Hunter's Cute Wife/C6 Lost and Recovered Handkerchief
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Hunter's Cute Wife/C6 Lost and Recovered Handkerchief
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C6 Lost and Recovered Handkerchief

Hemai heard and her heart ached, she tightly pursed her lips.

Returning to the Xiaoqing Village only had three months worth of time, but due to the fact that her blood was thicker than water, her fondness and attachment towards Madam Qin had long surpassed her own plans and considerations for her own future.

Right now, her biggest wish was for Madam Qin to be healthy and not be harmed. She hoped that nothing bad would happen to him!

To be able to sever his relationship with Linn Changxi's family, Linn Changxi wished even more that she, Linn Hemai, could sever his relationship with them!

Linn Changxi and the Zhao Family only relied on their family's land and livestock, but those were passed down from the older generation! Looking at how lazy Linn Changxi and the Zhao Clan were, all of their wealth would disappear from their hands sooner or later!

Now that they were separated from each other, what would happen in the future would have nothing to do with them!

Linn Hemai let out a long breath of air as she thought to herself secretly in her heart: A life of comfort for her and Madam Qin is her only wish right now!

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! A rhythmic knocking sound came from outside the door.

Linn Hemai lifted her head and subconsciously looked through the window. The voice came from outside the courtyard.

There were not many people in Xiaoqing Village, and most of them were familiar with each other. If one wanted to enter someone's house, they would have to visit friends and family, and then directly enter the house. As long as one opened the door, it would mean that the house was currently working, and would not do anything inconvenient to look at.

Hemai raised her head, as if she saw a tall grey figure standing outside the door.

Her heart skipped a beat. "Who is it?" she asked hurriedly.

"Yang Liulang."

The calm and sonorous voice came from outside the door. It was clear and sonorous with a touch of peace. The voice was calm and steady as it spoke his name.

"Yah, Liulang, why are you here?" Madam Qin was a little surprised, and quickly followed him to the ground.

"The Liulang is here, come in and have a seat." Madam Qin called out as she walked out.

"Granny Linn, I won't go in," The tall and big figure lowered her head, the shadow on the fence blocked his face, and she could only faintly see the beard on his chin. Linn Hemai didn't know why her heart was beating so hard, and was even a little absent-minded.

As Linn Hemai was lost in thought, she heard Yang Liulang say: "I came to deliver something, it's outside the door."

When Hemai walked out of the room, she could only see a blurry yet tall back figure following the direction Yang Liulang left in.

There was a basket of eggs on the ground. There were about twenty to thirty of them, each the size of a fist.

He only sent the betrothal gift to Linn Family the day before tomorrow. Why did he come back tomorrow to deliver the eggs to Hemai?

Hemai didn't understand, but after some hesitation, she slowly picked up the basket.

"Hemai, what did the Liulang send you? Madam Qin stood in the room and asked.

Just then, Yang Liulang said that he wouldn't be able to enter, so Madam Qin didn't go out. She waited until Yang Liulang left, and then Hemai sat him down, she went to bring the things in.

Hearing Madam Qin's question, Hemai hurriedly replied: "Grandma, it's a basket of eggs …. Let's eat eggs tonight! "

Madam Qin seemed to be very happy, after a "Ah", she went to busy with her needlework.

Linn Hemai carried the basket into the courtyard and was about to place the eggs on the stove, but she didn't expect that just as she took out three eggs, there was something green under the basket that attracted her attention.

As if hearing Yang Liulang's voice had surprised her, this light green thing … It caused her heart to tremble, and his back was covered in a layer of cold sweat.

She pulled the pale green thing out from under the basket. It was a handkerchief.

It was Linn Hemai's own handkerchief. The silk was exquisite and when it was pulled out from the egg, it was as light as a dance inside a basket.

That handkerchief was something that Linn Hemai had always carried on her body. Although it had been used for a long time, because it had been properly preserved, it still looked like a new one.

Linn Changjun had once told her that this handkerchief was something that Hemai's mother had left for her.

Hemai had a special feeling towards this handkerchief, it was just like the symbols of the blank memories in the past.

But at that moment, why did this handkerchief appear under the egg basket that Yang Liulang had delivered?

Where did he find this handkerchief?

Linn Hemai suddenly thought of the good show she had done in the Linn Family Courtyard the next day. She jumped in from the backyard and even released all the horny students from the barn …

Could it be that the handkerchief was left outside the Linn Family Courtyard when he jumped?


Before she jumped up onto the wall, there was no one around her. When she was about to come out, she heard people talking from far away outside, so she waited hesitantly in the backyard.

Although no one saw her after she came out, she was still afraid of being found out, so she acted a bit more hastily. When he turned around to leave, in order to make sure that he had enough time to check things out, he had probably left the handkerchief outside the Linn Family Courtyard in his rush …

But how did Yang Liulang pick up this handkerchief? The back of the Linn Family courtyard had a Southern Forest behind it, so by noon, very few people would be able to pass by, even if Yang Liulang did pass by. And why would he stick to the walls of the Linn Family?

Furthermore, how did Yang Liulang know about her piece of handkerchief?

Linn Hemai became suspicious and started to ponder in surprise. Could it be that Yang Liulang had seen it?

Then why did he hide from entering earlier and return the handkerchief to her so secretively?

Could it be … What else?

Linn Hemai, who was usually calm and composed, felt a burst of unease. She furrowed her brows, placed her hand on the basket, and started to think carefully about Yang Liulang's strange behavior.

The sound of a teapot hitting the table came from inside the room. Madam Qin walked over with a water bowl in hand, "Hemai, stop working, come in and drink some water."

Grandma, I'm not thirsty, Linn Hemai hurriedly shook her head, "You go ahead and drink."

When Madam Qin saw Hemai holding onto the light green beautiful handkerchief with one hand, her expression faintly turned sorrowful, as if she had thought back to some past events.

"This handkerchief was embroidered by your mother, right?" Madam Qin's gaze became kind, "Your mother is a meticulous woman, I have never seen anyone better at sewing than your mother. But unfortunately, your mother is Fu Bo, and I heard from your father that she left in less than two days. "

Hemai was stunned. She opened her mouth but did not say anything.

Hemai's mother had come back with Linn Changjun when she was young and stayed at the Linn Family for a few days.

But because of that side, the two of them left the Xiaoqing Village, and no one in the Linn Family saw Hemai's mother again.

After that, Linn Changjun went back to his hometown and got a wife to give birth to a son. His daughter-in-law died of consumption and only his son was left behind. Linn Changjun ran around the world and earned enough money to support his old mother.

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