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Madame Feng pondered for a moment before looking at Madame Shen, "Third Sister-in-law, have you already decided to agree to this marriage?"

More importantly, I see that he is a good child with distinct gratitude and grudges, with an extremely kind heart. This time, Jin fell into the water because he saved Jin's life, and not only that, the next day, he invited a matchmaker to come forward in Bai Family to propose marriage to him. This is all for Jin's sake, so I think that marrying Jin to him, should not be a mistake.

Madame Feng nodded when she heard Madame Shen's words, "According to what you said, Liu Yanlang is indeed a good person, but …"

"If it's just a case of Liu Family, can Madame Chui agree to let Liu Yanlang and Jin come out alone?"

Not only were the people from the Daqiu Village extremely clear about the situation with regards to Liu Family, even the people from the neighboring villages all knew about it.

With the huge hole in the Liu Family, Old Man Liu had completely wiped out all of the family's land. With Liu Yanlang's identity as an Elementary Scholar and his monthly income, how could Madame Chui and the wagering Old Man Liu agree to go out alone and not give them any money?

Madame Shen pursed her lips and said firmly, "If Liu Yanlang agrees to be married off to someone else, then I will marry Jin. If he doesn't, then let's forget about this marriage."

On this point, Madame Shen was still quite resolute. She would absolutely not let Bai Jin marry and suffer.

Madame Feng nodded. "Third Sister-in-law is right, then let's do it!"

After chatting for a while, Madame Feng asked about the Bai Family. They had just returned from their second house, and after knowing that they had been living in three rooms for the past month, they knew that something had happened at home.

At the mention of this matter, Madame Shen immediately raised her eyebrows, and snorted. "Isn't it all because of Bai Family number four?!"

After Madame Shen explained everything that had happened, Madame Feng roughly understood what had happened.

She let out a breath of air and said angrily: "I knew Bai Gaoming wasn't someone who was easy to deal with! What, he had lost money in his own business, and he still didn't know if he should pay it back or not! Big Brother Shen even helped him! Pui! He earned a lot of money from doing business, but why haven't I seen him show his filial piety to you and Third Brother, and his filial piety to Big Brother Shen?! "

"Sister-in-law, Big Brother Shen is right!" We just can't help him with this! Just treat it as a lesson for him! Don't think that Bai Gaoming is highly sought after by the Bai Family Elders, if you go out, you might even become a big bug! "

Madame Feng was extremely disgusted with Bai Gaoming. Not only because of Old Man Bai and Madame Wang's bias, but more importantly, because of Bai Gaoming, he had done all the work himself!

Thinking back to before, when Bai Gaoming wanted to go to the town to do business, Old Man Bai and Madame Wang had their brothers gather money for him. In the fourth room of Bai Family, it could be said that the second room earned a lot of money.

Old Man Bai and Madame Wang saw this point right in their eyes. When collecting the money, they would double Bai Gaowu's amount in front of their family.

Bai Gaowu didn't say anything, but Madame Feng became anxious.

Whichever family's money came from the gale, their second branch worked hard for people outside all day long. Since they didn't have a branch family, most of the money they earned had to be paid.

Just like this, Old Man Bai and Wang were still unsatisfied, and they still had to dig out money from the Second Branch's pocket!

Of course, Madame Feng didn't want to. However, Old Man Bai and Madame Wang were crying bitterly, and Bai Gaowu couldn't watch his parents get double the amount of silver just because of that little bit of money they had for washing their faces with tears.

No matter how much trouble Madame Feng caused, there was no other way around it. She could not let others say that she was the daughter-in-law of an oral speaker who did not respect his parents-in-law. She endured it.

But their second house had double the amount of money and wanted Bai Gaoming to do business. In the end, it was fine if Bai Gaoming didn't appreciate their kindness, but he didn't care about the feelings between the Bai Family brothers at all!

Madame Feng was so anxious that she used up all the savings at home. Old Man Bai gave her a token amount too, but to cure a broken leg, she had to spend a lot of money.

Madame Feng didn't want Bai Gaowu to burn his legs, so she went around borrowing money. In the end, she remembered that Bai Gaoming was out in the world doing business and made a lot of money, so she went to borrow money.

It was one thing for Bai Gaoming to not be worried about Bai Gaowu's leg, but he was also making sarcastic remarks about how Bai Gaowu's leg would break if it was broken. He would definitely be unable to treat it and advised Madame Feng not to waste her money!

Old Man Bai and Madame Wang were too much. It was one thing if they couldn't think of a way, but they were still speaking up for Bai Gaoming.

From that moment onwards, Madame Feng had started to resent Bai Gaoming, and she also had a cold heart towards Old Man Bai and Madame Wang.

How could he not resent it? Who wouldn't hate someone for such a thing?

Even when Bai Gaowu gave Bai Gaoming over ten taels of silver to do business! But when Bai Gaowu broke his leg, Bai Gaoming gave him more than a dozen pieces of paper!

How could he be considered anything!

It was all thanks to Madame Shendo borrowing some money and finding Shen Dahu to help Bai Gaowu find a good doctor in the town who cured Bai Gaowu.

After that, after Bai Gaowu recovered, he would often not go home, and would go out for a month at a time. Everyone knew the reason in their hearts, and it was clear to them why it was so.

"I must be feeling wronged. If I was there that night, I would definitely not let Bai Gaoming get any benefits!" Madame Feng frowned as she spoke angrily.

Madame Shen understood Madame Feng's thoughts and smiled. "It's all in the past, nothing much. It's just …"

Madame Shen hesitated slightly and said hesitantly, "Second sister, my brother didn't help. I'm afraid that my grandma will need Second Brother's help."

Madame Feng laughed sarcastically: "Of course, in this Bai Family, Fourth Sonzi is the real favorite of their couple. Our two families are just like broken bricks, come over and take a look whenever you need him."

When Madame Shen heard Madame Feng's words, she actually started laughing. The depression in her heart had also lessened somewhat.

"Sister-in-law, don't worry. Gaowu is no longer the Gaowu of the past. Some people's hearts can't be kept warm." Madame Feng said sarcastically.

Since Old Man Bai and Madame Wang were so biased that it made people's hearts turn cold, Madame Shen naturally understood what was going on in her heart.

"Sigh, sister-in-law, my family can understand, and we can hide far away. Even you three concubines can't calm me down. Third Brother, it's just that you are too honest and loyal."

Everyone knew about Bai Gaozhong's character and Bai Family. Just because he was honest and loyal, Old Man Bai and Madame Wang did not put this son in their eyes. What kind of logic was this!

Madame Shen sneered coldly. "A sincere and honest person has his own intentions as well. If only his heart had turned cold …"

Madame Feng patted Madame Shen's hand and sighed with some pity, "It's a pity that we can't split up our family. If only we could split up …"

The Bai Family four house had a large population, and logically speaking, there were a lot of children. Since this house was crowded, it was time to split up, but Old Man Bai and Madame Wang firmly opposed splitting up.

In the past, Bai Gaowu was too overbearing. When Old Man Bai and Madame Wang heard this, they immediately burst into tears, saying that Bai Gaowu was not filial and had caused the arrival of the Bai Clan's Patriarchs.

Ever since then, the people from Bai Family did not dare to bring up the matter of the branch families.

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