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Hunter's Cute Wife/C5 A Reliable Man
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C5 A Reliable Man

"My child is not as amazing as Helin. She is already loved by the teachers at such a young age and became their last disciple. Eh, in the blink of an eye, you haven't returned for more than half a year, right? This child still doesn't know of his father's death, how pitiful! "

Aunt Faang's mouth was like a sieve being poured beans. She did not care about Madam Qin's expression at the moment, and just collapsed outwards with a thud.

Linn Hemai was outside in the kitchen listening to all of this, and couldn't help but frown.

Linn Changjun's death was a part of Madam Qin's heart, and when Linn Changjun died, he did not allow anyone from the Xu Family to tell his son about this.

Aunt Faang did not hesitate to mention this matter, she did not have any discernment at all!

Linn Hemai's heart was in a mess, she walked into the house and looked at the messy wedding basket, and became even angrier.

She suppressed the flames and really wanted to curse at this woman to let her leave the thatched cottage, but the words just came out of her mouth changed, "Aunt Faang, I saw that your complexion has improved again these few days. This makeup is even more natural now. Or did Aunt Faang's technique get better? "

Aunt Faang loved to talk about things that girls liked to wear, besides talking about. When she saw Linn Hemai praising her, she was overjoyed. I didn't change the makeup, it's … The forging technique was done!

Hemai, with your handsome face, when you become home with Liulang, I will definitely make him buy you more makeup!

Aunt, to tell you the truth, the men in this world don't care if you can cook good food or sew shoes. As long as you have a beautiful face and a sweet mouth, the men in the shoes will throw themselves on you.

Ah, what a pity that your marriage to Liulang is already set, if not, Aunt will definitely find a rich family for you, and let you eat and drink for the rest of your life … "

Madam Qin frowned, and bellowed in displeasure: "Bullshit! Who taught you that? Since ancient times, which woman did not consider virtue and virtue to be beautiful? No matter what, you are still an elder, how can you say such shameful words!? "

Aunt Faang's face gradually became ugly after Madam Qin said a few words, and she directly buried her head into the three baskets with her face towards the side, and started searching back and forth. No one knew what she was looking at.

Linn Hemai was too lazy to bother with such people, Madam Qin was even more benevolent and amiable, it was just that the words that the Aunt Faang said just now were disliked by the old man, so the entire room was quiet and no one said anything.

The Aunt Faang took care of her own business for a while, and then said that Yang Liulang, the new generation, did not interact with the people of the village for many years, and had a very strange personality, afraid that Hemai would be bullied. If she was bullied, she had to tell them, they could be considered Hemai's family, and could stand up for him.

Hemai only felt that it was funny, Aunt Faang's words were too interesting!

Who doesn't know what her position in the village is? If there was really something big in the family, it might not have happened, but when it fell into Aunt Faang's mouth and was being spread around, it was unknown what kind of appearance it would have.

Hemai busied herself on the stove outside, allowing the Aunt Faang to take the lead.

After a while, the Aunt Faang was unable to continue singing this single song. She spoke to Madam Qin and came over to comfort him, telling him not to hurt her, which confused him a little.

Aunt Faang saw that there was nothing on Hemai's face that could cause a commotion, so she left listlessly.

Only then did Hemai enter the house, and glanced at the hens who occasionally called out from the other rooms, and said: "Milk, this chicken is too noisy, but after laying eggs, it can add meat to the table. In a few days, I will ask Shan Cao to buy a few eggs, and when the chicks hatch, we will be able to thrive. "

Madam Qin looked at Hemai's confident expression and could not help but chuckle, "Silly girl, you speak easily, how much longer do you want to wait until the chick grows up? However, hatching some chickens is also good. After you marry out, I, Madam Qin, will not have company in this courtyard.

Madam Qin's words made Hemai's heart have a very bad feeling. She climbed onto the brick bed with her slippers and moved closer to Madam Qin, holding Madam Qin's arm with her head hanging low, and said gloomily: "Milk, Hemai is your granddaughter even if she marries. What conflict do marriage have with living with your grandmother? Yang Liulang doesn't have any relatives, can't we live together? "

Madam Qin didn't know whether to laugh or cry as she said, "Yo, you foolish child, you really don't know anything! I don't have any relatives in my family, but you can make an old lady like me live with you? But there was no such thing. Once you marry someone, you'll be a member of Yang Family. Even if your family takes care of you, you'll need your man's consent in the future. "

Relying on Madam Qin's warm body, Linn Hemai was a little confused by her words. "What rules aren't set by people?" There was no one left on the left or right of the Yang Family, so why couldn't she agree to Grandmother's decision to stay with them?

Hemai did not say these words for the time being, but in her heart, she sighed at Madam Qin's attitude.

Let's not talk about whether Yang Liulang would agree to live with his ancestors in the future. Just by Madam Qin's attitude alone, even if she agreed, would she, the old man, be willing to live with him?

Hemai's head hurt, and she sighed secretly in her heart.

Madam Qin rubbed the back of Hemai's hand and spoke gently: "Hemai, actually, this marriage doesn't have much to do with you. You don't like it, but if you don't want to get married, Grandmother will protect you no matter what."

Hemai immediately raised her eyes and shook her head, "Grandma, I really want to marry someone, no one is forcing me …"

"Little girl, listen to me first." Madam Qin lovingly caressed Hemai's head, and sighed: "Your father's character is really alike, there's obviously something in your heart, but you don't want your family to be worried, and simply won't say it.

"Eh, little girl, actually, your grandfather's generation had already decided on this marriage. I know about Yang Family, and it was a good family in our village from afar, but afterwards …"

I watched as Liulang's child's parents grew up, but who knew they would suddenly leave … It's the same for his grandfather. In the past, he was on good terms with your grandfather, but after that, we became old and the backbone of our family was changed to someone like your father. "

Madam Qin sighed deeply, a sea of memories flowed through her murky but warm eyes. After a long while, her voice that was slightly choked with emotions finally spoke, "Actually, the marriage between you and Yang Family … At the end of the day, I am relieved.

The child from Liulang followed his parents. His personality was kind and benevolent, just that after not being in the village for the past few years, everyone knew very little about him.

Little girl, if … You really are able to be together with this Liulang child, Grandma. You can rest assured that you will be able to live with your father's heavenly spirit. "

Hemai heard and her heart ached, she tightly pursed her lips.

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