Hunter's Cute Wife/C1 Forced Marriage
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Hunter's Cute Wife/C1 Forced Marriage
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C1 Forced Marriage

Xiaoqing Village.

Linn Hemai quietly cast a glance at the spitting second uncle beside him. Although his expression was calm, his fingertips still could not help but tremble slightly.

"It doesn't matter if you agree or not, this marriage must be decided immediately!" Linn Changxi tyrannically glanced at the weak girl dressed in grey, he stuck out his chest and spoke with the dignity of an elder, "There is no room for discussion!"

Linn Hemai took a deep breath, and said with a gentle voice as much as possible: "second uncle, I just wanted to borrow a tael of silver to find a husband for Grandmother, why are you talking about marriage now? "My father just passed away a month ago. This is something that can't be forgiven …"

Linn Changxi frowned, and impatiently cut off Linn Hemai's breath. "Before your father left, he entrusted you to me, so I naturally have to take care of you! Hemai, you don't have to worry about your grandmother. As long as you agree to this marriage, second uncle will immediately take out one tael of silver and find a husband for your grandmother! "

Linn Hemai's eyes were as calm as water. If it wasn't for the old lady who was at the verge of death, she would have torn off Linn Changxi's face to see what it was made of, to be able to be so thick!

Linn Changxi was half threatening and half deceiving his, so he was confident that this niece, who had just returned to the Xiaoqing Village and hadn't seen anything of the world, would definitely agree to the marriage!

All the chips were in his hands.

Linn Hemai took in a deep breath, and her palms became covered with cold sweat.

If it wasn't because her life was in danger, no one would be able to force her to be engaged to an unfamiliar man. Moreover …

The man Yang Liulang's family used to be a rich family with Xiaoqing Village, but afterwards, the people in his family died one by one, leaving Yang Liulang, who made a living from his hunting.

This person was only around twenty years old, but he had a face full of beard. His stature was quite imposing, but he had never interacted much with the villagers.

Originally, Linn Changxi thought that Yang Liulang would forget about the marriage certificate, but who would have known that a few days ago, Yang Liulang had used the marriage certificate that was handed to him by his ancestors to find Lee Zheng. Lee Zheng had appeared, and allowed Linn Changxi and Yang Liulang to discuss the matter of the marriage …

Linn Hemai pondered over this matter in his heart, her eyes staring straight, and in Linn Changxi's eyes, this kind of expression made him unable to make a decision. His heart was a little unwilling, but when she thought about the man's family's barren and harsh conditions and her daughter that was as beautiful as jade, she could only grit her teeth and steeled his heart and say: "Hemai, think carefully! With just the debts you have, it's as difficult as ascending to heaven to marry someone! Now that there's someone willing to marry you, isn't that the same as paying off your debts? You should be happy! "

Linn Hemai's expressionless face finally showed some fluctuations. She raised her eyes, and the cold ripples of spring began to surface in the center of the soft and shallow lake.

Staring at Linn Changxi, his voice was also tainted with a frosty chill.

"I'll just marry."

Seven days later, the man's betrothal gift arrived.

Along with the hundred meter long three sugar and the wedding dress, there was also a gift, 8 taels of silver.

The wedding date was set for the tenth day of the next month. It was a auspicious day to get married.

After leaving the Linn Family courtyard, Linn Hemai carried the eight taels of silver in her pockets as she walked. He calculated that she could buy some bricks and tiles as well as simple ways to rest up in the little cottage that she and the old lady were staying in.

It is soon early summer, if the season of the plum rain, the small thatched cottage leaks the rain, can't live in the human.

She had walked from the back of the Linn Family courtyard onto a small path that led straight to the Small Green Mountain. It would save her time and effort and also avoid clashing with the old granny with broken lips in the village.

The Three Beasts, Three Lives and the wedding dress were still stored in the Linn Family courtyard. She could call the Shan Cao siblings to bring them over after lunch, and she could even buy some eggs with Shan Cao along the way.

With these random thoughts, they soon arrived at the thatched cottage at the foot of the mountain.

In the courtyard, stood an elder who was sweeping the floor with water. Hemai's heart was warmed, from the bottom of her heart, he smiled, and affectionately shouted: "Grandmother, I'm back!"

"Ah, Hemai is back!"

Linn Family Old Woman Madam Qin was over the age of sixty, her previous physique could be considered strong and sturdy.

After being driven out of the house she had lived in for half her life, she had not shed a single tear. She had been washing, cooking and cleaning as usual in the hut, but who could she talk to about the anger and anger in her heart? He lay in his room for more than half a month, recovering from his illness.

Madam Qin put down the broom in his hand and dusted off her clothes. Seeing Hemai bounce over to hold her hand, she asked affectionately: "Where did you go? Hungry? Grandma guessed that you'd be back soon. The pot has already been boiled and it's waiting for you to cook the noodles! "

Hemai cuddled her arm around Madam Qin's, and said gently: "Milk, how are you so amazing? You can even guess that I'm coming back! She didn't go anywhere and just strolled around the village! Pick up some firewood, milk, why are you doing your work? Everyone says that the spring wind is bone-piercing, so don't stay outside to catch the cold, quickly go back to your room and rest. "

"Yo, how can I be so expensive? People get used to having problems lying down all the time. When I come down for a walk, I can actually move my muscles and bones. "

Hemai smiled and pushed Madam Qin inside the house, "Then you've already done all the work just now, there's enough activity! "Hurry up and enter the house, I'm going to go cook."

Taking a few steps forward to the stove, Hemai saw a roll of buckwheat noodles on the table, the water in the wok had already boiled. Hemai shook her body to clear the noodles, and then, as if a fish had dropped into water, the noodles went down into the wok and stuffed a few sticks of firewood into the stove. The fire was flourishing, and the water in the wok was boiling up, causing Hemai to scoop out a bowl of cold water from the water jar beside and pour it into the wok.

After the water had boiled up again, he added more cold water. In this way, he scooped up the buckwheat noodles into a bowl and scooped up some cold water. The boiling water in the pot had already been scooped out and spilled onto the yellow soil.

On the side, there were already cut cucumber chunks. The cucumber chunks were a uniform crystal clear green, and each of them was exactly the size of the fingernail of his pinky.

There was a small, round, and cute egg on the side, but it was the only meat dish that could be seen in the past few days.

Hemai carefully beat up the egg and mixed it with a pottery bowl, making it dry in the pot, Hemai washed it with some water and went in, the flavoring at home was scarce, to go buy the daily necessities such as oil, salt, sauce, vinegar tea, etc. She needed to go to the general store with Qinglu Village that was five miles away from the village, and if she wanted to purchase a complete set of daily necessities, she would have to wait until she reached the fifth Clear River Town market to go to buy them every month.

It had been three months since Hemai arrived at the Xiaoqing Village, but she had only been to the Clear River Town Market once. Not long ago, when spring had just begun, she went with the Shan Cao siblings in the village.

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