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Hunter's Cute Wife/C7 The Meaning of Pa
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C7 The Meaning of Pa

When Hemai's mother broke off all ties with him at that time, he did not know that Hemai was pregnant, and furthermore, he did not know that all these years, Hemai had grown up silently …

Every time Linn Hemai thought about this matter, even though she looked calm and tranquil like a spring, the feeling in her heart was not very pleasant.

Her impression of Hemai's mother was blank, and her impression of Linn Changjun was also very little. She was still at a loss. She knew that she had parents, but when she returned to her hometown half a month later, her father was gone …

Madam Qin was talking about something at the side, but Hemai was already not listening to her. She stared at the light green handkerchief in her hands in a daze, and thought of her dead father, her unmet mother, that male voice that was as heavy as dusk, and that pair of tall back …

Hemai, Hemai? Madam Qin called out to her twice as she slowly came to her senses.

"Liulang is a filial child." Madam Qin pursed her lips, as her gaze drifted towards the mountains that rose continuously in the distance, "She's just like his parents, a good child who knows how to love others, there's no mistake. If you marry, you won't have to deal with the Third Aunt and the Sixth Madam. Although you want to live in our Xiaoqing Village from now on, your personality isn't like someone from the mountain village at all. Your personality is like that of a lady from a noble family, and you must be like your mother. "

Linn Hemai focused and said softly: "Grandma, you always say that I'm like my mother, but you still say that my mother's sewing is good, that's why I can't do it right?"

In Madam Qin's hands, the sole of the shoe was like a sheep's shoe, but in Hemai's hands, it was crooked in every way. Leaving aside the sole and simply patching up the clothes, Hemai was making things difficult for her, where could she find the shadow of her mother?

Madam Qin laughed heartily, with a pair of gentle eyes shining with a kind light, she said gently: "I'm afraid your mother will be in trouble before she teaches you how to live. Your cooking skills should be taught to you by your mother. A few ordinary dishes, especially the porridge water, are better to drink than most wives. Your father can drink five bowls in a row. "

Speaking of porridge, Hemai became spirited, "Milk, how about I cook some porridge tonight?"

Madam Qin nodded his head but shook his head, "Don't make the porridge, I think there's still some left over for the afternoon brine. Let me roll some more noodles, I can't possibly leave anything behind. "

Now that the weather was getting warmer, Madam Qin was worried that she wouldn't be able to let go of the food.

Linn Hemai smiled at Madam Qin, "Milk, wait a moment."

She turned around and walked into the house. After rummaging for a while, she came out again and showed the eight taels of silver in her hands to Madam Qin: "Milk, this eight taels of silver is the betrothal gift Yang Liulang sent over. "We have some silver now, please don't go to the province of Guangdong for a bite, it's just a little bit of food, it won't cost much silver."

Seeing the silver, Madam Qin was also shocked: "So much silver? "..."

Looking at Hemai's calm face, she knew what was going on. On her face, there was not much happiness, but her voice became more serious as she instructed: "Child, you have so much silver, where do you use it to buy food?

Liulang gave this to you, so take the flowers. You won't be able to get much of a dowry when you get married, so you can only make a few pairs of shoes. After you marry Liulang, take out the money and add it to your clothing, so you won't have to worry about money. "

Linn Hemai naturally did not agree. She had already decided on how to use this silver, and she would give this small thatched cottage a simple renovation. At the very least, she could not let Madam Qin stay inside the house that was leaking with the rain.

The remaining silver should be enough to buy some vinegar and tea for the family, so there wouldn't be much left.

Two dimples appeared on Linn Hemai's cheeks, her calm and tranquil face became as beautiful as a rainbow. She softly said, "Got it, milk."

After eating dinner, the grandfather and grandson duo lit up an oil lamp and went to bed.

The oil lamps in the village were not cheap, the peasants worked all day and did not read or write at night. Thus, they would naturally not light the lamps to boil oil for extra expenses.

The window was slightly ajar, and the night wind blew against Linn Hemai's face.

Linn Hemai glanced at Madam Qin who was sleeping soundly beside her, and closed the window even more, leaving behind only a small gap for her to pass through.

The night in the mountain village was quiet and lively.

The crickets had been revived, and were singing along with them in the grass. Their music always had an audience – the moon, high up in the sky, was shining its brightest light on every inch of grass. Every night in Xiaoqing Village, they were not alone.

If he had a little bit of leisure to do, he would set up a small table in the yard, prepare some side dishes, and a pot of osmanthus wine. How wonderful would it be if he drank the bright moon and stayed with the tree insects?

Unfortunately, within the Xiaoqing Village, there didn't seem to be many people who were in such a leisurely mood, didn't have the luxury of drinking with the moon, and didn't have the financial resources to light lanterns to prepare wine.

Xiaoqing Village was very poor, and after living in such poverty for so long, everyone seemed to be accustomed to such a life — two meals a day, and most of the time they were working.

During the meal, the main food was sorghum, which was already not bad since there was no oil or food to fill their stomachs. Even the poorer families like the Tian Er Family were all fed with chicken chaff.

The food that can produce so many things is based on the village people living frugally, can only save on food.

He forcefully saved his son's cultivation by eating at home. He would eat less every day and eat less than half a bowl of rice in those two meals. How much food could he save in a year?

His family's appetite was actually saved by eating rice after rice.

This was the condition of the Xiaoqing Village. Everyone lived a tight life, and for families that lived slightly better, there were three meals a day. However, it was hard to find any meat or meat in the rice bowls.

Although they raised some livestock and poultry at home, they were all sold in the town for silver and then bought some daily groceries. If they could pull up a flowery cloth twice a year to make clothes for the women, it would be a good life.

What Linn Hemai was wearing during the day were the grey robes that she left at home when she went to study in the village. Some of the long arms, some of the long legs, were coarse clothes, and she was not used to it. However, looking at the clothes of some people in the village, and the patches on them, she was already very satisfied.

Linn Hemai could not fall asleep now, but it was not because she was thinking about how poor her family was, but because she was troubled by Yang Liulang's arrival next day.

What exactly did Yang Liulang mean? Her handkerchief was under the egg. Since he had found it, why didn't he just return it? Why did he have to beat around the bush?

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