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C10 Chattering Mountain Grass

At least Shan Cao had to accept the silver before she could rest assured. After going into the house to get a silver tael, the two of them headed to Qinglu Village's general store.

Along the way, just as the two were about to reach's home, they suddenly heard the heavy and loud voice of a woman coming from Lee Zheng's home: "Linn Changxi, that prodigal wife! He couldn't do anything good! He spent the whole day lazily lying on the brick bed, eating already! Going out of the house and causing a ruckus at home, what a shame! If it were before, this lazy fellow would have had to go soak in a pig cage! Living is also a waste of food! "

Another high-pitched female voice chimed in: "No! With that Linn Changxi who was afraid of his wife, that woman was already so greedy and lazy, yet she still pretended to ignore everything and allowed Linn Changxi to kick her mother out! He was going to die from laughter! Although our Xiaoqing Village is poor, we have never seen such an unfilial son! "

"It's not that we don't belong to the same family, but there's a reason why this b * stard and Mung Bean meet each other!" The rough female voice carried disdain, and said angrily: "An unfilial child like Linn Changxi, should be struck by lightning by the heavens! He didn't even have a man, and yet he took up so much land in our village! I heard from my husband and wife that they are trying to find a tenant! Why! What right do you have to let outsiders plow our village's land? "

"Exactly! Sister Biao Er should just let Lee Zheng take back his land and give them a good punishment! Their family of three occupy so much land, if they can't eat it, why not give it to us? " If we split the land between our families, every household in Xiaoqing Village will be able to eat an extra meal every day! " That was what the high-pitched female voice said.

"Eating an extra meal? "Really?" The women in the room were whispering to each other.

"Really! His family's land was more than 20 mu, so how could the three of them grow it? You can't look for tenants! If we can get even, we can at least have an extra meal! "

listened carefully. Heh, Lee Zheng's family had gathered seven or eight wives with Xiaoqing Village.

When Shan Cao heard this, her eyes stared straight ahead. She asked dumbly: "Hemai, Aunt Biao Er, are they going to Uncle Lin's house to steal the land? It's really amazing! "

Linn Hemai was silent for a moment, and then said softly, "They have nothing to do after eating their fill. Shan Cao, let's hurry on our way. There's no point in listening to all these people boasting. "

Shan Cao replied. When she passed by Lee Zheng's house, she tilted her ears and listened for a while, until she was far away, then clicked her tongue in surprise and said to Hemai: "Did you hear that just now? "Actually, I heard about it yesterday as well, but I haven't seen it yet — I heard my mother say that Aunt Zhao was crying until her face was swollen, that the good food for noodles and meat had all been dug out by Hei Zi to bring disaster. Aunt Zhao was so angry that she wanted to kill Hei Zi to eat his meat, but Uncle Lin gave her a slap instead."

When Linn Hemai heard about this, she was in a good mood. She smiled and said: "She deserved it, dogs have come to visit and protect the house, who told her not to look after the house? It would be a waste if they ate the rice noodles, especially for those poor animals. Those animals were really unlucky in his backyard. They could not even keep up with the grass for a whole day. Their empty stomachs were so sad that they could die, but their hearts were full of anger! "So hateful."

Shan Cao pursed her lips and laughed: "That's right, I have heard from my mother that this animal is intelligent. Even if it cannot help the family, it knows that the master's things cannot be harmed. Hmph, just seeing how Uncle Lin and the rest chased you and Granny Linn out made me angry. This is too much! "

Linn Hemai could not help but laugh bitterly at the bottom of her heart. Even young girls understood reason, but Linn Changxi, the man who had lived half his life, did not! All he knew was that he had been swayed by Lady Zhao's bragging and that he had cruelly and mercilessly chased the orphan mother out of his house. In this aspect, even an animal had done better than him!

Linn Hemai took a deep breath, trying her best not to think about what Linn Changxi had done.

The two of them walked out of the village and hurried towards the Qinglu Village. On the way, Hemai suddenly remembered what Yang Liulang had said in the early morning, which made his head hurt even more.

"Hemai, I'm talking to you, why are you ignoring me?" Shan Cao pouted, feeling somewhat wronged: "I said, you haven't seen Yang Liulang that many times, should we go and find him tomorrow?"

"Huh?" Hemai was just thinking about it, upon hearing Shan Cao's words, she was stunned, and asked: What are you looking for him for?

Shan Cao smiled happily, "Let him bring us to hunt! He was a hunter, so she must be very familiar with the deep mountains and the old forests. I heard my father say that deep in the mountains, there are many herbs, mushrooms, fungus, and so on! These things can be eaten after drying, and can even be sold for money. Hemai, don't you want to earn some money? "

Hemai's eyes twitched as she laughed bitterly: "Why don't you want to? Shan Cao, you... It was too simple. How could it be so easy to hunt? It's not safe to go into the deep mountains or the old forests. "

How could she not have thought of going into the depths of the mountains to gather herbs and vegetables? However … Even if she had some skills, she would still be alone. She didn't even have a decent home, so how could she fight with the wild beasts in the mountains?

The old lady's health was not good. If there were any mishaps, the old lady might be able to pass out from being in a hurry!

Shan Cao tilted her head, she simply wasn't not able to have as many complex ideas as Hemai. She said in a clear voice, "So that's why I said I was going to find Yang Liulang. Yang Liulang is a hunter, since he can catch wild beasts, he can naturally guide us. Let's not say anything, and just follow behind him, okay? "

Linn Hemai knew that Shan Cao's thoughts were simple, even though she had no other choice, she did not reveal her thoughts, but smiled and said: "Stupid girl, how could you be so easy to do as a hunter? It's all about putting your head back on your belt! Let's not go and cause trouble after that, not to mention whether Yang Liulang can protect us, even if your parents knew, they would still fight with their lives against Yang Liulang. "

Shan Cao pouted, "Really … "If you want to do something, you won't be satisfied with it. This is no good. If you don't let me, I'm so annoyed …"

She was muttering all the way, and her mouth never stopped. Hemai was already used to her nagging, so she did not hold back.

's mouth only stopped after they reached Qinglu Village's general store.

"Hemai, my dad gave me two coins this morning so I can save some money. How about we buy two steamed buns later?"

"Steamed Bun?" Hemai thought about the bun house beside Qinglu Village Village's entrance and couldn't help but swallow her saliva.

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