Hunter's Cute Wife/C4 Unmarried Wife
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Hunter's Cute Wife/C4 Unmarried Wife
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C4 Unmarried Wife

While the chaos in the Linn Family Academy was going wild, a tall and sturdy man stood in front of the Southern Forest s.

The man was dressed like a hunter, with a bow on his back and two bloodied hare in his hands. It seemed like he had just come down from the mountains to hunt.

His eyes looked like they were being baked as he silently stared at the high wall behind the Linn Family, as if he was deep in thought.

Just now, a girl in a long grey gown jumped down from there. Wasn't she his' daughter-in-law 'that he hadn't yet passed?

He didn't expect that this girl had Qing Gong on her body.

A hint of surprise flashed through the man's eyes. It seemed that he had underestimated this girl.

He slowly walked over and was surprised to see a green handkerchief. The handkerchief was clean and without any unnecessary designs. There was only a small white flower in the lower right corner, elegant and beautiful.

As he moved closer to the tip of his nose, he could smell the refreshing fragrance of the young girl on top of it, faint and faint.

This girl, did she not even find out that she had lost her handkerchief? Such a beautiful piece of handkerchief. If he were to find out that he had lost it, would he cry?

The man couldn't help but smile as he put away the handkerchief.

Still, or not?



When Hemai carried the hens that originally belonged to her and walked down the mountain to the thatched cottage, a wave of victorious feeling rippled through her chest.

Although this chicken originally belonged to her, she couldn't help but feel happy for being bullied by Lady Zhao for such a long time.

In the future, he wouldn't be able to bear this wicked woman! Hemai thought angrily.

Before returning to the Xiaoqing Village, Linn Changjun had told her that Hemai's mother had taught him some martial arts to defend herself. However, this was a secret and he could not tell others.

That was true. In this simple and honest village, if news of this were to spread, it would cause quite a sensation.

Linn Changjun had even told her that when he returned home, if there was anyone who dared to bully her, he would not teach him a lesson and would have to endure for now. Someone was bullying her, so he decided to put up with it. Martial cultivators, in order to punish evil, naturally could not turn themselves into the same kind of evil people.

If the wicked did not stop, then they would not be able to endure. The humiliation they had suffered would be returned to them!

In these three months, she remembered these words of Linn Changjun. Towards Linn Changxi's family's slander and contempt, she had to endure it.

Her good skills were used to occasionally go to the Small Green Mountain s to catch a chicken that was full of ghosts and spirits or a hare that was quick to run away to improve Madam Qin's and her diet.

However, she couldn't do this too many times. In the eyes of others, she was just a weak little girl. If others knew that she was familiar with this, what would they think?

On the other hand, it was extremely difficult to reach the Small Green Mountain's mountainside. There were very few people on the mountainside, and there were a lot of prey. But Hemai still had to take care of the old lady, even if she had the ability to climb mountains, she wouldn't dare to go too far, right? Therefore, these past few days, the grandfather and grandson pair had been living a miserable life, and the food they ate didn't have much value.

This next day, Hemai vented out the anger in his heart, his heart feeling extremely good!

Carrying the two claws of the bright chicken, she returned to the hut in a happy mood. The Shan Cao siblings were already gone, Madam Qin was in the courtyard taking care of the two chickens that had their eyes closed, like plague.

"Milk, this one is big, so don't take those two. I'll stew dinner." Hemai said.

Hearing the voice, Madam Qin walked over, narrowed her eyes and sized up the wild chicken in Hemai's hands, then laughed: "Un, indeed, the quality that you have is good!"

She slowly walked over and picked up the two chickens lying on the ground, "Although these two chickens are a bit thin and weak, they probably don't eat much. I'll get some water and bran for them to drink in two days. "

Hemai was unable to do anything but say, "Alright, milk, just watch."

Just as he was speaking, a woman's high-pitched voice came from outside the door, "Yo, the old lady is feeding the chickens?" Hemai is here too!

A woman walked in from outside. She was wearing a flowery undergarment.

The woman's hair was combed to a crisp, neatly tied up in a bun at the back. Her face was like a round cake, and the makeup was white, as if she was a singer on a stage.

When Hemai saw this, she was annoyed, she did not even want to pretend to be a waiter. She gently called out to Aunt Faang and turned her head to the stove to clean up the fish.

The one called Aunt Faang was a village widow. The man died early, leaving behind only a sixteen-year-old son.

As his son was reading in the town, Aunt Faang was not in a hurry to worry about his son's future. Every year, when his son's cultivation was close enough to its limit, she would wander around the streets of the Xiaoqing Village, talking long and hard about his son's future.

Some of them, with their sharp eyes, saw Aunt Faang winking at a widower who had already lost his wife. Others, who saw it, did not hide and were not ashamed.

The Aunt Faang was not afraid of others talking about her, because she herself was a chatterbox. Amongst all the chatterboxes in the village, which were notoriously annoying, she had to be ranked in the top three.

"Old granny, where did this chicken come from? It's just a spirit, but it's so fierce. Where did you get it from?" The Aunt Faang asked with a smile.

Madam Qin said in a friendly manner: "It's the betrothal gift that the child from Yang Family sent over."

Aunt Faang was secretly happy in her heart, seeing that Madam Qin had mentioned this, she purposely made a fuss and asked: "Liulang Yang Family? Oh, it's the child! Did he send anything else? Don't tell me that's all there is to it? "

Madam Qin patiently answered: "Also, there are three baskets, I have complete etiquette skills."

Aunt Faang did not wait for Madam Qin to call her, and smiled, "Really? Where is it? Let me take a look! "

With that, she scurried into the house like an anxious monkey. Madam Qin knew that she had a temper like that, so she shook her head and followed her.

Aunt Faang entered the house and checked the betrothal gifts in the three baskets and exclaimed: "I gave them all! And glutinous rice and sugar, yo, that's not much, ah ah ah, and the wedding dress! The poor brat from Yang Family sure is generous, you guys have to pay quite a bit of silver for this set of wedding clothes! "

The Aunt Faang seemed to be shocked, and even though her words were a little lost, she did not realize it, and continued to look through the contents of the basket excitedly.

"How is Santonix in town, her aunt? Can you keep up with what I'm reading? " Madam Qin chuckled and asked.

Aunt Faang answered without even raising her head. "Not bad! Since she had already handed over the both of them, whatever she read was his business! "Ah!" I did not hold any hope that he would be able to get the title, so I just need to find a random job for him to do around Xiaoqing Village, and it'll be fine as long as he's right in front of me! "

"Mhmm, parents are not going far, you're right." Madam Qin nodded, her expression gentle and calm.

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