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Madame Shen sat in front of Madame Chen. At this moment, she was frowning as she said in a low voice, "Eldest Sister-in-law's temper is indeed much stronger than before."

Madame Chen spat, "She was arrogant! I think if it wasn't for me in this house, she would have already started jumping up and down! Humph! You want to be the boss? "No way!"

Old Man Chen went early. Not long after Madame Chen had her third child, he left due to an old ailment.

This entire Shen Family was all carried up by Madame Chen and Boss Shen.

Logically speaking, Shen Family should not be so abundant in such a situation, but since Boss Shen was capable and able to endure hardships, he passed out from being one of the lowest loyal thugs at the yamen.

Although Constable was a cheap job, since people like them could control ordinary people, there would naturally be people trying to curry favor with them.

He was not too greedy, but he still had to be greedy. This coupled with the several acres of land that the Shen Family had planted within him, made it past the red flames and even built a large green brick building in the end!

Madame Shen frowned. "Big brother doesn't care about her?"

Madame Chen sighed, "Speaking of which, I get angry. Dahu is such a good person, why would he fall for such a black b * tch? I told him to marry another wife for us, but he wouldn't listen! "

Madame Shen and Bai Jin were both shocked. Bai Jin obediently stood behind Madame Shen, listening to the chatter of Madam Chen.

"Then what does Madame Su want? It's alright to have a son, but to have a son is …" "How many years has it been since she was born? I advise Dahu to marry another one. With his looks and our family's conditions, how can he worry about a concubine?"

Indeed, Boss Shen was Shen Dahu, and although his name was obscure, he was extremely handsome, and because he was a Constable, his entire body was filled with a cold righteousness, causing many women in Xiaoqiu Village to like him.

It was said that when Shen Dahu had first married Madame Su, his Xiaoqiu Village had already exploded. How could such a handsome man marry such an ugly wife?

Seeing that it was almost noon, Madame Shen decided to stay for lunch and have a good talk with Madame Chen.

After lunch, Madame Shen told Bai Jin to go rest while she talked to Madame Chen. Bai Jin was a girl after all, and there were some things she could not listen to.

But why was Bai Jin sleeping? When she thought about how her grandma wanted Eldest Uncle to call her a concubine, she was shocked. In her previous life, why didn't she remember such a thing?

Eldest Aunt was a stubborn person and was not someone to be trifled with. Furthermore, Eldest Uncle truly liked Eldest Aunt and would definitely not agree to it.

She leaned on the window sill of the cubicle and listened to the sounds outside.

"..." Mom, I don't think this is a good thing. " Madame Shen's low voice came from the external inspection.

Madame Chen frowned and heaved a deep sigh. "I know it's not good too, but in our remote and poor place, if anyone has the spare money to marry another wife, wouldn't I have done it all for the sake of saving a wife for the Liu Family?"

"Eldest sister-in-law is a bit ill-tempered, but all these years, she has been very filial to you. Although her face is always dark, she has never contradicted you."

Bai Jin nodded as she listened in on the inside. Although her children didn't like Eldest Aunt on the surface, they still felt good about it.

"..." Besides, Mo is like this. Eldest Sis and Eldest Brother are also very bitter. If you are talking about this, won't it make them sad? "

Madame Chen wasn't an evil mother-in-law, otherwise Madame Su wouldn't have been allowed in. It was just that after all these years, with only Shen Dahu as her son, she was too anxious.

"Big brother and sister-in-law are still young, so they will definitely have babies in the future. Mother, let's not talk about this anymore. It's hard to say why they suffered. "

Madame Chen listened to Madame Shen's words the most. After a moment of thought, she nodded and said, "Aa Ruan, you're the only one who's soft-hearted. You thought that your sister-in-law would say those words to you, but now you're still helping her."

Madame Shen smiled faintly, "No matter what, we are all women. I will be courteous to her. There's no need to mention the matters from the past."

Madame Chen then asked about Madame Shen's situation with the Bai Family. Madame Shen had only agreed that her parents-in-law hadn't made things difficult for her.

"Oh, that's right. Did something happen for you to suddenly come here today?" Madame Chen asked.

Madame Shen didn't hide anything and nodded, "There are indeed some matters. Please help me, Big Brother."

When Madame Shen finished talking about Bai Family's number four request, Bai Jin had also heard about it.

She sat on a Wooden Pellet next to the window, frowning deeply.

No wonder Fourth Uncle suddenly came back with his father, and looked so intimate. One must know that in the past, other than the two who were close to Bai Family, Fourth Uncle didn't care about the other brothers.

Now, it was because Bai Gaoming was doing business in the town. When he met with trouble, he lost the goods, and the other party came to compensate him, while Bai Gaoming lost the money. However, the other party still refused to forgive him, so Bai Gaoming thought of Shen Dahu.

Shen Dahu was Madame Shen's elder brother, so naturally, the fourth elder brother would ask Bai Gaozhong for help, hoping that Madame Shen would come forward to ask for the help of Dahu to suppress the person who was causing this trouble.

"Wait until your big brother comes back, then you can talk to her." Madame Chen said.

After a while, he heard Madame Shen whisper, "Mom, there's something I don't know what to do. Please think about it."

Just as Bai Jin was lost in thought, she suddenly heard Madame Shen raise her Liu Family.

Madame Shen recounted the matter of Bai Jin falling into the water, being saved by Liu Yanlang, and then, Liu Family coming over to propose marriage.

"..." That Liu Yanlang is Scholar, there is no need to talk about learning, I think character is fine too, I thought Jin would like it, but who knew that she would not. Mother, what do you think about Liu Family? "

Xiao Lingxi was startled. She thought that once her mother asked her about it, she wouldn't think about the marriage at Liu Family. To think that she was still thinking about it.

Madame Chen was concerned. "I say, why is Girl Jin so pale? Is she well?"

Madame Shen nodded.

"Sigh, logically speaking, as his mother, you should be the one in charge of Girl Jin's marriage, but now, Liu Family is such a good marriage, why are you still hesitating, can you listen to a little girl's words?"

Bai Jin's heart thumped!

Madame Shen sighed, "After all, this is Jin's life and death event. Jin had just woken up from her fall, when Liu Family suddenly came to propose marriage. I wasn't prepared in my heart …"

"What other preparations do you need? If you want me to say it, then tell someone to notify Liu Family right now, and that we agree to this marriage!"

Madame Shen frowned. "Liu Yanlang is quite talented. It's just that his dad …" This was what Madame Shen was most worried about.

Who didn't know of the large wager by Liu Family Manor's Liu Da? Gambling every day, gambling every day, and losing all his Liu Family. If not for Liu Yanlang, who would be willing to pay attention to Liu Family?

Madame Chen advised, "Our Jin is married to Scholar. At worst, we can just give Jin more dowry and let them have it alone."

On the other side, Bai Jin's face was deathly pale as she listened.

From outside, Madame Shen said with some hesitation, "Then I'll have someone go after me when I go back this time …"

Just as Bai Jin was about to rush out, she heard footsteps coming from outside the door.

Just as Shen Dahu entered the door, he saw Madame Shen and Madame Chen sitting together, a smile immediately spread across Shen Dahu's handsome face. He walked over with large strides and said warmly, "Aa Ruan, you came. Your big brother really misses you!" Mother also talks about you everyday. "

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