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Hunter's Cute Wife/C18 The Blessings of Hiro
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C18 The Blessings of Hiro

Hemai's face flushed red, and pretended not to hear anything and continued to pour.

When it was almost noon, Yang Liulang told his group of brothers to continue working, and that he would make a trip home.

When he passed by Hemai, Hemai was looking at him. Seeing him turn around to look at him, Hemai immediately turned her head.

When Yang Liulang saw this, a smile flashed past his lips under the beard, and he walked over: "I might have to trouble you with this lunch later. You can't touch anything from home, I'll go back and get some rice meat. "

Hemai quickly said: Why would I allow you to take it? "Rice meat is nothing to me. Besides, I still have some at home …"

"I'm not usually at home, and those things should not be fresh for a long time. "I'll go back and get it. In a while, just make sure you and Grandma are done so that we can fill our stomachs." His voice was gentle and steady, not at all like his rough appearance.

Hemai looked at his tall and sturdy back, a string in her heart that was stretched taut seemed to be lightly strummed by someone.

It seemed like … Was it the voice of his heart?



Yang Liulang took three to four kilograms of white rice from his home, as well as a dried up pig's hind leg and a skinned rabbit.

"Ya, why are you taking so much?" Hemai exhaled lightly, "This is enough to eat for a very long time."

It was unknown when Ma Er had appeared again, but he said to Hemai while grinning: "This damned Liulang, I'm afraid you have brought all the food in the house, right?"

After Hemai heard this, she raised her eyes and asked Yang Liulang, "Did you really bring them all?"

Yang Liulang did not make a sound, but it was Ma Er who rushed to tease his, "Sister-in-law, the reason why he brought all the food over to your house, is because he wants to come over to your house to get something to eat! You must not fall into his trap! "

Before Hemai could say anything, another youth on the side shouted out for Yang Liulang: "Why do you care about this couple! Next month, his sister-in-law will be married to the Liulang, so wouldn't they be married off? If your sister-in-law doesn't cook for the Liulang, could it be that I will cook for you? "

Ma Er shouted in dissatisfaction: "Then what! She's the daughter-in-law of the Liulang, my sister-in-law. Can't I go eat a meal later?! "

"How shameless. I think the person who wants to freeload is you!"

The youths started laughing unrestrainedly, every one of them had a teasing look on their faces, Ma Er blushed and laughed in a corner of the courtyard.

"They're used to being casual about it. Don't take it to heart." Yang Liulang secretly whispered to her while he helped Hemai carry the water and wash the vegetables.

When he was listening to her, no one saw, but there were still so many people in the courtyard. Behind them, Madam Qin was still picking rice, even Hemai's ears had turned red.

She jumped away in fright, not bothering to look at Yang Liulang anymore.

Yang Liulang did not know what he did wrong, and watched in shock as Hemai snatched the vegetables from his hands and ran to the stove to cook with Madam Qin.

Hemai's cooking skills were not bad. The air dried pig hind legs and the vegetables had been fried, the fat in the meat had seeped into the vegetables, the vegetables were salty, fragrant and soft, extremely tasty.

The skinned rabbit was chopped into pieces. It didn't add any dishes and only stir-fried the spicy gluten. After stir-frying the meat, a fragrant aroma wafted out. Just looking at it made one salivate.

Hemai made a piece of eggplant, then made a piece of meat. The two vegetables were filled with lard, and even had a bit of oil mixed in, making it taste especially sweet and delicious.

The main course was to cook the white rice that Yang Liulang had brought over, and also to pick up some sweet sweet potatoes.

It was boiling hot and boiling fast. When the rice was cooked, it was placed in the wind. When the wind blew it until it was warm, the last dish was served. The four dishes plus the big bowl of rice were delicious!

The youths were all hungry, before they even had a few mouthfuls of the rice in the bowl, Madam Qin had already stood up and was about to serve them food.

"Grandma, don't worry about them. Let them serve their own food. You can eat in peace." Yang Liulang said this and then shouted out to the youths again.

A youth called Tian Dacheng had just finished serving a bowl of rice, smeared oil on the corner of his mouth, and said: "Liulang, you brat, you're so lucky, I didn't think that sister-in-law's cooking would be so delicious!"

Hemai was praised, she laughed and said: "So what if it's delicious, eat more, there's still a lot of food in the pot."

Yang Liulang said: "Ignore them, they are a pack of hungry wolves."

The youths who had eaten at noon were completely relaxed. Their stomachs were full and comfortable. They narrowed their eyes and basked in the sunlight for a while before drinking hot tea.

The next day, when they started to do their work, it was as if they had been injected with chicken blood. They worked especially hard.

Hemai and the Old Granny continued to boil water for tea, and poured water for the young people to pass on pads to them. Seeing the scale of the original simple and crude roof, Hemai was happy.

In the middle, Shan Cao came over and was shocked when she saw the scene in the small courtyard.

All the people in the courtyard were young, and even though Shan Cao was used to laughing heartily, she could not help but be a little cautious: "So many people, were they all brought here by the Brother Liulang?"

"Yes, his friend." Hemai replied.

Shan Cao looked at the backs of the youths, and said enviously: "My brother even said that he would come to help you in a few days when he's on vacation! I never thought that Brother Liulang would act so quickly! He was so good to you! Hemai, you will definitely be blessed in the future. "

Hemai smiled along, but did not agree with what Shan Cao said.

It was probably because Yang Liulang was treating her well because she wanted to marry him.

However, if Yang Liulang knew what happened on the day of their marriage, she would not be the woman he wanted to marry, and he would not be the one to marry him.

But even if it was not good, it was not Yang Liulang's fault.

She, Linn Hemai, was also forced to accept his betrothal gift payment.

Linn Hemai's joyful mood earlier was replaced with a hint of disappointment when she thought about this …

Lu Shan Cao did not notice the change in Hemai's expression, and instead chatted with her for a while outside the courtyard, before returning home.

The moment Shan Cao left, Aunt Faang and the two women came to the small courtyard.

Amongst the two wives, one of them was the Aunt Biao Er who she and Shan Cao had heard talking to before they left Lee Zheng's house that day.

This Aunt Biao Er's original name was Li Miao, and he had a big and thick appearance, regardless of whether it was his voice or appearance, or his usual actions, he was as casual as a man, and did not conform to the word 'Li Miao' at all.

The other was the Mrs Dong of the village.

Why would these three women come to the yard? Normally, other than the Aunt Faang, who liked to talk nonsense, no one else was willing to walk this way for the sake of chattering. This small courtyard was quite a distance away from the village, where Lee Zheng resided.

Hemai, what are you doing!? Aunt Faang saw Hemai from afar and shouted loudly, as if she was making a big fuss.

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