn't know his place, used such a vicious thing just to fight over the spoils of war. One must know that this weapon was used to deal with demons and devils, it was used to deal with Gong Loujue!

Ling Mochen forced out the poison in his Junior Brother's body as he fed Spiritual Power to his Junior Brother to repair his damaged internal organs. He had a terrible expression of "do not come near strangers" all along. However, Yin Lie's eyes were still focused on Ling Mochen. Seeing Wu Tie's pale face, without a trace of blood, his forehead was covered in cold sweat, his brows were knitted, and his lips had faded away completely. A trace of bright red blood, however, was glaring. He pouted and muttered:

"It shouldn't be that serious. Just looking in the mirror and you're already on the verge of death?" and laughed at him, "Hahahaha... "Only your face can see this. It really is an embroidered pillow."

Ling Mochen forcefully suppressed the anger in his heart and fed the last of the Spiritual Power to Gong Loujue. His face was slightly pale.

"It's time to hand over the Hua Kun!" Yin Lie hugged the Mirror of Illusion and urged impatiently.

Ling Mochen took off the Demon Binding Bag on Gong Loujue's waist and handed it over. Liu Tie could not wait to catch it. He was overjoyed, but the next moment, his smile froze on his face. He could no longer do it manually! Not only his hands, he couldn't even move his whole body.

"Ling Mochen!" What did you do to me! " Yin Lie was flustered and exasperated as he asked, while his pretty face turned red like a pig's liver.


Ling Mochen was expressionless. His tone was as if he was saying, "The weather today is not bad." With that, he bent down and helped Gong Loujue up, placed his arm on Gong Loujue's shoulder and prepared to leave.

"Stop!" It's not that easy to leave! "Release the Body Securing Technique!" Yin Lie shouted anxiously. Seeing that Ling Mochen did not stop at all, he ordered his opponent: "Go! Quickly stop him! "

"Yes, yes …" A group of people from Qingzhou hurriedly surrounded Ling Mochen and his brother.

"Humph!" How dare you use the Body Lock Technique on me, attack! Hit him! "

At Yin Lie's order, dozens of Qing Zhou people drew their swords and rushed towards Ling Mochen. Ling Mochen jumped up with his toes touching the ground, and dodged the fatal attack with Gong Loujue. He formed a sword sign, and the Dragon-scale Sword with scabbard rushed up into the sky, spinning in the air, like a naughty child who was having fun, charging in all directions at a lightning speed, rushing towards the attackers in all directions.

Steadily landing on the ground, Ling Mochen retrieved his treasured sword. He looked around with a sharp gaze, forcing people to retreat and no longer daring to move forward.

His sword had yet to be unsheathed but it had already overturned dozens of people. With one move, he had defeated them. Not only that, his body was as light as a swallow. Just how strong was this Ling Mochen? Yin Lie was overwhelmed with shock as he secretly swallowed his saliva, maintained the posture of holding the Demon Pouch, and started cursing again:

"Truly useless! "Carry this young master back!"

Although he was unwilling to lose, Yin Lie did not continue to fight. In any case, the Hua Kun had already been obtained, and this Ling Mochen had secretly gone down the mountain to violate the sect rules, at that time, he would fly a letter to the Bailing Mountain Sect Leader, informing them that he had beaten up someone from the same sect, added to the crime, and his master's several hundred whips would always be waiting for him, hehe! He was in a lot of trouble! As he thought of this, Yin Lie, who had yet to recover his agility, actually laughed complacently and said, "Let's go!"


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