Hunter's Cute Wife/C14 Confused Rye
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Hunter's Cute Wife/C14 Confused Rye
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C14 Confused Rye

"Grandmother, I'm back." She called out, "Are you hungry?"

"I'm not hungry yet," Madam Qin put down her sewing and came out of the room after a while. "Yo, where did you go to catch some fish?"

"That stream, milk, you can go back to your room. The wind is strong tonight, I'll be busy outside." Hemai said with a smile, as she held Madam Qin's shoulder and entered the room.

Madam Qin could not sit still and insisted on coming out. She took out the rice that had been soaked in noon with Hemai and asked: Are you going to make the white porridge or what kind of porridge?

Hemai said: "To make the porridge, I will make two more."

There was even a handful of rice mixed with the mid-morning rice. The two grains had been soaked for the whole day, and were now as white as snow.

As usual, he left the rice water and placed the wet white rice in the dustpan. He scooped up a spoonful of lard and pushed it away, then began to rub the white rice in the dustpan.

When each grain of rice was filled with the fragrance of lard, the first step in making the porridge taste good was completed.

Then he boiled water in the wok and scattered the rice inside. He added firewood into the wok and pulled up the bellows. The fire boiled the water and boiled the flowers. The rice was also boiling in the wok.

In the process of cooking porridge, Hemai set up a small stove, placed a small iron pot on top, smeared some lard on the pot and then put the scallion and ginger in.

The scallion exploded its fragrance, and then Madam Qin had already cleaned up the small fresh fish before putting it into the pot. The fishy smell of the fresh fish was dispersed by the scallion's fragrance, leaving only the fresh fragrance.

The small fish was small in size, but once it entered the pot, it became cooked. With that, Hemai dug out half a spoonful of soy sauce from the jar and placed it inside the pot.

Instantly, a salty and fragrant scent rushed into Hemai's nose. As she flipped through the dishes in the metal pot, she inhaled the fragrance that was floating in the air, so as to not waste it …

The other was an eggplant mixed with chopped scallions. It was also delicious as it was spread out in white porridge.

When the dishes were served, Madam Qin looked at the caviar on top of the porridge in the ceramic bowl served on top of the bowl, then looked at the other caviar on Hemai's bowl, and asked: "Hemai, why don't you eat the caviar on top of the caviar?"

Linn Hemai laughed: "I like to eat soybeans and eggplants. Milk, how about you taste the caviar? If it's delicious, I'll catch some fish tomorrow."

Madam Qin drank a mouthful of congee, picked up another piece of fish sauce and placed it in her mouth, then nodded her head and praised: "It's delicious, it's fragrant and fresh, wow, Hemai, your congee making skills are really amazing, it's even better than meat!"

Linn Hemai smiled, "Milk, it's good that you want to eat it. This is the first time I'm making caviar, I'm afraid that you don't want to eat it!"

"What? I'm willing to eat anything my family's Hemai cooks!" Madam Qin said happily. Her mood also became a little happier as she drank two bowls of porridge in a row.

Madam Qin yawned and sat by the window, sewing for a while before she fell into a deep slumber and was forced by Hemai to cover herself with the blanket and sleep.

Hemai had wanted to take off her outer clothes and go to sleep, but for some reason, his heart was beating fast, as if it was going to jump out of her chest for her to see.

The night wind was warm, but her hands and feet were cold, and she felt a sense of guilt before she did anything bad.

Right now, she was struggling to answer a question: "This Yang Liulang family, should we go, or not?"

When he thought of the pair of eyes that were as bright as the stars staring at him this morning, a clear and sonorous voice rang out from his mouth, calling her to come to his house tonight …

Do you really want to go? Do you really want to go?

A certain voice from the bottom of his heart continuously clamored, and Hemai's entire being also sank into a state of entanglement.

She didn't realize in the slightest that the moment she started to consider whether or not she should go to Yang Liulang's home to meet him, Yang Liulang wasn't just the same villager who she had met once before. His position had undergone some minute changes since the day he had delivered the eggs yesterday.

When Hemai was preparing to go to her house, Madam Qin who had been sleeping for about an hour suddenly flipped over and out.

Hemai's body that was sitting on the edge of the brick bed immediately stiffened.

Although she knew that she only went to find Yang Liulang to ask him about yesterday's matter, if it was seen by someone else … It was inevitable that others would make a fuss about it. To put it plainly, this was not a glorious matter!

But it was not easy for Yang Liulang to find him and ask him about it. Otherwise, he wouldn't have to wait until the moon was dark and the winds were strong, to find Yang Liulang.

Hemai sat in the pitch black room. Seeing that Madam Qin had called her, she did not make any other movements, and her snoring gradually started to move as well. Her tensed heart gradually relaxed as well.

After waiting for a while longer, Madam Qin's snores finally started to become even and long. Hemai bent her body forward and slowly crept out of the house …

The Yang Liulang family was also at the foot of the Small Green Mountain mountain, but they had to walk around the foot of the mountain for an incense to be able to see the Yang Liulang family's small house.

A few months ago, when Hemai had just arrived at the Xiaoqing Village, the passionate Shan Cao had brought her to walk around the small stream at the foot of the mountain. Although there were a lot of families here, Hemai had an impression of them in her mind.

Back then, when she memorized the locations of the houses, she never thought that she would one day sneak into Yang Liulang's house at the foot of the mountain, who knew what the current Yang Liulang was up to? Were they waiting for her in the yard, or had they found a stool to sit on outside the door?

Hemai imagined Yang Liulang sitting on the wooden bench, looking outside the door, with his tall body sitting on a small wooden stool, heh …

Hemai found it funny, but she quickly endured it.

The two of them had only seen her once, even if they were about to get married, it could only be considered as "following orders". She did not wish for Yang Liulang to do so, and did not want him to.

Linn Hemai coughed lightly as she hurried towards Yang Liulang's home.

When they were almost to the door of Yang Liulang's house, she couldn't help but become hesitant.

Go, do you really want to go?

He really shouldn't have come! She thought to herself, she is an unmarried girl, yet she came to this strange man's house in the middle of the night. Even if no one saw her, it would still be disgraceful!

What had she become? Isn't this kind of behavior even more shameless than the Aunt Faang that the villagers speak of!

At that moment, her, a young lady's face started to burn, and she angrily recalled what Yang Liulang had said that morning. She could not help but think that this guy had bad intentions in luring the young lady to his house!

Her anger had found another reason for her to go to Yang Liulang's house — — She wanted to see what Yang Liulang was up to! If anyone dared to touch her, she would definitely cripple Yang Liulang!

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