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"Mother of the child, is Jin awake yet?"

"Ai, no, the doctor said that Jin was frightened and woke up late."

"It's already been a day and a night. If Jin still hasn't woken up, I'll go find a doctor in the town …"

As the sound of talking got further and further away, the woman who was lying on the bed with her eyes closed suddenly opened them.

Was she dreaming? She seemed to have heard her parents' voices just now. She hadn't heard them for a long time.

Ever since Second Brother passed away, her parents had been washing their faces in tears. She was too ashamed to see that her parents didn't dare to drag her home any longer, so she had cut off all ties with her parents and followed Liu Yanlang into the capital.

When Liu Yanlang finally became a High Scholar, she was overjoyed. At that time, she thought she had endured for many years and finally had a good day. Who knew that she would have to face her own doom?

It was a cold winter day, and the weather was cold and precipitous. Madame Chui threw a broken bag on top of her and pushed her out of the door.

Madame Chui's harsh and harsh face was filled with arrogance and mockery. She pointed at her own nose and gave herself a list of seven great crimes!

Unfilial parents-in-law, domineering character, do not serve the husband, bully sister-in-law, all day long appear to ruin the family phoenix, do not come out!

These seven crimes were written on the divorce paper, but Madame Chui threw the divorce paper on her face and told her that Liu Yanlang had done his best for her. Now, he couldn't let a wicked woman like her lose her future because of him!

Haha! Future prospects!

Liu Yanlang's future was all revealed through her hard work in earning money! If she hadn't gone through so much trouble to help him wash, sew and sell vinegar for money, how could he, Liu Yanlang, walk from a small village to the capital and survive in the capital?

If she hadn't worked so hard to earn money, how would she have helped Liu Yanlang, who loved gambling, to repay his debt?

The future of Liu Family was earned using her blood and sweat! Now that Liu Yanlang had made a name for himself, he wanted to kick her out of the house.

What seven great crimes! Nothing comes up! What did he mean by ruining his family's reputation!? What do you mean by not filial piety!

Bai Jin had married into the Liu Family, and was considerate and meticulous towards her husband, and was docile and filial to her parents-in-law. Whenever her family pointed out that she was wrong, she would change it. She would obediently and humbly and carefully serve her family, and her family would be ruined because of Liu Family!

In the end, she had no way out, and could only wholeheartedly walk forward. She thought that she could gain her family's understanding and love, but in the end, she realized that she had truly given one of her heart to the wolf!

A divorce letter? Why did she have to give up on Liu Yanlang after she became a High Scholar?! He had abandoned her when Master Shang Shu wanted to take Liu Yanlang as his son-in-law!

It was useless for them to look at her! He was once again Liu Yanlang's path, only then did he want to catch her in a dead end!

It was snowing heavily that day, and Madame Chui and Old Man Liu were blocking the door. Madame Chui even pointed at Bai Jin and cursed, saying that their family had done everything they could to Bai Jin, and they couldn't let her harm their family again!


Bai Jin laughed with her face to the sky, her laugh was desolate and tragic. Why did she have to wait until the very last moment to be able to recognize this ungrateful bastard Liu Family?

Go home to your parents? How could she still have the face to go home?

At that time, she had already fallen into the abyss of despair. Originally, she wanted to perish together with her Liu Family, but she forgot that how could a woman who had long worn out her body like that could defeat Old Man Liu and Madame Chui?

In the end, she was dragged away by a few gamblers Old Man Liu brought over to leave the Liu Family, and then, she was thrown onto the ground by the broken temple outside the city, like a beggar. Finally, she was frozen to death in the broken temple.

She hated herself for being weak and bullying, hated herself for being weak and foolish! He hated himself so much that he pounced on that jackal-like Liu Family! He hated himself for being blind! Hate! Hate! Hate!

If she could try again, even if she died, she wouldn't marry into Liu Family! If he could do it again! She definitely wouldn't let her Second Brother get beaten to death! If he could do it again! She must be filial to her parents! Loving his little brother! If I can do it again …

That's not right!

