Hunter's Cute Wife/C13 Faithful Grandchild and Grandchild
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Hunter's Cute Wife/C13 Faithful Grandchild and Grandchild
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C13 Faithful Grandchild and Grandchild

Fortunately, there was a layer of mud on the cooking pot. Once the lid was opened, a sweet fragrance floated out, and the yellow, orange, white and lustful sweet potato rice inside was not stained with even a little bit of mud. Hemai was finally relieved, and quickly cleaned the courtyard clean with Madam Qin's broom.

After some work, the courtyard finally became clean. Hemai swept the soil all the way to the side of the yard, and turned back and smiled embarrassedly: "Milk, you must be hungry. Let's eat!"

Madam Qin responded as she brought the rice from the stove into the house and placed it on the small table on the bed. Hemai then quickly brought out the food from the stove and placed the two steamed buns on the side of the house.

"Milk, let's eat the steamed buns first!" Hemai smiled sweetly as she picked up a bun from Madam Qin's pottery bowl.

Madam Qin was carefully looking at the pair of bamboo chopsticks in her hand, just as she was about to say something, she saw that there was an extra bun in the bowl, she was surprised for a moment, and then said: "Hemai, go ahead and eat it, I'm not proud of it."

Hemai said: "Milk, this is what I bought for you, I don't like eating this either, eat it, if not I will buy it for you next time."

With a smile, she showed the old lady the Sweet Potato Rice that she had stewed at noon. She said, "I can't fill my stomach with a single steamed bun. Milk, this is rice that I bought the day before. You can taste it later."

How could Madam Qin not know that her granddaughter wanted him to eat something delicious? The wrinkles on her face suddenly blossomed and she said, "Hemai, your body should be eating more. Why are you eating so much good stuff at such an age? "..."

The more she said it, the more Hemai placed food into her bowl. Madam Qin enjoyed it in her heart, and quickly said: "Hemai, don't take food, grandmother will eat."

When Linn Hemai saw Madam Qin put the almost streaky pork into her mouth, she finally relaxed and asked: "Milk, is it delicious?"

It was delicious, why did it not taste good, Madam Qin only felt that the pork was melting in her mouth, the smell was extremely soft, causing her to gulp down a few mouthfuls of rice, and she said: "Hemai, your second uncle's family went to eat milk during the day …."

Hemai's heart moved, she raised her eyebrow, put down the bowl and chopsticks, and asked: "Milk, they didn't bully you right?"

The old lady's face revealed a bitter smile, and said softly: "Your second uncle is my son after all, you shouldn't make things too ugly on face. Your Second Aunt is not home, and your second uncle even poured a bowl of tea for me to drink! I only went over to take a look this morning because I heard your Aunt Xiu Juan was talking about your second uncle's family. "

Hemai quietly nodded her head, and continued eating with a bored expression.

Madam Qin continued: "Your second uncle is still busy cleaning up the house, I didn't think to come out just to cause trouble, and somehow walked into the field. Ah, it's already springtime now, open a wasteland, shoveling the ground. In the past, at this time of year, my health had been quite good, and although your second uncle was unwilling, he could be pulled out by me. Your father would usually come back when he was busy with farming, but our mother and father would always be busy in the fields, not saying a word. Your father and I did not know that we were tired, but your father was always shouting and yelling about how hungry and thirsty he was, so we let him be. Ah, and look at our field this year, more than 20 mu of land, not even a single person! "..."

The old lady's tone became more and more sorrowful as she spoke, her eyes turning red.

Linn Hemai knew that before her father, Linn Changjun, died, he was the pillar of the Linn Family. Linn Changxi's house, the animals in the backyard, and the food and clothing of Linn Changxi's family, which one of them was not earned by living outside?

The old lady said that Linn Changjun had earned quite a bit of silver from travelling with the dart car a few years back and that all of it had been filled up.

Now that Linn Changjun was gone, and there were more than twenty acres of land in the house, every single inch of it did not have anything to do with Madam Qin anymore.

Thinking about it, Linn Hemai felt a headache, looking at the old lady's expression, her sad mood turned into a wave that rippled in her chest: How much did Linn Changxi and his wife bully to their ancestors, she will definitely take it back!

Thinking about this, Hemai comforted Madam Qin softly, "Grandma, let's not think about the past anymore. You still have me, don't you? Don't look at how I'm about to get married, but it's not far! From Yang Liulang's home all the way to ours, it's only been an incense stick's worth of time. From then on, I'll wake you up every morning, carry water, carry firewood, cook food, and usually serve the dishes, feed the chickens, and accompany you to talk and do your work. How nice is that, isn't it? "

Madam Qin pursed her lips and laughed, "Girl, your mouth is really sweet. Alright, it won't be good if you come back often. It was too late for Grandma to be happy! However, she had to ask the Liulang for her displeasure. "You need to take care of someone's heart when you marry …"

Hemai laughed, "Milk, I got it!"

During the next day, Linn Hemai soaked herself in some rice and prepared to cook some porridge for dinner.

After soaking the porridge, Hemai closed the door to her courtyard and went to the stream beside her house.

Early in the morning, when she went to fetch water, she could not help but try to catch some of the little fish that were swimming towards the river bank in heaps.

The little fish was very hard to catch, the water flow was very fast, furthermore Hemai did not have any suitable tools.

It was still the same place as in the morning, Hemai looked around, threw off her shoes and socks, and carefully rolled up her pants before squatting down, he took out a worn-out shirt from her waist, and looked at the places on the shore where there were many fishes, he then took it out and quietly threw it over.

This required endurance and stability. One had to be able to keep their composure, and one also needed a certain amount of strength in their wrists. How could a normal girl do this? But Hemai was very good at this kind of focused and strenuous work.

The river was still cold and continuously washed at Hemai's feet and calves. However, when Hemai thought about what the doctor had said about how eating some fish and shrimp would help the old lady's condition, she forcefully steeped herself in the water for the next day.

When he landed on the shore, the skin of his feet and thumbs were all wrinkled and white. He paid quite a bit of hard work, but the harvest was still not satisfactory.

That little fish was really small, only about the size of a thumb. It was also very agile. In one day's time, the amount of fish caught in the bucket would probably add up to less than two catties.

Hemai sat on the shore and dried his legs with her clothes, only putting on her shoes and socks after drying up. When she returned back to the shore, she found his legs were a little unruly, probably because she had been soaking in the water for too long.

As the sky gradually darkened, she looked at the small fishes that covered the bottom of the wooden bucket. She thought that at least she would be able to make a plate of fish sauce for Madam Qin to eat, and that would be enough.

When she pushed open the courtyard door, Hemai saw that Madam Qin had brought the needlework in her hands to the window and was borrowing the light of the sky, which hadn't completely dimmed, to continue sewing.

It was a set of clothes, shoes and socks that Madam Qin had prepared for her marriage, every piece of clothing was exquisite and exquisite, and it was also made by Madam Qin after countless of days and nights of hard work.

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