Hunter's Cute Wife/C9 Come to My House Tonight
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Hunter's Cute Wife/C9 Come to My House Tonight
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C9 Come to My House Tonight

Yang Liulang gazed at the red-faced young lady in his arms indifferently. His big hands were still on her waist, soft, fragrant and vivid …

His eyes darkened, his hands felt somewhat uncomfortable, thus he calmly put down the hand at Hemai's waist and answered her question, "It's me. How are you? " His voice was calm, but it gave people a sense of peace of mind.

This was the first time the two of them had spoken face to face.

As the sturdy arm moved away from his waist, Hemai's face became even redder.

"I'm fine," Hemai tried her best to look very calm, as gratitude surfaced on her beautiful face.

"No need." Yang Liulang shook his head indifferently, his eyes still staring straight at Hemai.

Hemai was unnatural from being stared at, adding on to her current tensed state, the silence between the two of them for a good while, only then did she ask: "Didn't you go hunting?"

Yang Liulang calmly replied: "No, I have matters to attend to today."

Hemai saw that he was not carrying her usual arrows behind him, and was a little curious, thinking in her heart. He was alone, and also a hunter.

Thinking of this in her heart, she suddenly recalled the matter of yesterday's day …

"You …" She bit her lip, trying to speak.

"Eh?" Yang Liulang raised his head and looked at her.

Linn Hemai's face turned slightly red, the words that she wanted to ask Yang Liulang were like a fish bone in her throat, she was embarrassed to the point that she couldn't spit or swallow.

Seeing Yang Liulang looking at him, Linn Hemai said with a flushed face: "It's nothing, it's just, just …"

She wanted to thank him for saving her just now and also for the matter of returning her handkerchief back to her the day before. However, when faced with Yang Liulang who was as tall as a mountain, he couldn't help but stutter out words of thanks.

Yang Liulang raised his eyebrow, his sturdy body moved a step back, holding onto Hemai's shoulder and lifting her up easily, bringing her to a safe place behind him.

He carried the buckets on the ground and filled the two buckets with water, then carried the buckets to Linn Hemai's back. Seeing Linn Hemai in a daze, he asked: "Are you not going to leave?"

Linn Hemai nodded her head in panic and kept up with Yang Liulang's footsteps.

Yang Liulang quickly walked to the place where the grandfather and grandson duo's thatched cottage was, and put down the carrying pole. His tall and big body cast a shadow in front of Hemai.

That pair of bright eyes looked down at Hemai. "I'll be home by dusk today."

Linn Hemai froze for a moment, then subconsciously nodded, "Mn, ah … "Alright …"

"Then I'll wait for you." Yang Liulang's clear and beautiful eyes that had a deep meaning to them glanced at Linn Hemai, and the corner of her mouth hooked up into a curve.

He gently put down the carrying pole. "I'm leaving."

He moved back and forth like a gust of wind, and his footsteps were as steady as a rock.

Linn Hemai opened her eyes wide, seeing that the figure was quickly disappearing into the forest, she only felt that her head was full of fog, and somehow, she was also a little embarrassed and annoyed from being taken advantage of.

He … What did he just say?

He was waiting for her?

What was he waiting for her to do?

She just wanted to thank him. She didn't need to sincerely run over to his house, did she? She did not have such thoughts!

If he hadn't misheard, what Yang Liulang had just said was still … Tonight?

What kind of person was this fellow? What he said and did were full of ambiguity!

Waiting for her!

What were they waiting for! Who the hell would go!

When Linn Hemai returned to the courtyard, she saw Shan Cao and the old lady talking to each other in front of the stove.

"Shan Cao, why are you here so early?" Hemai immediately carried her carrying pole and walked into the courtyard, and poured all the water into the water vat.

"My dad went to hoe this morning, and got up early in the morning to busy himself with my mom. My brother got up even earlier, and when he was done, he went to the academy, and I was the only one who woke up late. After just eating, my dad and the others all came back, so I came to find you." Shan Cao said while grinning.

"Hemai, you are so strong, two buckets of water are so heavy, you can take it back in one go, you are so awesome!" Shan Cao looked at Linn Hemai with admiration.

Linn Hemai shrugged her shoulders, "What's wrong with that? It's just two buckets of water, how much more can I get?"

Madam Qin reprimanded him, "Hemai, I told you not to carry two buckets of water. Those buckets of water are not light, your body is weak, what if you are exhausted?"

Linn Hemai laughed without care and acted like a spoiled child, "Milk, if such a small thing like this could tire me out, then what is it? Weak even than grass. What am I going to eat in the morning? I'm starving. "

"I made some lard in the morning, and then I roasted an egg cake. Then, I fried a plate of toon meat," Madam Qin said lovingly, "Shan Cao, sit down and eat some more."

Shan Cao swallowed her saliva as she looked at the golden egg pancake in the pot. There was a look of longing in her eyes, but she said: "I can't go to Granny Linn, if my parents knew I came here to eat, they would definitely beat me to death."

Linn Hemai burst out laughing, "If you didn't say it, would we have gone to inform the Uncle Lu? "Sit down, I'll get you a bowl!"

"Ah!" Shan Cao did not hold back, and after rejecting a little, she sat down.

How often did people in the village see a piece of meat? Logically speaking, she shouldn't be so greedy as to be so shameless as to put meat on the table whenever she saw something delicious. However, the golden yellow egg-cake was still fried in lard! Just by thinking about it with one's toes, one could tell how fragrant it would be!

The fragrance of the toon meat paste filled the air, it was something people could not refuse!

Shan Cao sat down, picked up a golden egg pancake and put it into her mouth, then added on a small pinch of meat foam. She chewed it and revealed an expression of enjoyment, "It's really delicious!" She whispered, "I haven't eaten meat in a long time! This egg cake is also delicious. Oh, the fragrance is really strong! "

Linn Hemai laughed, "And this egg was even delivered by Yang Liulang yesterday. Oh right, Shan Cao, I have something I want to tell you. Can your family's eggs be sold for me? I have a hen in my house and I want to hatch another nest of eggs. "

Shan Cao immediately swallowed down the food in her mouth and replied: There is! What are you and I talking about? I'll get some for you when I get to my house. "

Hemai shook his head: "Then what, I still have to give you the money, one yard is one yard. If you don't accept the money, I won't ask your family to buy it. "

Lu Changming and his wife saved up for him to study in, which was not something he could get them to do. Before Shanmu went to the academy, he had to hurry up and take care of things, but it was already a common occurrence for Shan Cao to take care of household chores at home.

Lu Shan Cao saw that Hemai was determined, and nodded along with her, "Alright. "Fine!"

After eating, Hemai and the old lady picked up the table and returned together to the courtyard after Hemai picked up the ten eggs. Hemai took out 25 copper coins from the market price, making Shan Cao sigh in embarrassment.

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