Hunter's Cute Wife/C12 The Thinking of the Wheat Straw
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Hunter's Cute Wife/C12 The Thinking of the Wheat Straw
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C12 The Thinking of the Wheat Straw

Hemai immediately shook her head: "How can I do that? Your brother is already tired from running more than 20 miles in the village every day. How could he let him come? Forget it, this matter... "Just think of a way."

Shan Cao pouted, "What can you think of? You don't know many people in the village... Oh, that's right, let Yang Liulang come over. He's so tall and mighty, with so much strength, repairing a roof should not be a big deal for him right? "

Hemai was startled, she really didn't think that she would ask Yang Liulang to help her!

Seeing her stunned, Shan Cao laughed complacently: "He's a good candidate, right? You two are about to become husband and wife, what's the point in having a servant now? You didn't hear the old man at the grocery store say it was going to rain in a while, so it's even harder. Wouldn't it be better to stay in peace with Grandma Qin after this? "

Hemai lowered her eyes in worry, "Let me think."

The two of them stopped at the entrance of the Qinglu Village Village. Seeing that Shan Cao really wanted to eat it, Hemai steeled her heart and bought three meat stuffed buns. No matter what, Shan Cao would give the two coins in her pocket to Hemai.

Shan Cao inhaled the fragrance of the steamed bun in her hand and swallowed a mouthful of saliva. Why don't I get you two more eggs? I can't let you lose, or I'm sorry. Who told me to be greedy? "

Hemai could not help but chuckle when she saw her upset with him, "Up to you! "Alright, I've already bought it. Hurry up and eat it while it's still hot!"

Shan Cao took a bite, his mouth was smeared with the fat of the bun, it was so fragrant that she almost wanted to eat it.

After the steamed bun went into her stomach, she smacked her lips and said to Hemai: "When I wasn't eating, I thought of something else. Ah, I don't think the egg pancakes that Grandma Qin made in the morning are as delicious as they were in the morning. Hey, Hemai, why aren't you eating? "

Hemai put the oil paper buns that were holding buns into the basket and covered it up, then said: "I'll go back and eat with Grandma!"

Seeing that she was so filial, Shan Cao guiltily slapped his forehead and said: "Hey! I want to borrow a coin from you to buy three steamed buns and go home to eat with my parents! "

Hemai laughed softly. This little Shan Cao, she was really funny!

When she returned home, it was already noon. The old lady was not in the house, Hemai packed the things she had bought and went to the stove to make lunch.

There were still half a catty of sweet potatoes at home. Hemai cleaned a few of them and cut them into small cubes. "The eggplant was brought over by Shan Cao a few days ago, and was prepared by slicing some pork meat at noon. After the stew is done, it will be served with a fragrant meal.

The rice was steamed on the small stove. On top of the pot, there was a stew of pork and eggplant. From time to time, the cackling of chickens could be heard in the fragrant yard.

In a simple chicken coop with a few boards, the hen was wholeheartedly brooding over the chicks. Madam Qin said that it would take twenty-one days for the eggs to hatch. In these days, the old hens hugging the eggs might not like to eat or drink, but they had to be forced to feed them.

As for the two listless chickens that he had brought back yesterday, their spirits had risen a little as well. They stood far away from the hens in their nests, and in another corner of the small yard, they would occasionally croak and peck at the rocks and grains on the ground.

While they were waiting for the food to ripen, Hemai took out a few paper bags from the living room. Inside the paper bags were some seeds, which she had bought from the market before the old lady had gotten sick.

When they were chased out of the house by Linn Changxi, and his family, who were still on good terms with the Old Granny, came over. They scolded Linn Changxi for being unfilial and without conscience, and also brought a lot of daily necessities for the grandfather and grandson duo. Furthermore, Lu Changming opened up a plot of land for the little courtyard with Niu Yonglian and Niu Yongwang.

Although it was only the size of a palm, it was enough for the grandfather and grandson to eat, as long as it was planted with vegetables and fruits that were normally eaten.

After digging out the small plot of land, she went to the market to buy some seeds. Just as she was about to plant them, the old lady suddenly became sick, she had been taking care of the old lady while asking for more money to buy medicine, so she had not had the time to take care of the land since, and now, she could finally relax and take care of the land.

Hemai took out a small hoe from a jar beside the stove. Before she turned the field, she had to scoop the ground edge and dig out the stone leaves in order to plant the seeds.

While she was busy with her work, many things were on her mind: after she had taken care of the land, she would buy some sweet potatoes to plant. When the old lady's health improved a little, she would go to a mountain or river slightly further away. If she could catch some prey on her left and right, she could sell them in the market if she didn't eat them.

His family did not have a single source of income right now, so he could not just sit around idly and do nothing.

She had a lot of ideas, but they all required capital!

Just like the most common way of thinking, it would still require money to buy rice and new barrels to sell the congee!

She did have a few taels of silver, but she didn't want to spend it.

If the old lady's body was feeling any worse, she did not want to beg for the help from the Linn Family anymore! That family was nothing special!

When she thought of Linn Family people, she couldn't help but think of the 'good things' she did yesterday.

Similarly, when he met Yang Liulang by the stream this morning, his every move and every word and action had been deeply engraved in Hemai's mind.

Her hands gradually slowed down as she bit her lips and thought back to what had happened in the morning. Her eyebrows slowly knitted together.

This Yang Liulang... I'm afraid he's not a lecher? How could he invite a girl to his house in the middle of the night? Aren't you afraid of being talked about?

Or is it … Yang Liulang calculated that her weakness was in his hands, was she certain that Hemai was going to go tonight?


The next month would be the day of their marriage, why would Yang Liulang be in such a hurry?

What did he want to wait for her at night? Was he going to tell her about the handkerchief? Or was there something else to tell her?

Hemai thought: Regardless of what it was, as an unmarried girl, she would never go to a single man's house in the middle of the night. Unless her head was kicked by a donkey, she would definitely not want to live in this village!

Even if the two of them were to get married, that would not do! It will drown one's spittle!

She thought angrily, the hoe in her hand was swinging faster and faster, almost digging a hole in the ground.

This scene was coincidentally seen by the old lady who had just entered the courtyard. Madam Qin exclaimed: "Ah! Hemai, what are you plowing! That meal, that meal! "

"Grandma? Ah! My food! " Linn Hemai was startled, seeing the dirt on the ground, she immediately let go of her hoe.

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