Hunter's Cute Wife/C2 It Was No Different from a Wild Man
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Hunter's Cute Wife/C2 It Was No Different from a Wild Man
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C2 It Was No Different from a Wild Man

Hemai thought, now that she already had money, tomorrow morning she would go to Qinglu Village's general store to buy some soy sauce and vinegar, and also ask around about how much it would cost to repair the stone in the thatched cottage.

The pot was steaming hot, and the fried eggs didn't have as much fragrance as the fried eggs, but it was already good enough to have some to eat.

Hemai placed the cucumber into the pot, stir-fried it for a while and got some salt. She also saw the bottom of the salt - so she poured it all in, she could not possibly not eat the oil, and even the taste of the salt!

When Hemai brought the noodles and the brine into the house, she saw Madam Qin sitting on the bed of the brick bed, holding a shoe sole.

"Milk, don't work anymore. Let's eat first." Hemai said softly as she placed the bamboo chopsticks and the bowl of noodles in front of Madam Qin, "Go ahead and eat it."


The two of them were eating on the kang mat. The shabby window on one side was open, revealing the clean and tidy face of the small courtyard. A breeze was blowing, bringing with it the warmth of the new generation of things.

After eating, Madam Qin went to pick up the bowls from the tray, and cleaned up the mess on the stove and outside of the house. When the grandfather and grandson returned to the hut, Hemai looked at Madam Qin who looked peaceful and gulped down her saliva.

"Milk, the people from Yang Family have come to deliver the betrothal gift." Hemai said softly.

Madam Qin's needlework hand trembled, and a look of worry appeared on her kind face. "Hemai …"

Hemai's lips tightened, and said in a low voice: "Milk, around this time, I'm going to marry someone in my entire life. I've decided, I'll marry Yang Liulang!"

Madam Qin's eyes were filled with sorrow, the old man's forehead had an extra word, between her brows was sorrow.

"I have implicated you," Madam Qin said in a sorrowful voice, weeping, "Your milk is useless. I have a sickness at this critical juncture, your second uncle, that … Bastard forced you to agree to marry to the Liulang. Good wheat, don't be afraid. After the day is over, you can go to your second uncle's place. Even if I have to risk my old life, I will protect you well! "

Hemai immediately shook her head to stop her, "Milk, what are you saying? When Shang Zhou, Yang Liulang, came for the betrothal gift, everyone in the village knew about it, and even Uncle Lee Zheng agreed! What would it be like if you were to cause trouble? Don't worry, don't worry! "

She pretended to smile lightly at Madam Qin and said softly: "Milk, have you never seen Liulang before? I have seen it once from afar. It was born tall and big, and its body was very sturdy. It was a good hand that could give out strength. "

When she was still living in the Linn Family Courtyard, she had seen Yang Liulang from afar once.

It was the same as the rumors in the village. The man was tall and sturdy, his beard was thick and his face was covered in fur. If it was any more messy, then he would be no different from a barbarian!

If he were to live with such a person, there would probably be no one who could talk to him in the future!

Hemai took a deep breath, she suppressed the bitterness and depression in her heart, and said as gently as she could: "Milk, before, I couldn't figure it out, but now it's different, I've thought it through, there's nothing bad about marrying Yang Liulang, he's alone, let's live together from now on!"

Although she thought that, she had already made up her mind. After getting married, she would live a life where she and Yang Liulang would not get involved in each other's affairs! "What a man's farm, his wife's home, and her husband's wife's home. Such a beautiful life might have nothing to do with her forced marriage!

Now, she had to marry Yang Liulang. If she was not willing, Linn Changxi and his wife would come and cause trouble, and at that time, the old lady's body wouldn't be able to take it anymore …

After marrying Yang Liulang and letting the old lady calm down, it wouldn't be too late to take care of this hateful couple!

Madam Qin's face was pale as she shook her head: "Foolish child, how could you live with your mother after marrying? Then it's your couple's day, what's with my old bones! Hemai, tell Grandma the truth, are you really going to marry the Liulang? If you are not willing, even if I have to sacrifice my life, I cannot let your second uncle's family harm you! "

Linn Hemai's heart turned sour, and she hurriedly shook her head: "I really don't have anything to worry about. I really did it on my own accord. Oh right, Shang Zhou pulled the betrothal gift over to second uncle's house, there are too many things, I don't even have the time to go back to take them. I will call Shan Cao to bring the things back with me later.

Linn Hemai had already made her plans. The two chickens, one male and one female, just so happened to stay at home and lay the eggs. Wouldn't that be the perfect time to nourish Madam Qin's body?

When Madam Qin heard it, besides a hint of comfort, on her face, she also felt a heavy load on her heart. She let out a deep sigh …

Next day, when Hemai went to Linn Changxi's house, she called Shan Cao over, and Shanmu went along with him.

Shan Cao was only fifteen this year, but she was very familiar with helping her family.

Shanmu was two years older than Shan Cao, so he stayed at the Qinglu Village Academy to study everyday. He was born tall and white.

"Hemai, are you really going to marry Yang Liulang?" Shan Cao blinked her eyes, "It's also pretty good, he's in our village, we'll still be playing together everyday."

Lu Shanmu glared at her sister, "You only know how to play! Then marrying someone is a small matter? Hemai, you must think carefully. "

His words were filled with worry and concern for Hemai's marriage, as he looked at Linn Hemai with a lost expression.

Hemai was enjoying it in her heart, but she still casually said: "Brother Shanmu, what's there to be afraid of, isn't it just marrying someone? Her own life is good, and it doesn't matter who she marries to. "

Shan Cao chattered, "That's right, that's right. Yang Liulang is still okay, just that he's a little poorer. I see that he always comes back with a bow and arrow on his back. However, I have never seen him carrying prey on his back. Brother, why do you think that Yang Liulang is not good? So a rich family is a good thing? Do you see Xiumei? "That pretty girl was married to an old man like that. What's with the money in her family? I heard that the people at the old man's house would always hear Xiumei crying at night!"

Shanmu said with a frown, "Girl, you don't know anything, don't make a fuss here. Hemai, what did Granny Linn say? "

"My milk didn't say anything. Ah, Brother Shanmu, everyone has their own lives. They all chose this. I don't regret it at all." Hemai said with a light but firm voice.

Lu Shanmu also became silent, but it was not because of anything else, but because the three of them had already reached the front door of Linn Changxi's house.

"Brother Shanmu, Shan Cao, I'll go in and take a look. You guys wait outside for a while, is that alright?" Hemai asked softly.

The siblings naturally nodded. The Linn Family people they were close to had already moved away, and they did not want to take another look at the Linn Family people either.

Linn Hemai entered Linn Changxi's house, and at the door, there was a big black dog lying on the ground, seeing her enter, it glared at her and stood up, releasing a low growl.

Linn Hemai glanced at the three baskets of betrothal gifts on the wall and was lazy to enter the door to greet Linn Changxi. He simply walked over, preparing to call the Shan Cao siblings in and bring the gifts back.

But when she walked over, Hemai realized that something was wrong.

There were a few chicken feathers scattered on the ground, and the red cloth covering the baskets of the two chickens looked like it had been rummaged through.

Linn Hemai lifted the red cloth, and sure enough, her heart sank.

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