Hunter's Cute Wife/C17 Our Yang Family Has Always Been Protective of Our Family
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Hunter's Cute Wife/C17 Our Yang Family Has Always Been Protective of Our Family
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C17 Our Yang Family Has Always Been Protective of Our Family

Yang Liulang saw that her pure white face was extremely charming and lovely. His pair of pitch black eyes was shining brightly, clean and beautiful.

There seemed to be a trace of displeasure in Ying Ying's eyes. She hid it very deeply, but Yang Liulang managed to catch it.

Yang Liulang cupped his fists, and bowed to Linn Hemai with an extremely sincere attitude, "Please forgive me, young lady. I had some matters to attend to that day, and only returned home the next morning. You made me wait for an entire night and catch a cold. It's the Liulang's fault. "

It was good that he did not apologize. However, the moment he did, it was as if Linn Hemai's wound was opened, and her wound was exposed to the crowd.

Why was he so sure he had been waiting all night? Why was he so sure that she was sick because she was waiting for him?

This fellow was truly blindly confident!

Hemai raised her eyebrows, and acted as if she didn't know, and was surprised, "Big Brother Yang, you're mistaken, aren't you? I caught cold when I went to catch fish in the stream, not because I was waiting for you. Hemai advised, from now on, it is best for you to not be too confident in your own abilities. "

Her words were laced with a thick smell of gunpowder. Each of her words was sharp enough to refute Yang Liulang's words without leaving a trace.

Yang Liulang laughed, seeing that Linn Hemai's face changed slightly, he immediately agreed and nodded: "Miss is right, it's Liulang's fault, Liulang was rash."

Linn Hemai lifted the bucket, "Go back, my grandmother is still waiting."

"No rush." Yang Liulang grabbed the bucket first, "I still have something that I haven't said."

He stared into Linn Hemai's eyes, "Your handkerchief, I picked it up outside the Linn Family courtyard, and did not see you."

Linn Hemai was shocked, "You …"

"You will be a member of my Yang Family next month, so you don't have to worry." "My Yang Family has always been protective of the weak. No matter what you've done, as long as it's not a matter of killing and robbing, I, Yang Liulang, will definitely ensure your safety."

He put the carrying pole through the handles of the two buckets and placed it on his shoulder. "Come on, let's go home."

Hemai stood there in a daze. When she came back to her senses, Yang Liulang had already walked very far while carrying the wooden bucket.

Yang Liulang carried two buckets full of water, but it did not affect his footwork in the slightest. He walked forward quickly like the wind, and it was only after Hemai caught up to him that he caught up.

She could tell that what Yang Liulang had said just now, was true.

He truly wanted to help Hemai, and was sincerely apologizing.

She, Linn Hemai, was unfit to live, so even if Yang Liulang was lying, what right did he have to do so? Besides... She was going to marry into the Yang Family next month. According to Madam Qin's words, once she entered someone's house and became their wife, she would become their family.

Thinking about it this way, this Yang Liulang didn't seem to be as headache as she had imagined. On the contrary, he was an open-minded person who protected both justice and weakness … A real man!

It was just that she didn't know what Yang Liulang's reaction would be if he knew that she wasn't the young lady who was married to him and wasn't willing to marry him.

Now, because of what Yang Liulang had said, Hemai had a good impression of him. Seeing that his feet were moving extremely fast, but the water in the barrel had not spilled out, Hemai could not help but admire him.

After a while, she asked, "Where were you that night?"

Yang Liulang's footsteps paused, he turned his head to the side, and did not look at Hemai.

"Did you go hunting in the mountains?" Seeing that he did not say anything, Hemai started to speculate.

Yang Liulang nodded in agreement. After remaining quiet for a while, he explained, "It's spring now, and the hibernating prey on the mountain are all out searching for food. This is a good time to hunt.

"Then there will be a lot of prey? Did you get it? " Hearing that, Linn Hemai's heart started to stir, and she couldn't help but look at Yang Liulang in anticipation.

Yang Liulang was silent for a moment, before replying, "No. "I was out of luck that day and didn't run into any prey."

"Oh …" Linn Hemai was a little disappointed, but quickly smiled and explained: "In any case, our village doesn't have many people hunting, and the mountain is so big, if we don't get it this time, when the next time when the prey grows up, it would be more suitable."

Hearing her words, a smile flashed across Yang Liulang's face as he said: "You're right."

The two of them talked for a while more, and Linn Hemai couldn't help but ask again, "These people that came earlier were your friends, right? Is she not from our village? "Look at their faces."

"They are the workers at the Clear River Town. They stay in the employer's house for daily meals." Yang Liulang paused, "They are all my friends, and they are all good people, but men at this age are more or less mischievous. What we said just now was just a joke, don't take it to heart."

Linn Hemai replied, but secretly thought, that this person's tone of voice was always mature, and anyone who heard him would feel like they were looking at a child.

If one wasn't familiar with him, they would probably think that he wasn't young.

But in actuality, Madam Qin had told her a long time ago that the Liulang was around the same age as her, and that she might only be twenty this year.

And those young students just now were already in their early twenties?

Thinking about that, Hemai secretly shook her head, if she were to marry into Yang Family, if Yang Liulang were to speak to her in such a mature manner, she would be troubled to death!

When he returned home, the small courtyard was filled with the fragrance of pancakes. The youngsters had already started nibbling on a piece of cake each, and there was a bowl of porridge on the table in front of them.

"Liulang is back. Come, quickly wash your hands and eat." Madam Qin called out.

Yang Liulang responded as he poured two buckets of water into the water vat and washed his hands. He then sat down with Hemai and on a small wooden table and started to eat breakfast.

After eating breakfast, the seven or eight youths began to busy themselves.

Hemai and the old lady hurriedly took out the things in the house that they were afraid of getting covered in dust and placed them in a corner of the courtyard.

There was nothing in the house, and after a couple of moves it was almost empty.

Three or four young men climbed up the roof and lifted the thatched roof. Large clouds of dust filled the yard and people could not help but cough.

The rest were the work of laborers, and the work of stoneware, and the beating of wood and the building of beams was not light at all.

Among them, there were two young men who were tired from working so hard. They simply wore only the undergarments underneath, but even so, after a while, everyone's face was covered in sweat.

Hemai moved the small stove to a spot outside the courtyard where there was no dust, made a pot of water, and took out a few bowls from the cabinet beside the stove.

A young man called Ma Er winked at his comrade and laughed: "From now on, Liulang is blessed. Younger Sis is so diligent and beautiful, you really make us envious of you without a wife!"

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