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C7 Return to Sect


Ling Mochen, who was about to leave, turned back and pulled the bag out from Yin Lie's hand under the watchful eyes of the crowd.

Yin Lie roared in his heart: Why did I snatch it back again!

"This Demon Binding Bag is something that belongs to my Bailing Mountain. Naturally, I have to retrieve it."

But the Hua Kun is inside! Yin Lie silently shouted. Ling Mochen no longer paid attention to him and turned to Gong Loujue.

"Loujue, how do you feel now?"

After a short period of resting, Gong Loujue stood up straight and smiled, "I feel much better now."

"Behind me, stand firm."


With a flash of the sword, Ling Mochen flew away with Gong Loujue.

Door A: "Is this the Imperial Sword Technique? "So powerful!"

Disciple B: "I think it's that powerful sword!"

Disciple C: "Nonsense, that is the Ling Family's inherited treasure sword. Normal weapons cannot compare with it! The most miraculous thing is that it can be recognized as master! "

Yin Lie: "..." Damn it! Praise the opponent in front of me for not having thought about my feelings! A bunch of useless bums! After being beaten up, he was even praising in a silly manner! If Yin Lie was able to use his power to speak, he would definitely be beating his own head while cursing a bunch of trash.

After finally experiencing the joy of having the two of them ride the sword, Gong Loujue landed beside the gate of the mountain with majestic Bailing Mountain with satisfaction. One of the rules of the Bailing Mountain Sect, was that one could not casually wield the sword above the Bailing Mountain, as a form of respect. His Bailing Mountain was surrounded by auspicious clouds all year round, resembling a fairyland, but its walls were a thousand feet long. He had to walk on foot to reach the top of the mountain staircase, and if he walked any further, both his legs would be crippled.

It was no wonder that no one from the Bailing Mountain would so easily violate the rules of the "privately coming down the mountain".

"Do you really want to climb up there step by step?" Gong Loujue stretched out his index and middle finger and did a stair climbing motion.

"Not really." Ling Mochen looked up at the peak of the mountain that pierced through the clouds, "I'll fly you up." He thought about it and said, "Fly low."

Gong Loujue stared at Ling Mochen doubtfully, "Aren't you the one who is most diligent in your duty and follows the rules? You're going to cheat too? "

Ling Mochen was righteous and strict, and still maintained his strict appearance. He said: "Special circumstances, special practices, and is also the purpose of my Bailing Mountain."

Gong Loujue pretended to listen attentively, but in reality, he was holding back his laughter until his internal injuries, "What special situation?" Was there a special situation?

Ling Mochen did not smile, "You're wounded."

"But I'm healed." Gong Loujue blinked slyly.

Ling Mochen frowned slightly. He then looked at the mountain road that never ended. That troubled and serious expression made Gong Loujue unable to hold back his laughter for a moment. Hengzhi, Hengzhi, if you want to cheat, just say so. It's not like I'm not accompanying you, so I hurriedly coughed and gave him a way out.

"It's not suitable for you to climb the mountain after your injuries have started to heal."

"Yes, that's right."

"So, sorry to trouble you, Hengzhi."


It seemed like Eldest Martial Brother had cheated because of a single injury. Forget it, this injury was worth it!

There were a total of seventy-nine mountain gates. Every time one of them flew across, there would be a disciple dressed in a white robe who guarded the gates to greet them with a smile on his face. Ling Mochen nodded in response, but maintained his serious expression.

Hengzhi, it doesn't matter if you break the rules in front of all the Junior Brothers. Gong Loujue resisted the urge to laugh, and pretended to imitate Ling Mochen's expression with a serious face.

At this moment, a cool breeze blew past, filling the entire mountain with emotion. With Hengzhi accompanying him, it was truly wonderful!

When they arrived at the forty-eighth door, Ling Mochen suddenly pulled Gong Loujue down to the ground in a hurry.

"Why did it stop here?" Gong Loujue asked.

Ling Mochen's face was a bit pale. He forced himself to calm down and said:

"Master is out."

"What!" Gong Loujue was shocked, "No way! His Master had gone into closed-door cultivation, and she had come out so quickly? Then wouldn't we be caught secretly descending the mountain? "

As the chief disciple of the Bailing Mountain, he should set an example and set an example, yet, take the lead to break the sect rules. If he steps out of these last two gates, it would be equivalent to stepping into the Repenting Cliff.

Those who went down the mountain without permission should be punished with an eighty Commandment Whip, which forbids them from entering the Repenting Cliff for a hundred days.

"Why don't we go to the back of the mountain and leave the Dustless Temple?" The Dustless Temple was where the head disciple of the Bailing Mountain lived. If he had come out of the Dustless Palace, he might have been able to hide it from her. Gong Loujue was well aware of the strength of that whip. A single whip strike to cut open the flesh was not a joke. He hurriedly gave Ling Mochen some advice.

"It's too late." It was almost time, and Bailing Mountain disciples would press their hand seals on the Spirit Convergence Pillar in the morning, then train together, and the Spirit Convergence Pillar would automatically show those who did not press their hand seals. Perhaps Master had already discovered that they were not in the mountain. Ling Mochen's expression changed as he looked at the mottled blood on Gong Loujue's white robe. It was left behind by him after he was injured by the Mirage Mirror.

"What's wrong?" Gong Loujue smiled and asked, meeting Ling Mochen's gaze. He thought to himself: Hengzhi, Hengzhi, what time is it now that you actually appreciate my looks?

