Hunter's Cute Wife/C20 Reward the Young
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Hunter's Cute Wife/C20 Reward the Young
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C20 Reward the Young

After the three of them left, the old lady looked at Hemai and spoke: "I wonder what kind of trouble they were in today, normally they would not even spare me a second glance, why did they come back today?"

"He should be here to watch a joke." Hemai said softly, "Let's not care about them, these people have nothing to do after eating, the pleasure of touring the entire village has nothing to do with us."

Madam Qin looked at Hemai comfortingly, and said gently: "My Hemai is the best, it doesn't matter what outsiders say, we should be more proper here."

Hemai lowered her head, agreeing in her heart.

As the old saying goes, a family doesn't belong to the same family. This was the truth.

She and the old lady were both calm and steady people. If they met with some gossip, she was not afraid of being hurt. Instead, she was worried that her family would be hurt because of it.

When the water on the small stove boiled, Hemai took the kettle into the courtyard and distributed the water to the young people for them to drink.

These youths were young, strong, and could eat and drink. They were not courteous at all when it came to food and drink. When they saw that their stomach was full of oil, they began to crave for it.

By evening, most of the work on the roof had been done. However, it was already late in the night, so he had no choice but to come back tomorrow.

The process was already very fast, Madam Qin and Hemai were extremely happy in their hearts, seeing how the youths were all drenched in sweat, they immediately asked them to stay for the meal, naturally receiving a burst of cheers in response.

Therefore, the youths enjoyed their meals at the main house three times a day. This was far more joyful than giving them several tens of copper coins.

Yang Liulang had no choice but to bring the rest of the food over. These youths pretty much ate all of the food by noon, and at night, they ate all of the food that their ancestors prepared like hungry ghosts.

After eating, Yang Liulang said to Hemai apologetically: "It will be completed by tomorrow morning. I'll go get some rice grains for you guys to bring over next day, "He glanced at Ma Er, who was sitting by the side with a round stomach, and said:" They probably ate up half a month's worth of rations for you and the old lady, right?

"Where is it, there aren't that many!" Hemai immediately shook her head and rejected, "Please don't bring the food over! I am already very grateful that you guys are here to help me repair my roof. These grains are just stuttering, and should be left to us to handle it.

However, Yang Liulang still persisted and said: "Since you don't want me to see outsiders, then I will hold on to it tomorrow."

Seeing that Hemai still wanted to decline, he said: "Leaving it at my house is full of bad luck, if not I could move here to your house. When am I hungry, make me a bite to eat."

He thought for a moment and said, "Anyway, you'll be living with me next month. We'll go together and buy rice grains then, won't that do?"

Hemai blushed, and her heartbeat sped up. Fortunately, it was evening and the moonlight was not enough to illuminate her flushed face.

"Then, then it's up to you!" She hastily threw down this sentence, then turned around and ran back into the house.

Yang Liulang stood in place and looked at the young girl's back, which was facing the bright moon for a while. Suddenly, as if his heart had been struck by something, there were some ripples.

The morning of the next day, Yang Liulang and the group of people went back to the small cottage to work early in the morning. There were still some unfinished work left on the roof, and not too many people could do it.

Hemai and the Old Granny had prepared a lot of food for them to eat in the morning. However, they did not expect the young men to say that they had already eaten in the morning.

Even the mischievous Ma Er had said that he had eaten it, but and the old lady were at a loss as to what to do.

Yang Liulang saw that the girls had prepared porridge in the morning, and did not start cooking yet, so he said: "They really did eat, leave these things for lunch and use."

"Eh, that's fine too!" Madam Qin agreed and quickly cleaned up the stove for the young men to use.

Yesterday, the youths had eaten three meals from Hemai's home. Their stomachs were filled with comfort, but they felt that they had eaten too much that had let Hemai down.

It's not an easy job. It's more tiring than repairing the roof.

"I'm afraid you need a lot of stone? "How much money is this?" Madam Qin asked worriedly.

Yang Liulang said: "I know a owner of a stone workshop. The stone used to build walls is left over from other jobs, I don't want money."

Madam Qin said: "That's good! But if you kids don't go to work in two days, I'm afraid that you've delayed quite a few things, right? "

Yang Liulang laughed upon hearing this, "Milk, don't worry, otherwise, they would have nothing else to do. They're all my friends, so it's no big deal to tell them. And I'll make it up to them. "

Hemai said softly, "We'll cook some food and drink to them at noon. We'll boil some porridge at noon, would they like it?"

She thought for a long time but still couldn't think of a way to repay them. She could only reward them with her best skills.

"Sister-in-law, I love to drink porridge the most! What kind of porridge can you make? " Hearing Hemai's words, Ma Er immediately stretched his neck down from the roof and shouted.

Hemai said: "I will do most of it. What do you like to drink? "

"Rice porridge!" Inside, there are some red dates and sugar cubes. It's sweet and soothing! " Ma Er replied while grinning.

"Then I'll make a pot of red date sugar porridge at noon," Hemai smiled and said, "As for the rest, I'll cook some of the things I'm good at."

Ma Er loudly replied her: "Okay! "Then I won't be drinking water during the day. I'll be waiting to drink the porridge cooked by my sister-in-law!"

"Gluttonous!" Yang Liulang swept his eyes across Ma Er and cursed.

It wasn't even the first day yet, but the broken roof was now clean and tidy. The most important thing was that it was very sturdy.

Today, it just so happened that the light was sufficient. As long as the two days didn't rain and the sunlight lasted for two days, the roof would be able to withstand all the wind and rain.

The stove was surrounded. If the process went well, they would be able to finish it in the dark.

Yang Liulang set up two simple stove outside the courtyard for cooking.

Hemai cooked the porridge on the wok, adjusted the fire, added another spoonful of water to the wok, and then went back to the courtyard to tend to the vegetable patch.

In the past few days, some of the seeds had already sprouted. Hemai scooped up some water from the water vat and sprinkled it into the garden, her movements meticulous and meticulous.

It was unknown when Yang Liulang had appeared behind her, but he was quietly observing her every move, lost in thought.

After Hemai finished sprinkling the water, she turned around and saw Yang Liulang's slightly dazed look.

The two of them felt a little awkward.

Yang Liulang walked over and saw that the ladle in her hand was empty, and asked: "Do you want more water?"

"No, that's enough." Hemai shook her head, "These are the seeds of my radish.

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