Bai Jin's body violently moved as she abruptly sat up. Looking at the familiar yet unfamiliar room in front of her, her mouth opened wide in shock.

The room was not big, but it was cozily decorated. Under his body was a thick cotton mattress, and the quilt was made with fine cotton. It was soft and warm.

At the end of the brick bed in front of him, there was a red wooden box painted with red paint. On top of the box, there was a round bamboo basket with needle and thread in it, and an unembroidered embroidery.

On the right side of the room, there was a copper rack. On the shelf, there was a copper basin. A clean cotton towel was hanging by the side of the basin.

At the side, there was a dowry table. On the table, there were a few jewelry boxes, and beside the box, there was a circular bronze mirror.

This was clearly the house that she lived in, and the furnishings inside the house remained the same. The past few times she had dreamed that she hadn't married, that her mother would comb her hair …

Was this a dream? If it was a dream, then why was it so real? Why was the bed and bedding beneath him so real? Even the furnishings inside the room looked real.

Bai Jin no longer cared about the tears on her face. She suddenly raised her hands, which were white and delicate. They were no longer the hands that had become rough and had prominent joints due to her daily work.

He reached out and pinched her arm. Instantly, the stinging pain made Bai Jin quiver. It also made her realize the reality of the situation!

This was not a dream! She's back! She really came back! Back home! He returned to his room.

Bai Jin pulled off her blanket and put on her shoes, walking quickly towards the dowry stand. Picking up the bronze mirror, she saw a fair and delicate face with a hint of immaturity, smooth and smooth skin, a straight nose, and a red lips that were just right for a girl. Although it was not powdered, one could still tell that the woman in the mirror had grown, and was definitely extremely beautiful.

Bai Jin couldn't help but stroke her cheeks and mutter, "Am I not dead? I … I'm alive again?" "I …"

"Jin!" "You're awake!" A surprised voice could be heard as a middle-aged woman with a woman's bun appeared at the door. She was pleasantly surprised at first, but quickly walked over and scolded him in a low voice, "Jin, why did you get off the brick bed when you just woke up? "The ground is cold, quickly lie back down …"

Bai Jin only held onto the woman's hands tightly as her body trembled uncontrollably. The person in front of her was her mother. The feeling of holding her mother's hands was so real. It was really her mother.

"Mother!" "Mother!" Bai Jin's face was filled with excitement as she cried for her mother. However, her tears were streaming down her face. The sound of her crying sounded mournful and desolate.

"Jin, what's going on? "Don't cry, be good. Mother, don't cry. It's okay, it's okay …"

The woman was Bai Jin's mother, Madame Shen. She was frightened by Bai Jin's appearance. She patted Bai Jin on the back as she comforted her gently.

"What's wrong?" "What's going on?"

The man who heard crying outside also walked into the house. This man was around thirty years old, had a handsome face, was tall and straight, and looked extremely stout. He was none other than the third son of Bai Family, Bai Jin's father, Bai Gaozhong.

When he saw the wronged Bai Jin crying, Bai Gaozhong's face was full of worry and heartache. He walked over with large strides and hugged the mother and daughter pair, comforting them affectionately, "Jin, don't worry. We won't be going to the river in the future …"

The couple finally coaxed Bai Jin into lying down on her bed. They covered her with a blanket and let her rest.

Madame Shen gently wiped away the tears on Bai Jinli's face. With a pained expression, she said, "I, Jin, have never experienced such a big shock since we were young. If not for her …"

"That's enough, that's enough. It took a lot of effort for Jin to fall asleep. Don't wake her up just because you're scared."

Just as the couple was about to leave, a female voice was heard from outside the door.

"Someone from Third Son Family has arrived."

Madame Shen and Bai Gaozhong looked at each other, saw the uneasiness and complexity in each other's eyes, and carried each other out of the room.

"..." Third Son Family! This is really a honest and humble family, Scholar saved your family's Jin, and then he came to your house to propose marriage on the second day. You guys really picked up a big bargain … "

The sound outside became quieter and quieter, while Bai Jin, who was lying on the bed, suddenly opened her eyes.

By the river! Drowze!

She finally knew when she had been reborn!

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