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"En …" Gong Loujue fell to the ground with his hands on the ground, unable to get up for a while. What was even more shocking was that all the wounds from the whip wounds had landed on his body, and his back was completely red. On the other hand, Ling Mochen was completely unscathed, and Gong Loujue was the one who bore the pain.

Ling Mochen felt his body suddenly become heavy, and knew that he had been possessed by Gong Loujue. Since his hands were tied up, he was unable to quickly gather the Spiritual Power around his body, so he used his consciousness to forcefully break free of Wu Tie's possession technique. When he finally managed to struggle free, he had suffered 67 lashes of the whip for himself.

"What nonsense." Wen Xu's face was rigid as he scolded, but he had a strange feeling that this was the best thing that could happen. Ling Mochen did not have to suffer physical pain to remember this lesson, but he had made Loujue suffer.

"If I try to force my way out, not only will I harm myself, I will also implicate others." Wen Xu took the opportunity to teach, ordering someone to untie Ling Mochen.

"Loujue, how are you?" Ling Mochen's face was full of guilt as he kneeled on one knee to deliver the Spiritual Power to Gong Loujue for his wounds.

"It's just a superficial wound. There's no need for a Spiritual Power. Hengzhi need not worry. " Gong Loujue clenched his teeth and stood up. Ling Mochen had been injured twice in a single day. Although he felt pained in his heart, he did not express anything. He only continued to transport Spiritual Power for him until Sun Tie coughed lightly and Ling Mochen stopped.

"Eldest Martial Brother, to be able to transport Spiritual Power like you, even if your fortune is in danger, you should come back to life!" Yun Chuxiao couldn't help but raise his sharp eyebrows in ridicule.

Shen Xi looked at Gong Loujue with hope from a distance. She was so angry that her lips were raised. This time, she didn't need Shen Yanran to pull her. She left with a face full of displeasure.

Looking at Gong Loujue's miserable back, Ling Mochen was filled with melancholy. His Master's words still echoed in his ears. Forcing himself to stand out would not only harm him, but would also implicate others. For a moment, he was at a loss. A kind of negative thought suddenly appeared in his mind. Perhaps, he really wasn't suitable to be with others. Junior Du was right. If it wasn't for her insisting on taming the West River Water Demon, that young man, who should have been a heroic man, would not have followed her. If he hadn't gone, then he would have been able to make fun of her in this Spirit Gathering Plaza and chat happily.

"Mochen, after you've passed this time, Master will punish you with a hundred days of forbidden Repenting Cliff. Do you have any objections?"

"Disciple shall obey master's orders."

Ling Mochen opened the corner of his robes and knelt down to receive the key to open the Repenting Cliff stone door.

"Since Hengzhi knew his wrongs, why did he still punish him?" Gong Loujue's questioning tone was like an interrogation, causing Wen Xu to have an illusion of being intimidated by the tyrannical pressure. The illusion disappeared in a flash, and when he tried to sense it again, it was as if it had never appeared. Wen Xu sized Gong Loujue up carefully and didn't feel anything was wrong. He said, "It's not like you can avoid punishment if you know your wrongs. A choice, a price. "

"A choice, a price …" Gong Loujue muttered to himself as if he was deep in thought.

"Gong Loujue, it is a violation of the sect rules for you to go down the mountain unnoticed, but since you are injured, there is no need to go to the Repenting Cliff. Just stay in your room for a hundred days. " This was already the lightest punishment. Wen Xu sighed to himself. Although almost all of his disciples possessed unique skills, they were all too willful.

"Master, my injuries are already all right. I'm willing to go to the Repenting Cliff to reflect."

Wen Xu looked at Ling Mochen, who nodded his head in silence, then looked at Gong Loujue, who couldn't hide his expression of anticipation. Finally, a long-awaited smile blossomed on his serious face, "You, as a master, don't know what you're thinking."

Thinking back to back then, Wen Xu had also secretly developed feelings for someone, how could he not see the feeling Gong Loujue had towards Ling Mochen. Even if it was going to the gloomy, damp Repenting Cliff that could not see the light of day, he was still willing to accompany him.

Wen Xu was actually envious of Gong Loujue, at least he could fight for him. Unlike him, Wen Xu could only remember in pain, he would never forget that the last time the man had met him was when he had personally stabbed him with a sword.

"Master? Master! " Gong Loujue called Fang Fang to come back to Wen Xu's thoughts.

"No need for that. Go back to your room." His decisive tone did not allow for any negotiation. Wen Xu could not be at ease if Gong Loujue and Ling Mochen were in the same room together.

"Master! Let me accompany Hengzhi, Master! " Gong Loujue pleaded again and again, pulling Wen Xu's sleeves, with a posture of "100 days! This had been going on for too long! Master, don't you hold your breath! "

"Loujue, step down." Ling Mochen had not been ordered to get up and remained on his knees, but his dignity did not diminish, and Gong Loujue did not bother Wen Xu any longer.

"Go to the Repenting Cliff." Wen Xu Xu helped Ling Mochen up.

"Yes." Ling Mochen bowed to Wen Xu and accepted the order with lowered eyes. He could not help but look up at Gong Loujue. Gong Loujue was overwhelmed by the unexpected favor. With a smile, his eyes sparkled as Ling Mochen slowly retreated.


