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Madame Shen was still smiling, but she suddenly couldn't hear Bai Jin's voice. She couldn't help but turn around to see Bai Jin's pale face.

"Jin? What happened to you? Is it because I'm feeling unwell? " Madame Shen was startled. Bai Jin was a bit stronger.

Bai Jin came back to her senses. She tried her best to suppress the fear and shock in her heart. With a calm face, she shook her head and comforted her mother, "Mother, I'm fine."

Madame Shen was still worried, so she lifted her hand to rub Bai Jin's forehead. Bai Jin's and Madame Shen's hands smiled. "Mom, I'm really fine. Don't worry."

Madame Shen nodded hesitantly. "If your body can't take it, tell mom that we'll rest for a bit before we go."

"Mom, I'm really fine. I'm just happy for Eldest Uncle, but I also feel a bit sorry for Eldest Uncle and the others."

Shen Dahu is such a good person, why is his only son a fool?

Madame Shen also thought of this place and sighed, "Mo doesn't look like him no matter how I look at it …" Sigh, what a pity. "

The mother and daughter duo sighed as they waited by the roadside. After a while, they saw the Cart slowly awakening.

Bai Jin's mind was filled with all sorts of thoughts. When the Cart stopped, she followed Madame Shen and climbed onto the Cart, but she did not pay attention to the situation on the Cart.

She was lost in thought when she felt someone squeezing her.

Bai Jin came back to reality. She remembered that there were not many people on the carriage just now. As she looked up, she saw that the three people sitting on the Cart were sitting right next to her and Madame Shen.

On the other hand, there was a large empty space in front of them. In that spacious space sat a man.

This man was dressed in a long black robe with half-rolled sleeves and sharp eyebrows. He had a gloomy expression on. He was Mu Yunshen, whom Bai Jin had met once before.

Mu Yunshen seemed to feel Bai Jin's gaze. He suddenly looked over. Bai Jin only felt that his eyes were terrifyingly deep. It was like a deep pool that was about to suck her in. Her heart skipped a beat, and she immediately lowered her head, not daring to look.

The atmosphere of the Cart was extremely tense and stifling. The reason was because there was a man who was known as the 'Bane of the Bane' sitting on it.

The people who sat next to Bai Jin were of all ages, both male and female, and their eyes were filled with disgust and disdain.

Mu Yunshen didn't seem to care at all. Indeed, he didn't care at all. What he cared about was only one person. When he saw that her gaze was not like other people's when they looked at him with disgust, his gloomy face eased up a lot.

Waiting until the Daqiu Village, the others all got off the cars one by one. After paying the bill, they quickly left, like wild beasts chasing after them.

Bai Jin also followed Madame Shen down the Cart. After paying the money, Madame Shen did not leave quickly like the others. Instead, she nodded at Mu Yunshen as a form of greeting before leaving with Bai Jin.

Mu Yunshen stood in front of the Cart and watched Madame Shen's and her mother's figures leave.

"Everyone has gone far! What are you still looking at? " The coachman was a man who was the same age as Mu Yunshen. The way he looked at Mu Yunshen was much gentler, showing that he knew him.

Mu Yunshen did not pay any attention to this person. Instead, he took out a copper coin from his chest and threw it into the driver's hand.

"Let's go!" Mu Yunshen didn't turn around. He waved at the person behind him and left in big strides.

The carriage driver kept the copper coin. Looking at Mu Yunshen's stunned back, he shook his head and laughed to himself: "You brat, you're really capable. You ran all the way from Daqiu Village to Xiaoqiu Village just to take a ride home with a lady."

With that, the carriage driver swung the whip onto the donkey's body. The donkey let out a loud bellow and pulled the Cart along with it as it walked forward.

On the way home, Bai Jin thought about the scene where her mother nodded to Mu Yunshen and asked curiously, "Mom, do you know that person from before?"

Madame Shen nodded and sighed deeply. "He's a pitiful child."

Bai Jin was silent. Indeed, Mu Yunshen's background was a bit bumpy.

"The villagers love to talk nonsense when they have nothing better to do. That child was rumored to be like that. I don't know how to live in the future …"

Bai Jin recalled the man's description and dressing, muttering to herself, "He seems to be doing pretty well."

"What did you say, Jin?"

Bai Jin quickly shook her head.

Bai Jin's heart sunk once again, not wanting to let go of Mu Yunshen.

The words of Madame Shen and Madame Chen echoed in Bai Jin's ears.

Did mother really want me to marry Liu Yanlang? She would never marry him! But how could she persuade her mother to give up on this idea?

He returned home with a heavy heart, but that night, Bai Family made him unhappy.

There was no other reason as Shen Dahu was unable to help Bai Gaoming. Bai Gaoming's face darkened immediately as he mocked, "Third sister, we are all one family. Brother Shen is your blood brother, who doesn't know how much he loves you? Is that because you don't want to help me? "

Old Man Bai and Madame Wang's face also darkened. Old Man Bai looked at Bai Gaoming who was sitting beside Madame Shen and asked, "San-er, is this how you treat your brother? "Since little brother is so helpful, can't you little brothers, as sister-in-law, help me out?"

Bai Jin sat next to Madame Shen and Bai Gaozhong with her head lowered. Although she was angry, as a junior, she definitely could not interrupt.

Bai Yanzhong lowered his head in guilt and said in a low voice, "Father, this matter cannot be blamed on Aa Ruan. She did indeed say it, and my brother-in-law was indeed unable to help."

"Humph!" It's not that I'm unable to help, but that I'm unwilling to help, right? " Bai Gaoming looked at Bai Gaozhong with a mocking expression as he sneered.

Boom! *

Old Man Bai Xian was furious. He slammed the bowl on the table and glared at Bai Gaozhong.

Madame Wang also frowned and glared at Madame Shen. She said to Bai Gaozhong, "San-er, you are the elder brother! You believe what your wife says? I think she just went back to her home and didn't say anything! "

Madame Shen had been holding back her anger for a long time now. She gripped her sleeves tightly, suppressing the anger in her heart as she said calmly, "Mother, how can you say that? Since Fourth Brother is in trouble, of course I have to help Third Sister-in-Law. However, I have to be able to help him. In the past, when Fourth Brother needed help, didn't my brother help him as well? But this time, he really won't be able to help. "

Madame Wang pursed her lips, unable to speak.

Indeed, in the past, whenever Bai Gaoming had any difficulties, Madame Shen would go and find Shen Dahu to settle them. This was precisely the reason why she couldn't do it this time around.

Fourth Brother, logically speaking, as the Third Sister-in-Law, I am your elder brother. It's not easy for you to do business outside the country, and we all understand that as long as you need help, we will help you as well. At that time, when you were trying to gather money for your business, your brothers also did the same for you.

Bai Gaoming looked indifferent, and he even took it for granted.

"But this time, it's true that we can't help you. You've also been doing business outside for several years. You'll always have your own ways to deal with this."

"Humph!" Bai Gaoming was not grateful for what Madame Shen and Bai Gaozhong had done for him in the past, instead, he was enjoying it as a matter of fact. Now, when he heard Madame Shen's words, he slammed his chopsticks on the table, stood up abruptly and sneered, "Third sister's words are accusing me of asking for your help in the past? "I've always thought that we were brothers of our own. If we were in trouble, of course we would help each other out."

Pausing for a moment, Bai Gaoming said mockingly, "Looking at this now, some people already have an opinion of me. Do you really want me to leave?"

"Who dares?!" Old Man Bai was also furious and immediately roared.

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