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Hunter's Cute Wife/C19 Who's Prettier than Who
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C19 Who's Prettier than Who

"I'm trying to mend the roof, I'm afraid it might leak out in the rainy season. Hurry up and mend it, lest it turns moldy." Hemai said with a faint smile.

In front of these wives, no matter how Hemai thought in her heart, on face she would always look like an obedient and weak daughter.

These wives loved to talk behind their backs about the behavior of the village girls and their wives. If they were slightly careless, they would easily become their prey. Hemai wasn't afraid of them talking about him, but was afraid that they would drag him into it.

"Ya, there's so much brawny work. Yo, this isn't even from our village." Aunt Faang glanced at the man on the roof and came to a conclusion.

Hemai was silent for a moment, and did not know how to reply.

"Tch, it was hired from the outside! The old lady was truly pitiful. Having two sons, one was gone so early, and the other was so unfilial! Only an animal would be able to drive me out to live in such a house! If we don't fix the roof, shouldn't our son do it? " The one who spoke was Aunt Biao Er.

When the Aunt Faang heard Biao Er's voice, she was a little doubtful, but she then heard from the Mrs Dong: "Hemai, repairing the roof is quite a bit of silver! It was only a few taels of stone! As long as it's okay, it's fine. Why bother repairing the roof! "

Hemai smiled warmly, "It's nothing to me, my grandmother is old, I'm afraid she won't be able to take the tides. If she's sick, it's not something that can be bought with a few taels of silver."

The Aunt Faang raised her spirits and said, "Your second uncle doesn't care about how you manage it! You're going to be married next month, what's the use of spending so much money? If I were to say, given the old lady's age and her illness, why would she spend this silver? "

Hemai's smiling face instantly turned cold, the words that Aunt Faang said, were extremely alluring!

Biao Er, on the other hand, was very good at helping, and said: "Hemai is not like that bastard Linn Changxi, who is very filial! It was a pity he was a girl. "..."

"What's the use of being filial? He's not a Linn Family person anymore, tsk tsk tsk, marry a man like that. Eh, if there's pain, if there's tears, you can swallow it down!" Aunt Faang said loudly in regret.

The old lady was busy passing water in the courtyard when she heard the sound from outside. She turned around and squinted. "Yo, his aunt is here."

"Hey, old lady!" Aunt Faang waved at the old lady with a flowery handkerchief.

Just a moment ago, she had been full of contempt for the old lady. But now, she bared her teeth and pretended to be intimate. It was really hard to know what she was planning in her heart.

Madam Qin sized up the three of them and smiled: "Why do you all have the time to come here today, Lee Zheng has fixed this room and there is nowhere to sit, I'm not in a rush."

The Mrs Dong said: "We met that girl Lu Family just now, she said that your courtyard will be repairing the roof today, so we came here to see if there is anything we can do to help."

Hemai could not help but criticise silently, why would Mrs Dong have such good intentions? Normally, with her ears perked up, she would hear where the rice grains had gone to find their owner. Why would she come to the small cottage when she had nothing to do with it?

He probably heard from Shan Cao that repairing the roof here, and picking up two bricks here would be a waste of his money!

Aunt Faang followed: "Yes, yes! My sisters were just here to see if there was anything they could help with. Old Granny, why did you suddenly think of repairing the roof? "Where did all these people come from?"

The old lady was about to speak, but was interrupted by Hemai.

Hemai's words were filled with surprise and curiosity, her tone was extremely sincere, "Aunt Faang, you look so good today, I see that you look much better than when I saw you last!"

"Is that so?!" Aunt Faang felt overwhelmed and touched his own face, a smug look flashing across his face.

This rouge was something that he had bought from the Misty Rain Tower in the town. A box of one hundred gold coins! He couldn't tell that this girl knew what was good for her!

This time around, she had walked around the village. Only this girl said she looked good!

However, this little girl's mouth was always so sweet. Every time she came, she would praise this little girl like this.

Tsk tsk, this girl I brought back from town is really different from someone I didn't see in the village. It doesn't matter if she has a father or no father.

Thinking about it here, the Aunt Faang became a little floating, "A new rouge, it should be because of this."

When Hemai heard this, she carefully looked at Aunt Faang's face. By the side, Mrs Dong and Aunt Biao Er also stared at Aunt Faang's face without letting go, but in their hearts, they felt suspicious. This thick face was extremely ugly. Where did one see the word 'beautiful'?

"Aunt Faang, where did you buy this rouge?" Hemai asked in envy, "I don't see you leave the village on a normal day, where do you get all the good rouge from? "It's getting better and better every time!"

When she asked this question, Aunt Faang, who was still feeling pleased with herself a moment ago, choked on her. Facing Hemai's question, she started to stutter.

"I bought it from, from town! I don't have the time and I don't really like going to town, so … And then I asked someone to buy it for me! " Aunt Faang explained awkwardly.

This explanation was no different from three hundred taels of silver.

Who didn't know that Aunt Faang loved places with many people. Where did she not like going to town? She was afraid that even if the town was in trouble, she would still push her head to the side to take a look!

Didn't she often wander around the village? If they didn't go to town, they probably wouldn't want to pay the oxcart to go to Clear River Town!

Mrs Dong muttered: "I'm afraid someone bought it for you. How much is this thing worth? It would be great if I could get a bowl of rice to eat! "

Aunt Biao Er laughed: "Do you think everyone wants to spend the entire night in the river just for money? If you meet someone who loves to dress up, even if you are hungry, you would have to pull two feet of flowery cloth to make a new set of clothes! "

"That's because you have too much money!" The Mrs Dong said angrily, "You are still not full yet, and you still went to pull some cloth to make clothes, is there something wrong with your brain?"

Hemai smiled gently, "My Second Aunt often buys cosmetic powder in town, and she spends quite a bit of money on it every time. My second uncle has always talked about her. However, this is all rouge and cosmetic powder, applied on Aunt Faang's face, it's unknown how much better they are compared to Second Aunt. "

Aunt Faang was happy, but she didn't dare to show it on the surface.

They were both the same rouge, and this girl could tell that she was prettier than the Zhao Family. Hmph, that damned Changxi said it like that, and his niece also said it like that, she must really be liked by the old Linn Family people, even the old and young looked at her!

However, Mrs Dong and Biao Er looked at each other. The two of them really didn't see which one of the two was prettier, Aunt Faang and Mrs Zhao.

The three women chatted with Madam Qin and her grandfather for a while longer. Aunt Faang was afraid that people would find more clues if she said that she went too far, so she suggested that they go back to the village.

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