Ling Mochen stopped and asked, "Is there anything else, Master?"

Wen Xu looked at Gong Loujue, who was still giggling foolishly. He sighed helplessly and said to Ling Mochen, "If you perform well, I can let you out in advance. Do you understand? "

"..." "Yes."

"Let's go."


Ling Mochen nodded again and turned around to leave.

Gong Loujue couldn't help but to follow him for a few steps as if he wanted to follow him, but Ling Mochen never turned his head back. At this moment, the sky was cloudy and the sun was blocking out the sky. Suddenly, the back of the figure stopped at the corner of the garden. The man looked back and met Gong Loujue's eyes from afar. In that instant, like a spark that lit up the lamp in his heart, Gong Loujue burst into laughter.

"What are you laughing at?" At this time, all the disciples in the Spirit Gathering Hall had left one after another. Even Wen Xu had disappeared without a trace. Yun Chuxiao followed Gong Loujue's gaze and saw a clump of blue gentian flowers blooming beautifully in the wind. The teenager was puzzled, "What's so funny about those flowers?"

Murong Qi laughed and said, "What's the point of idiots like yourself following people with their eyes as they leave?" Then, he patted Yun Chuxiao on the shoulder and waved the Heaven and Earth fan in one hand. A cool breeze blew, causing Yun Chuxiao's hair to stand on end. He looked refined and refined. According to Yun Chuxiao, he was showing off his 8 feet tall and handsome face, not knowing how to keep a low profile.

"Don't be so silly as to think that I don't understand. Who is the fool! " Yun Chuxiao was unconvinced and glared at Murong Qi. Murong Qi raised his eyebrows and waved the Heaven and Earth Fan next to Yun Chuxiao's ear, "Yun Xuan, the Spirit Convergence Pillar has already revealed your name. If I didn't use some tricks …"

Yun Chuxiao was very polite. When he heard these words, he immediately smiled and massaged Murong Qi's shoulders. He was like an attentive waiter as he said enthusiastically:

"Qian He has put in a lot of effort, so I'll give Qian He a good massage." "Auntie Gui made a sweet duck today, so I'll treat Qian He to a whole one. How about that?"

"Qian He" was the word of Murong Qi, Yun Chuxiao called him "Qian He" with a sincere attitude.

"That's great, uh... "Be gentle!" Murong Qi was very happy to be treated as his shoulder bones ached. He pulled Yun Chuxiao's hand and pressed it to his arm. Yun Chuxiao immediately understood and immediately began rubbing it, impatiently pulling him forward, "Let's go now, otherwise it will be gone in a while!"

When Murong Qi heard this, he hit Yun Chuxiao's head with the handle of the fan again, causing Yun Chuxiao to hug his head with a sound of "Awoo", "You threw Master's instruction behind again?"

After Murong Qi's reminder, Yun Chuxiao finally remembered, "Master wanted us to send Junior Brother Loujue back to his room!"

"What junior brother Loujue?" You should call him senior brother, he's older than you. " Murong Qi couldn't help laughing.

"That's not important. In any case, whoever enters the sect first is senior brother. I've been in the Bailing Mountain since I was young!" Yun Chuxiao argued.

Murong Qi declined to comment and wanted to support Gong Loujue. The latter waved his hand and even took half a step back to pull away from Murong Qi, saying, "No need, I'll go back to my room by myself." He then took out eight Soul Lamp Cores and handed them to Murong Qi, "The Soul Lamp has already been destroyed, and the wick is still here. I'll have to trouble Qian He." Gong Loujue smiled, a polite yet distant smile.

Murong Qi took the wick, "You're welcome."

Yun Chuxiao saw Gong Loujue turn around and leave. He looked at the body covered in wounds but not in a sorry state. Yun Chuxiao pulled Murong Qi and pointed at Gong Loujue's back, "Qian He, do you think he's weird?"

Murong Qi did not look at Gong Loujue. Instead, he stared at Yun Chuxiao's frowning face and asked, "What do you mean by that?"

"Look at Eldest Martial Brother. He's not smiling, but he's easy to get along with. However, even though Gong Loujue is smiling, it's hard to get close to him. He's been in his room half a year and we haven't been in his room a single time! Also, other than Eldest Martial Brother, he did not interact with anyone else. I remember that not long after he entered the academy, I greeted him and nearly broke his arm! " Yun Chuxiao felt a chill down his spine just thinking about it.

Murong Qi asked with a smile, "How did you greet him? "Tell me about it."

"I was just casually patting his shoulder!" Yun Chuxiao looked at Murong Qi blankly, "What's wrong?"

Murong Qi burst out laughing, and then caressed his back soothingly, "Remember, don't get close to Gong Loujue casually from now on."

"Then why is Eldest Martial Brother fine."

Murong Qi seemed to have seen through everything, "That's different."

"What's the difference? We're all from the same sect."


Murong Qi shook his head and sighed. A cool breeze blew past, and the fragrance of flowers was pleasant. He walked away with his feet full of sunlight. Yun Chuxiao followed closely behind like a chirping bird.

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