Hunter's Cute Wife/C8 Live with Him
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Hunter's Cute Wife/C8 Live with Him
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C8 Live with Him

Was it to avoid suspicion?

The old lady had told Linn Hemai that before they get married, it would be best if they didn't meet.

However, the two of them had already met once! At that time, Linn Hemai did not know that he was Yang Liulang, nor did she know that he would come to Linn Family in a few days to propose marriage.

Moreover, in Linn Hemai's impression, Yang Liulang was not the type of person to talk about rules and regulations.

Did he see himself jump out from the Linn Family courtyard? Then why didn't she ask him? Why not be more open?

Linn Hemai was at a loss, she really wanted to know what Yang Liulang saw. What was going on in her heart, why did he return the handkerchief to her so unhappily. This caused her to be worried so much that she couldn't sleep at night.

When the moonlight started to slide from her nose to her eyebrows, Hemai realized that it was almost midnight. If she did not sleep, she would not be able to get up tomorrow morning.

In the morning, she and Shan Cao had agreed to go to Qinglu Village's general store as a companion and to purchase some household items.

But Linn Hemai had another thought in her mind: she wanted to go to the cottage where Yang Liulang was staying and find him to ask him, why did he do that? What did he see? What did that mean? She didn't have to worry so much that she couldn't sleep at all after thinking so much!

But Linn Hemai himself knew that this was just a thought.

Firstly, everyone in the village said that Yang Liulang would leave early and return late every day to hunt prey on Small Green Mountain. If he rashly went, it would be a waste of his time.

Of the two, if the wife in the village were to see them, she, Linn Hemai, would not mind, but if the old lady with a broken mouth like Aunt Faang were to see them, she had to take them into consideration!

Hemai was conflicted in her heart. If they were going to get married, then that was fine. How troublesome!

Madam Qin woke up early. After waking up early in the morning, she washed the three chickens in the yard and fed them some rice and bran and prepared to make breakfast.

When Linn Hemai got up, she saw Madam Qin scooping up water from the empty water vat, so she quickly dressed, and shouted at the outer courtyard: "Milk, I'll go get it!"

When Hemai carried the carrying pole and walked towards the outside with the two buckets, Madam Qin's voice resonated in the small courtyard behind them, "The water is full, if you can't lift it, you might fall!"

Two pails were filled with water, it was difficult for a young woman or a woman who had worked for many years to carry them, but Hemai could do it.

The thatched cottage that the grandfather and grandson stayed in was around half a li away from a brook in the nearest branch of the Changqing River. Usually, Hemai would go there twice a day to fetch water, which was only enough for the grandfather and grandson to eat and clean up everyday.

Carrying the empty bucket, Hemai relaxed all the way to the small stream.

The stream was overgrown, and usually there was no way to get down. When Hemai came here to find water, she spent a lot of effort to find a place to stay. She even made a mark so that it would be easy for him to find this place next time.

But by the second time, she had still failed to find the mark. On the other hand, Hemai unexpectedly found another place that had been quickly cleared of weeds.

Standing by the stream, Hemai carefully placed the carrying pole and the two buckets of water behind her. Pulling up her pants, she squatted down.

Unknowingly, the flow of the water was very turbulent, the waves were like running for their lives, the shoes under Hemai's feet had already been drenched by the water, the cold feeling was not that bad, rather it was refreshing.

Hemai held onto the handle of the wooden bucket and slowly dipped the bucket into the water. Like this, the clearest and cleanest water in the stream flowed into the bucket, and before long, the bucket of water was filled.

He turned around, and the second wooden bucket was filled with water as well.

But what was different from the first time was that when Hemai turned back again, there was an additional mountain wall behind him that was extremely heavy and silent.

Actually, how could there be a wall out of thin air? It was just a single person.


Hemai screamed in shock, the wooden bucket struck the man's body, most of the water spilling out, the heavy bucket was about to land on Hemai's feet.

Hemai was shocked, seeing that her legs were about to be destroyed, the martial practitioner's instinct made her immediately turn around and hide in a safe place, but she did not expect that …

The person in front of him couldn't move her body, the person behind him was a rapidly flowing river, the broken stones and tiles that were placed below her feet could only allow one person to pass by, there was no more space for Hemai to hide.

Furthermore, most of the water had been spilled, and his feet were extremely slippery. Hemai's eyes turned from the water filled with weeds to the blue cloudless sky, then to the swift and violent streams and weeds …

Hemai heavily closed her eyes, waiting for the sharp pain she had imagined to come at any moment.

A strong hand grabbed onto her waist, and like an old tree that had been deeply rooted in its roots, after catching Hemai's slippery body, he steadily helped her up and stood right in front of him.

Everything happened in an instant, Hemai's reaction was extremely fast, and that person's reaction was extremely fast and stable.

"It's you?" Hemai was very surprised to see the person in front of him.

His dark blue clothes had been washed until they turned white, but they were clean and neat. His calves were tightly bound with black leggings, making him seem exceptionally agile.

On that face that Hemai was not too familiar with, a pair of bright black eyes shone with indifference. When she looked at Hemai in the eyes, she slightly squinted his eyes, but immediately returned to normal.

His chin had a thick and well-behaved beard. It was thick, but it was also very soft. It didn't look like the unkempt beard of a village man.

These whiskers covered up the lower half of his face's facial features, and the cold corners of his lips were covered. It also covered up the arc of his lips, causing his supposed pretty face to be covered in half of his glow and become much dimmer.

Hemai only looked him in the eye for half a second before she shifted her gaze away from him. It was as if there was an arrow hidden in his eyes, and although the tip of the arrow was not aimed at her, she could still see it.

Hemai could not help but think: The power of this young hunter, was actually this great!

She looked away quickly, then down at his chin, and thought: That long beard, will it last two or three months? If she married him, she would definitely ask him to shave off his beard. She didn't like beards …

When she thought of this, her face immediately turned red — next month, she would move in with him.

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