How the Top Pursues the Bottom/C8 Receive Punishment
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How the Top Pursues the Bottom/C8 Receive Punishment
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C8 Receive Punishment

Immediately, it became extremely quiet. Everyone began to consciously silence.

It's here! It's here! The Ten Thousand Year Coldface Luosha had come! Yun Chuxiao quietly retreated to the back of Murong Qi. This master was good to everyone except for Yun Chuxiao, who was very strict with him. How could he not be awed by Murong Qi?

Ling Mochen nodded and said: "Master."

Wen Xu fixed his gaze at him, then shifted his gaze to Gong Loujue, who was dressed in blood-red clothes. Gong Loujue also called out "Master" and said no more. Wu Tie sighed inaudibly and asked, "What happened?"

"Master, Loujue was injured by the Mirage." Ling Mochen stepped forward with a respectful attitude.

"Illusionary Illusionary Mirror!" Wen Xu was surprised. He saw the slight fluctuation of anger under the solemn expression and his fingers gradually clenched behind his back. This Qingzhou Sect is too ruthless, but my own disciple is the first to break the rules, so I can't scold him. He could only endure it.

"How is Loujue?" Wen Xu made as if to take Gong Loujue's wrist, but Ling Mochen stopped him. "Loujue's poison hasn't been cleared yet, and his apprentice is taking pills for him. He needs rest."

"Since that's the case, Loujue will go back to his room." Wen Xu instructed.

The remaining poison hadn't been cleared yet, so wasn't everything fine? Gong Loujue cursed in his heart. So Hengzhi had even dared to deceive his master in order to protect him from punishment. He smiled as he thought of this.

Ling Mochen glanced at Gong Loujue and frowned, indicating him to leave quickly. As expected, Gong Loujue retreated and faded away from everyone's line of sight.

After Gong Loujue left, the atmosphere gradually became depressing. Wen Xu looked at Ling Mochen's face that resembled a former friend and asked with difficulty, "Do you admit your mistake?"

"Master, what do you think about this disciple's mistake?" Ling Mochen asked back, causing the surrounding Junior Brothers and Sisters to suck in a cold breath of air. Yun Chuxiao was stunned for a moment before he realized that even Eldest Martial Brother, who respected his teachers the most, actually talked back? Just now! The immature youth's heart surged with passion as he silently gave Eldest Martial Brother a thumbs up.

Murong Qi quickly pulled on Ling Mochen's sleeves and said in a low voice, "Eldest Martial Brother, quickly admit your mistakes to Master. Perhaps you can reduce the punishment!"

"Humph!" "Ling Mochen, do you dare to ask what's wrong with you?" A clear and melodious female voice suddenly rang out. Everyone looked towards the source of the voice, only to see Shen Yanran glaring angrily at them with her long, shapely eyebrows.

In the entire "Bailing Mountain", who didn't know of Shen Yanran's existence? Even the plain white clothes could not conceal her graceful figure in the slightest. Even the nun's hair did not affect her beauty. At this moment, her phoenix eyes were filled with annoyance, but it was also a different kind of charm.

She went up to Wen Xu and greeted him. Then, she stared at Ling Mochen and continued:

"Firstly, my Bailing Mountain rules were violated when I went down the mountain on my own. Secondly, the thing I didn't ask for help to interfere in the affairs of other sects was the Demon World rules that were violated."

"If Master thinks so too, disciple will be punished." With that, Ling Mochen stepped onto the ring, took the Dragon-scale Sword from his waist and placed it on the ground, then stood under the rack.

"Sis, you're really something!" Another woman's voice rang out. She pushed through the crowd and walked quickly towards them. The crowd looked and saw that it was Shen Yanran's cousin, Shen Xi. This Shen sisters, their elder sister was as beautiful as a peony, and their younger sister was as pretty as a hibiscus. The two sisters usually had a good relationship, but at this time, they had a disagreement. Shen Xi said:

"Eldest Martial Brother violated sect rules and the rules of the demonic realm, but it is still within reason. With the appearance of the demon in the Qingzhou Sect realm, the young master of the Qing Zhou Sect has yet to ask for help.

"That's right, that's right!" Everyone echoed him and pleaded for Ling Mochen, but Wen Xu ignored him and walked straight in front of Ling Mochen, "You said to receive punishment, not to admit your wrongs. Since you are willing to accept punishment without admitting your wrongs, what kind of logic is that? "

Ling Mochen said calmly, "In my opinion, rules are not as important as life. Since I have violated the rules, I will bear the consequences." In the face of human life, Ling Mochen had chosen to abide by the rules, to ignore human life. He admitted that he could not do it, but once he stepped forward, he would violate the sect rules, break the rules, and bear the consequences.

"Well said! "Well said!" Yun Chuxiao immediately clapped his hands and laughed loudly, "If Eldest Martial Brother had gone there a few days later, all the civilians in Qingzhou would have been eaten up by that monster! Hundreds of lives! This is no joke. It's not easy for a person to be reincarnated! "

"Nonsense!" "Step down!" Wen Xu shouted in a low voice. His stern gaze was directed straight at Yun Chuxiao. He was so scared that he shrunk his head back and hid behind Murong Qi. He only used his pair of eyes to peep out secretly.