"Don't talk." Ling Mochen raised his right hand, and a scarlet light appeared on his fingertip. He spread the blood on Gong Loujue's white robe, and when he felt a refreshing Spiritual Power that belonged solely to Ling Mochen wandering around his body, Gong Loujue squinted his eyes in satisfaction.

"Alright." Ling Mochen only stopped when Gong Loujue's white robe turned into a bloody shirt.

"What are you doing?" Gong Loujue asked in confusion, "Isn't that too eye-catching?" Damn, that handsome young man with his elegant clothes had now completely turned into a man made of blood.

"Do you want to be beaten into a bloody man later, or is there no need to be punished like this?" Ling Mochen teased him for once.

Gong Loujue was enlightened. The Bailing Mountain Sect Leader, Elder Wen Xu, has always doted on his disciple and would never use corporal punishment while his disciple was injured. It turned out that Hengzhi was helping him avoid the punishment he was about to receive.

"What about you? How are you going to get away with it? " Gong Loujue asked.

Ling Mochen had a determined look in his eyes, but it was hard to hide the arrogance on his face. He stared at the sturdy mountain gate and said word by word, "Since I'm back, I'm not afraid of punishment."

The mountain breeze was mixed with the refreshing scent of early summer grass and trees. The morning sun shone through the leaves in the sky, casting sparkling lights and shadows upon the handsome young man. The young man then resolutely ascended the last mountain gate.

Gong Loujue remained silent for a while, before Fang quickly followed. Ling Mochen didn't know that, with eyes as firm as a rock, every time he appeared, he would hold someone's heart tightly.

Indeed, as Ling Mochen had expected, when he ascended the forty-ninth mountain gate and appeared in the vast training field, all the Bailing Mountain disciples had already gotten into position to practice their sword techniques, and the sound of sword energy slashing through the air rose and fell one after another. Even Yun Chuxiao, the junior brother who usually liked to be late, arrived. The handsome teenager winked at Ling Mochen and signaled him to stand behind him to protect him.

The one standing beside Yun Chuxiao was Murong Qi, the Exorcist with Bailing Mountain that was an expert in smithing. His Heaven and Earth fan had unending illusions, it was comparable to Ling Mochen's Dragon-scale Sword. At this time, he was also using his fan to cover Ling Mochen, using a private message, "Eldest Martial Brother, I have already tampered with the Spirit Convergence Pillar, both your name and Loujue's name will not be revealed. Quickly get Zhou Tie to take off those clothes and throw them away. It's time to demonstrate the Heavenly Water Formation. "

With these words, several disciples had already begun to set up their formations in the center of the Spirit Gathering Hall. The surrounding disciples gradually joined in, and their formation expanded like a whirlpool.

Wen Xu stood on the steps with his hands behind his back. His face was pale and wore a Sect Leader's gown. He had a long sword at his waist. He watched the disciples practice the "Heavenly Water Formation" and turned a blind eye to Ling Mochen.

The Illusory Dream Array was combined with the Five Element Eight Trigrams, as well as a flexible footwork. This caused the "Heavenly Water Array" to be impenetrable.

After a while, Yun Chuxiao also joined in. He did not forget to give Ling Mochen a meaningful look, indicating for him to quickly sneak in.

"Yun Chuxiao, be careful and move around quickly. Remember to focus on the task at hand."

Wen Xu looked at the array, Yun Chuxiao's footwork had clearly shifted to the main line.

The "Heavenly Water Formation" specifically focused on concentration. A errant step could cause a hidden force within the formation to break one's leg. Just as Wen Xu was about to save Wen Xu, Murong Qi also noticed it. However, if he was in front of Yun Chuxiao to save others, it would result in everyone being crippled!

Just as he was worried, he saw Ling Mo Chen taking the lead, leaping into the air, making a hand sign with both of his hands, bringing along a light wave, he dove down and forced his way into the unpredictable array, aiming at the empty door, grabbing Yun Chuxiao's shoulder and bringing him away from the array.

The formation gradually turned from a surging wave into a gentle stream like a small bridge. Finally, it stopped like still water, and not a single person was injured.

However, even if Ling Mochen wanted to muddle his way through all this, it would be difficult. However, seeing that Ling Mochen had entered through the main entrance so confidently, he did not intend to muddle his way through. Originally, Wen Xu turned a blind eye towards him, hoping to contact him later. Now, Ling Mochen had exposed himself, and as the Bailing Mountain Sect Leader, Wen Xu could not practice favoritism and malpractice.

"Aiya! Eldest Martial Brother, it's all my fault! You could have sneaked in! " Yun Chuxiao, who almost had a broken leg, stomped his chest and stamped his feet in frustration as he sighed.

Murong Qi withdrew his fan and knocked on Yun Chuxiao's head, "Hurry up and thank Eldest Martial Brother. If it wasn't for Eldest Martial Brother, I'm afraid that I would have forged a pair of fake legs for you!"

A burst of laughter erupted from the surroundings. Yun Chuxiao covered his head and quickly thanked Ling Mochen.

Wen Xu came over from the high platform with quick steps. His feet were like the wind and the corners of his robes were fluttering. The corners of his mouth curled into a cold straight line. His tall and big body was full of deterrence, and one could feel a strong sense of pressure slowly approaching as he got closer.

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