Hunter's Cute Wife/C15 The Consequences of Sneaking out in the Middle of the Night
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Hunter's Cute Wife/C15 The Consequences of Sneaking out in the Middle of the Night
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C15 The Consequences of Sneaking out in the Middle of the Night

After saying that, Hemai no longer hesitated at all and went all the way to the entrance of Yang Liulang's house.

She gazed into the darkness of the quiet courtyard, somewhat fearful and somewhat curious.

The courtyard was dark, and Yang Liulang's house was not lit.

That's true, Linn Changxi was extremely poor, where did he get the money to buy an oil lamp?

However, looking at the betrothal gift and gift money given by Yang Li Lang, it was hard to tell that he didn't have any silver in his possession!

Hemai did not have time to think about all these, she stood at the entrance of Yang Liulang's home for a moment, looking at the courtyard from two feet away, she hesitated.

Yang Liulang was afraid that he was asleep, or perhaps felt that she wouldn't be so obedient as to meet him tonight? Why was it so quiet in the courtyard, without even the slightest sound of breathing?

Linn Hemai hesitated for a moment, took out two small stones from the ground and threw them!

Two small stones smashed into the two rooms on both sides of Yang Liulang's kitchen, producing a clear sound.

If Yang Liulang was in the room, he would definitely be able to hear the voice!

It was impossible for this person to be so fast asleep that he could not even hear a snore.

It should be possible for him to wake up from his stupor …

But when Linn Hemai found all the stones nearby and paved a stone path for the Yang Liulang's courtyard, she didn't see anyone coming out from the house.

Linn Hemai had already been here for an hour.

She stared at the last stone in her hand, her calm heart suddenly boiling with anger — Yang Liulang must have done it on purpose, to find joy in her!

To tell her to come over at night was originally frivolous, and when she did come, she ran out of the house!

If she saw Yang Liulang again, she must ask him for a clear answer, and then … Teach him a little more!

She raised her arm in anger and was about to throw the stone in her hand into the courtyard to vent her anger when she suddenly heard a sound coming from the nearby bushes.

It sounded like a person walking.

Hemai listened for a while and blinked her eyes: Yang Liulang is back?

Her heart leaped again, as if she was hesitating whether she should come here or not. Remembering that her house was filled with stones thrown by her, her face flushed red — what stones did she throw for free!?

She quickly hid behind the locust tree outside Yang Liulang's house.

The branches and leaves of the Pagoda tree were dense and large enough to fit Hemai's body.

Linn Hemai held her breath, her heart thumping hard. She thought that if Yang Liulang saw the courtyard full of stones, he would definitely know what was going on, so she would not be human! He had lost all his face in front of him!

The footsteps caressed the area for a while, but did not continue to approach or go too far away. The grass continued to crackle, and the faint sounds of breathing could be heard.

Linn Hemai was suspicious in her heart, she listened intently with an embarrassed look on her face!

"Brother Happy Tzu, Brother Happy Tzu …" A delicate female voice whined, sounding a little familiar.

"Fang Fang, big brother's precious egg, I missed you so much …"

"Ah! Stupid, soften it, soften it!" It will be heard by someone in a while! "

"What's there to be afraid of? Besides that poor kid, there aren't even any ghosts nearby!" The man laughed in a carefree manner.

"Ah, yo …"

The man and woman in the grass were completely lost, the loud voice made Linn Hemai's face turn red in embarrassment, and after knowing the identity of the couple, Hemai felt even more annoyed and amused.

She didn't expect that behind everyone's back, she was actually a perverted person, and was probably already involved with this woman.

That woman was also not anyone else, she was the famous Wild Queen Aunt Faang!

The two of them hugging each other in the dark grass revealed their white thighs, which looked very dazzling.

They had predicted that no one would come to this area, so they made such a big commotion without any intention of restraining themselves.

Linn Changxi was a dull and old-fashioned person, he never thought that even under the Aunt Faang's skirt he would be so perverted, spitting obscenities from his mouth from time to time, making Aunt Faang even more excited.

The couple fought intensely in the grass while Linn Hemai covered her ears and scolded Yang Liulang loudly.

If it wasn't for the fact that this guy said something she shouldn't have said, she wouldn't have been able to run to the foot of the mountain in the middle of the night without a reason.

And the most hateful thing was that even though he told her to come and find him at night, she wasn't home!

If she saw Yang Liulang again, she would definitely teach him a lesson in how to write the word integrity!


The spring night was still somewhat cold, not to mention that Hemai had already been frozen by the night wind for more than two hours.

A man and a woman who had forgotten themselves in the grass were awakened by the sneeze. Two lumps of white flesh jumped up from the ground. They hurriedly put on their clothes and looked extremely miserable.

In less than half an incense's time, the grass outside Yang Liulang's house had become exceptionally quiet. Other than the crushed grass, it seemed as if nothing had happened.

A staggering figure stood up under the locust tree outside the door, holding onto the trunk of the tree and beating it with the air.

"Hiss …"

After squatting for a long time, his legs looked like they were filled with lead. Linn Hemai stood there for a while while holding back her anger, shivering from the cold.

She knew that she shouldn't have come out tonight!



"Hemai, come, get up and drink some water. Go and invite the Doctor Xu over later, it won't burn like this!" Madam Qin held onto a bowl of hot water and gave it to Linn Hemai as she said worriedly, "Yesterday, you were fine, but why did you have a fever? Is the material too thin? "

"Milk, I'm fine …" Linn Hemai drank a few mouthfuls of hot water and felt a little better, just that her throat was still burning with pain, "I'll be fine after lying down, don't worry about me …"

Madam Qin looked at Linn Hemai's weak and weak appearance, her face was pale white, and even her heart was breaking in pain: "It's already like this, and you still say it's okay! What is a child like you doing in front of his grandmother? "Lie still!"

Madam Qin tucked Linn Hemai in. She turned around and took out some silver from the small wooden box on the bed, and prepared to go to the village to find the Doctor Xu.

In the past few years, they did not even have a doctor in the Xiaoqing Village, so when someone in the family got sick, they would have to run to the Qinglu Village to hire a doctor, and it took a lot of effort to go back and forth. When the Doctor Xu came to the Xiaoqing Village, there were many teachers in the village, but there were still not many people who were willing to treat Doctor Xu.

He came to his doorstep and grabbed a set of ingredients for his pulse diagnosis. Other people would have to charge him 50 gold coins, while this Doctor Xu would have to charge him 100 gold coins! Many people in the village called the Doctor Xu black-hearted Xu, secretly cursing him for being blinded by the lard of pig's heart, he was a beast that only knew how to earn money and did not care about human life!

However, although the Doctor Xu had a high diagnosis fee, it was fortunate that his medical skills were high.

Old Lady Wang, who was at the east side of the village, coughed blood. She had invited a few servants from the village to the town's infirmary to prepare for the future, but with the treatment given to Doctor Xu, she could finally live and no longer cough up blood!

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