Hunter's Cute Wife/C3 Force Exertion
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Hunter's Cute Wife/C3 Force Exertion
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C3 Force Exertion

Under the red cloth were two chickens that were not much bigger than a quail.

The two chickens were almost bald. They were breathing in and out, and their eyelids were still hanging lifelessly. And in the bridal gift that the man had asked for, there were two chickens with shiny fur and fleshy bodies!

Under the red cloth in the other basket, Hemai could only see dark yellow, small and scummy rice grains inside. These were obviously old rice, then what about fresh glutinous rice? And sugar?

She opened all three baskets and examined them. She felt as if her eyes were spewing fire.

Besides the wedding dress which had not been touched, there were two baskets in which a large piece of pork was missing. Two wild chickens were changed into bags, and the glutinous rice was replaced with Chen Mi.

The previous betrothal gift sent by the man was sufficient in number, style and sincerity! If she did not see the previous betrothal gift, then forget about it, she had only come out of the Linn Family during the day, and the betrothal gift she just saw, was now replaced by someone during the day. She really did not place her, Linn Hemai, in their eyes!

This was something no one could do except the Zhao Family!

She, Linn Hemai, had been enduring for the past three months, could this be the reason behind the people from the Linn Family bullying her!? Was it because everything she displayed was weak that could be bullied?

With a 'whoosh', Linn Hemai stood up and entered the hall with a gloomy face. She wanted to call Mrs Zhao out, but she suddenly stopped in her tracks.

Linn Hemai turned around, walked to the corner and carried the three baskets out, and handed it over to Shan Cao and Shan Cao to help them carry it back to the old lady.

Turning around, Linn Hemai entered the hall.

Linn Changxi was not home, he should be going to the fields. Mrs Zhao was humming a small tune while doing something in the east wing. The black dog outside the door was barking non-stop and did not even see her come out to take a look. It was highly likely that no one would dare to challenge Linn Family anymore.

Linn Hemai did not even knock on the door, but directly pushed it open. With a bang, Mrs Zhao, who was embroidering on the side of the brick bed, was startled, her hand trembled, and a needle pierced into her finger.

"Where's Second Aunt's embroidery!?" Linn Hemai who entered did not show any fear, her voice sounding even louder than someone knocking on the door.

"You scared me! "Stupid girl!" Madame Zhao was originally in pain from being pierced by the needle, but she was scared witless by Linn Hemai's shout. She angrily put down the sewing in her hands, stuck in her waist, and cursed: "What are you doing here? Who told you not to knock on the door? Do you think this is your house? It has nothing to do with you from now on! That's what you said! "Hmm, at least you know your own limits. Let me tell you, even if you die from milk, don't tell us that you still came here to save the girl's life!"

Linn Hemai's eyes were extremely calm. Seeing Madame Zhao jumping up and down and cursing at her, he was neither anxious nor angry, but when he heard her last sentence, he could not help but glance at the scissors in her hand. He really wanted to cut off this woman's tongue!

Mrs Zhao was not afraid of the thin girl in front of her at all — the moment this niece was brought home by Linn Changjun, she had already hated her, hated her, and despised her!

She was clearly a slut, and her father died a few days after she returned home. She should be grateful to them for their kindness. Why was her face so pale, as though she was standing high above them? Father is already dead, and you still want to be a hero in this family? No way!

Linn Hemai knew what Mrs Zhao was thinking. She thought that Mrs Zhao should be thinking the same thing as her, she wanted to pick up the scissors and stab onto her body to vent her anger.

She lightly laughed, concealing all the thoughts in her heart. She sincerely said to Madam Zhao: "Second Aunt, my betrothal gift is outside the door, there seems to be something missing inside. Did you see that?"

"A betrothal gift!?" Who cares about those unlucky things? Even if you gave it to me for free, I wouldn't want it! " Mrs Zhao glared at her in loathing, and spat on the ground as if she couldn't calm down. "Don't try to get close here. If you have something to say, then hurry up and scram!"

He really didn't know anyone.

Hemai thought calmly in her heart.

Linn Hemai glanced at the table in the middle of the room that had not been cleaned, and suddenly asked: "Is that chicken braised pork tasty?"

"Delicious, why not …" Mrs Zhao answered without hesitation. However, her expression suddenly changed, and scolded Hemai with a harsh look: "If it's good, then who the hell cares about your food?! Get out of here, you have a wild girl that's been taught by her father and no mother. Her family is on the verge of death, yet she still dares to come here to stir up some bad luck … "Unlucky bastard!"

Hearing Madame Zhao's words that were even more malicious than before, Linn Hemai indifferently lowered her head, turned around, and walked out of the room.

Mrs Zhao stared at Linn Hemai's figure, and laughed heartily in her heart. When Hemai walked out of Linn Family's courtyard, she took out the glutinous rice candy that was hidden in the bedding, and sniffed it greedily. She happily opened the door, and went into the kitchen, stuffing the things into a jar.

That wild girl's betrothal gift should have been given to her family! What's more, that wild girl cheated him of a silver tael! How much glutinous rice white sugar rooster hen is enough to buy?

Mrs Zhao hatefully thought in her heart. Once that hen laid an egg, she would eat an egg to mend her body. She would be angered to death by that wild lass!

After a while, Mrs Zhao went out to her little sister's house in the village. The family's fence was in place and the door was tightly locked.

As soon as she left, someone jumped into her backyard.

The girl in the grey dress looked calm and peaceful. Her expression was natural and orderly as she opened up the animal pen in the backyard one by one.

Although there were a lot of them, they were all scrawny. Mrs Zhao was lazy and greedy, not caring about the animals in the backyard, she also did not feed them on time. The horny students rushed out like hungry ghosts towards the kitchen.

Amongst these animals, a chicken whose head was held high and its chest was covered in shiny, oily fur caught the girl's eye.

The girl raised her head and smiled under the sunlight. She walked over and skillfully tied the chicken up, then walked from the backyard to the front yard. Using a chicken bone, she subdued the black dog and untied the chain around its neck.

This black dog was good at protecting its master, and it was good at turning over the family, which was a disaster for livestock and birds.

After doing this, the young girl turned around and left.

After about two hours, when Mrs Zhao, who was twisting her fat butt, came back from the village, she opened the door and saw a house that had been made into a disfigured shape.

In the yard, Yellow Ox was swinging its tail leisurely. At the same time, it was mopping up a pile of steaming hot feces and urine at the entrance.

The fat pig somehow flipped the rice vat in the kitchen into the yard and started eating the rice on the ground.

The usually loyal black dog was the most harmful. It took out the silk gown that Mrs Zhao would normally not wear. Under the robe was a chicken that was being played to death by a stray dog, tearing it apart.

"Oh my god!" Mrs Zhao shouted. Her eyes turned black and she almost fainted.

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