Hunter's Cute Wife/C16 Yang's Care
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Hunter's Cute Wife/C16 Yang's Care
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C16 Yang's Care

This old granny Wang had been cured, but Mrs Wang's sons and wives were still cursing Doctor Xu to death. The few sets of prescriptions cost them six hundred gold coins, was it the gold formula? Wasn't this killing people!?

Therefore, although the Doctor Xu was hateful and unlikeable, if the villagers were in a critical situation, they would still have to face the Doctor Xu, and nothing can happen to them!

Linn Hemai saw that Madam Qin was carrying some silver and was about to leave, she knew that she was going to invite the Doctor Xu, but the pain in her throat made her unable to shout out.

She had spent the whole night out in the cold and when she came back she felt cold all over.

She had relied on her strong body to practice martial arts and thus did not take it seriously. Who knew that she would not be able to get up the moment she laid down? In the morning, when Madam Qin saw that she had woken up late, he did not wake her up. After she finished cooking her breakfast, he called out to her.

Faintly, Linn Hemai grabbed onto the corner of the blanket and fell asleep. The voices that came from did not have any response, as though someone had opened her mouth and fed her hot medicine, and even placed a candied fruit in her mouth …

"Oh wow, Doctor Xu, thank you so much. I came all the way from the Qinglu Village …" Madam Qin's blurry voice came over.

"Don't thank me, it was all pulled over for me by the Liulang! Old granny, sooner or later, both of these medicines will be given to the Lady Linn, so there won't be much of a problem … "

"Doctor Xu, consultation fee …"

Hearing Madam Qin's voice, Linn Hemai tried her best to open her eyes, but she did not see Madam Qin at all.

"You're awake?"

Yang Liulang pressed the hot handkerchief to Linn Hemai's forehead, and carefully looked into her weak eyes.

"You …"

"What?" Yang Liulang moved closer to Linn Hemai's mouth.

Hearing what Linn Hemai said, Yang Liulang's face changed.

He frowned and stood up. Shaking his head, he muttered to himself, "I've lost my mind. I even learned to curse."

Just then, Madam Qin who was outside the house walked in, "Liulang, Doctor Xu doesn't accept payment for anything, why don't you help me deliver the silver over later?"

"I've already paid the medical fee, so I don't need to worry about it." Yang Liulang said in a bland voice.

"Ah, how can I let you spend my money?" Madam Qin said in surprise.

Yang Liulang turned to the side, and shot a meaningful glance at the sleeping Linn Hemai, "Hemai is already my wife, so I naturally have the responsibility to take care of her."

When Linn Hemai woke up, it was already the middle of the night.

Madam Qin hurriedly heated up the porridge for her and brought out the small dishes as well. Hemai hadn't eaten anything since she was in a coma for the whole day.

Seeing her eat so sweetly, Madam Qin squinted her eyes and said: "And this is made for you by the Liulang!"

Linn Hemai almost choked on her porridge. She coughed a few times and asked the old lady in surprise, "Yang Liulang?"

"Yeah, I never thought that the kid from Liulang knew how to cook. Eh, there are a few men in Xiaoqing Village who are willing to go into the kitchen to cook for women … Liulang is someone who can rely on. Hemai, Grandma is relieved now … "

Linn Hemai thought to herself, if it wasn't for his words of no responsibility, she would be jumping around happily today, how could she possibly be in a daze from being burned like this?

"This guy didn't poison his food," Linn Hemai snorted angrily. "I'm afraid she doesn't have good intentions for the food he makes!"

"What are you talking about, child?" Liulang even specially went to the Qinglu Village to buy two bags of pastries for you, telling me to give them to you when you wake up … "

Madam Qin said as she took out two packets of pastries and passed them in front of Hemai, "It's Lee Family Shop pastries, and they were still warm when you brought them over."

Linn Hemai received two packs of pastries: one bag of Apricot Soup and one bag of Gui Hua Cake.

The oil paper could not wrap around the sweet aroma of the pastries. Linn Hemai stared at the oil paper, the sullenness in her heart seemed to have dispersed a bit. He asked Madam Qin, "Milk, when did he leave?"

"We left when it was dark. We had dinner together! This child's cooking skills are pretty good. Next day, Shanmu, that kid, also came and measured the size of the roof with Liulang. He said that he would go buy some stones in the morning, but in two days, he would be able to completely repair the roof! "

"Repairing the roof?" Linn Hemai was surprised, "How did he know we need to fix the roof?"

Madam Qin looked at her in surprise. "I thought you told him! Isn't it? "

"I …" Linn Hemai hesitated for a moment, then replied while pondering: "Maybe I was just burning up, forget it."

Madam Qin smiled gently as she picked up the plate and bowl on the table. She didn't want Hemai to follow him out no matter what, as he was afraid that she would catch another cold.

The next morning, when Hemai and the Old Granny were making breakfast, a huge crowd of people gathered outside the courtyard. Yang Liulang was in the lead.

Seven or eight youths walked into the small courtyard while carrying the stones and tools. Seeing the two who were standing there foolishly, Yang Liulang walked over and said, "Let's put the things here first.

Madam Qin quickly said: "Eh, okay, okay, you guys go do what you need to, don't bother about us, just tell us what is of use. Have the children eaten yet? "

The few youngsters had come in the early morning, so naturally, they hadn't eaten yet. Those who came to help out naturally had to wrap food for a whole day for their master. Seeing Madam Qin asking questions, one of the youths laughed loudly and said, "We have not eaten, so it's fine if we have dry food to give us. If not, we can have a bowl of porridge as well."

"Yes, yes, yes. There's congee and dried food. I know you guys came here today and specifically soaked your noodles in rice!" Madam Qin said while beaming.

Yang Liulang picked up the wooden bucket on the ground, "I'll go get some water," after walking a few steps, he turned around and glanced at Linn Hemai, "Are you coming as well?"

Linn Hemai was startled, but after a while, the young students started to joke around, "Oh? Liulang sure has good prospects, I even know to call a girl!"

"If this engagement is really different, this elder brother will tell you. Just go and fetch the water and see where the wild food can be found. The elder brothers promise not to peek …"

Yang Liulang indifferently swept a glance at them, and the laughing students immediately became quiet, and started to handle the stone powder in their hands.

Linn Hemai carried the water bucket and followed behind him. A few youths walked past in a hurry, but seeing that they were all looking at her, they all nodded their heads in greeting when they saw Hemai looking at them.

They had played with Yang Liulang just now and were very polite when facing Hemai.

Hemai's face slightly flushed, and only after walking with Yang Liulang to the side of the creek, was she able to slightly cool down.

Yang Liulang remained silent and filled the buckets in both their hands with water. He did not intend to go back immediately, but rather looked at Linn Hemai with his bright and clear eyes.

Hemai knew that he had something to say, so she did not question and calmly looked at Yang Liulang.

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