After shouting at Yun Chuxiao to back off, Wen Xu didn't know what to do in the face of the chief disciple who gave him the most headache. His expression gradually turned absent-minded as he looked past Ling Mochen towards the distant clouds that were floating in the sky. According to the legends, if a person's soul returned to the nine heavens, then it would leave the world with a floating cloud. No one knew which one was the true friend of the past, as ten thousand layers of clouds drifted across the sky every day.

"If your father is still alive, I hope that you can restrain your sharpness and live a peaceful life. You must remember that punishing you for your master today is not a sect rule, it is not a rule. but to let you understand the logic of knowing what is true and what is not, in order to protect your body. " It was an emergency, Wen Xu immediately ordered the executioners to get into position, "Today, Ling Mochen should be punished with a 100 reprimand!"

"Sorry." The burly executioners each held a whip and went up on stage. Using hemp rope, they neatly tied Ling Mochen's hands to the wooden frame, and prepared two buckets of salt water to fully soak the whips.

"Don't hit him!" Shen Xi shouted and rushed up to the execution platform. "Master!" Even if it was to be punished, it would still be a punishment of eighty strokes. Why a punishment of a hundred strokes!? This is unfair! "

Shen Yanran was so angry that her face turned red. She jumped onto the execution platform and forcefully dragged Shen Xi down, "He violated the sect rules and broke the rules. He committed two heinous crimes. Master has already done an unofficial deed! "

Shen Xi was also furious. She stomped her feet and said, "Sister! Why are you always targeting Eldest Martial Brother! Senior Brother Lee Che's death was not caused by Eldest Martial Brother! "

It's fine to not mention Lee Che, but when Lee Che is mentioned, Shen Yanran gritted her teeth and glared at Ling Mochen. She scolded him angrily, "If he didn't have to subdue that Xi Jiang water demon, Lee Che wouldn't have died! If our Junior Brother cannot be protected, then what is the point of doing it, Eldest Martial Brother! "

When Ling Mochen heard Lee Che's name, his eyes immediately turned gray. It was as if his wound that had yet to scab was opened again by someone. Bitterness spread from his mouth and he was left speechless.

"Sister! You're going too far! I'm too lazy to tell you, but I can't let them attack Eldest Martial Brother today! " As soon as Shen Xiyan finished her sentence, she was about to charge towards the execution platform again. In a moment of anger, Shen Yanran used her Spiritual Power condensed into a water rope and wrapped it around Shen Xi's waist, forcefully dragging her away. The two sisters pulled each other as they began to fight.

Wen Xu felt a splitting headache coming on. He rubbed his glabella, as if he had made the utmost decision, and issued an order to the executioner who was on standby:

"Execute the punishment!"

"Gong Loujue!" Where are you going?! " Shen Xi couldn't win against Shen Yanran, so she yelled at the top of her lungs.

Ling Mochen suddenly felt his body become heavy. Then, he felt a wave of sleepiness that made him drowsy.

"Shua!" The whip was forcefully thrown into the air in a straight line, as if it was carrying a tail of fire. It let out an ear-piercing whistling sound, like the hissing of a snake, and hit Ling Mochen's back. It tore apart the fragile skin to the depths of his flesh, causing a bloody mist to emerge, leaving behind a long bloody wound. Blood gurgled out and instantly dyed his pure-white clothes red.

Ling Mochen's body was slanted forward, his hands that were bound by the hemp rope started to shake, as if he couldn't take the pressure anymore. He heard the long howls of the whip, the muffled sounds of the whip hitting flesh, and the loud reports of the torturers.

"Eight …" "Nine …"

"Mm …" A faint groan unconsciously escaped from his lips. Ling Mochen's forehead was covered in sweat, and a wound was left on his lower lip. The blood mixed with the sweat and dripped onto the ground, turning into a mottled red color.

"Fifteen …" Sixteen … "Twenty-one …"

The unbearable pain made Ling Mochen unable to breathe. His trembling arms finally couldn't hold on. His body was completely hanging down. He could only rely on the hemp rope to keep from falling down. The tears that filled his eyes were forced back into his eyes.

Wen Xu's frown deepened. Unknowingly, he clenched his fingers, while his nails sunk into his palms.

No matter how strong Ling Mochen was, he was covered in wounds.

He endured the pain in his heart and retracted his gaze, not even sparing a glance at his only son, who was being tortured by his best friend. His own disciple was better off punishing him than he was. It would be better to offend the entire Demon World in the future.

"Twenty-eight …" Twenty-nine …

The announcement was as loud as ever.

The punishment did not stop just because Ling Mochen was about to fall into a coma. The merciless whip continued destroying the remaining intact skin like a torrential storm.

"Fifty, fifty-one …"

"Ah …" "Mhmm …"

The unbearable pain made Ling Mochen choke. His body, which was in extreme pain, started to spasm instinctively. His sweaty hair was sticking messily to his pale face.

"Sixty …" Sixty-seven …

It was early summer and a light wind was blowing. The reek of blood filled the air.

Ling Mochen suddenly gasped heavily and shouted in a hoarse voice:

"Get out!"

"Boom …" The muffled sound of a body heavily hitting the ground.

Everyone cried out in alarm as they looked at the scene in front of them in disbelief.

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