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On the side of the main Bai Family room, the atmosphere was extremely heavy.

Old Man Bai, who was sitting on the brick bed, was smoking a pipe with a sullen face.

Madame Zhang, who was sitting to the side, was also frowning as she stared at the man sitting on the opposite Wooden Pellet.

The man was dressed in a dark blue set of coarse clothes. His physique was sturdy, his hair was tied up high, his skin was the color of wheat, and his features were handsome. He was Bai Family Second Branch, Bai Gaowu.

"Second Brother, what do you mean by this?" Bai Gaoming, who sat beside Madame Wang, crossed his legs and frowned, "Don't lie to me. You have been running around all day to help people get to know each other. There must be a lot of people you know. Just a small matter like me is definitely a matter for you."

Madame Wang also nodded, "Second Son, you have to help Ming'er. He's your little brother, you can't just sit by and watch him get bullied."

Bai Gaowu had already heard the gist of it. After finding out that Bai Gaoming was being chased for debt, he hid back home and his face immediately darkened.

"Father, mother, it's not like you two don't know." "I'm just a chef who helped others, those families that I went to were all villagers. I don't know any nobles, I really can't help Fourth Brother."

Bai Gaoming's face darkened immediately. "Second Brother! "You know as many people as I do. A while ago, didn't you say you were going to beat up Master Ministry Councillor's family?"

Bai Gaowu frowned and said, "I'm a noob at Master Ministry Councillor's house. People have their eyes on my cooking. I only cook and cook, but I don't know that Master Ministry Councillor."

"Dad, Mom, look, even Second Brother isn't willing to help me!" Didn't they say that we're all blood-related brothers? Why aren't they willing to help me when I'm in trouble? " Bai Gaoming began to complain to Old Man Bai and Madame Wang.


Old Man Bai placed the dry smoke heavily on the small square table on the brick bed. He raised his head and glared at Bai Gaowu, "Second Son, you know a lot of people in this family. This time, you have to help!"

After taking a few deep breaths, Old Man Bai said in a low voice, "If we really can't find him, you guys have to gather the money to pay back this debt to Fourth Bro!"

Bai Gaoming immediately smiled.

Bai Gaowu's face was as black as the bottom of a pot!

"Father!" Why? It's Fourth Brother who owes us money in the business, why should we pay him back? " Bai Gaowu's voice was coarse, especially now that he was angry, it was even louder.

Old Man Bai's anger was bigger than Bai Gaowu's. He stared at Bai Gaowu and said, "Because you are Fourth Son's Second Brother! You are all Fourth Son's brothers! If little brother is in trouble, how can big brother not help? "

Bai Gaowu sneered: "Dad, did you forget what you guys said when I broke my leg?"

Old Man Bai and Madame Wang paled. They heard Bai Gaowu say in a cold voice, "We are all blood brothers, helping each other is fine, but this help depends on our ability. Dad, you should still remember this."

Old Man Bai's body stiffened and his expression turned ugly. Madame Wang, who was at the side, looked over and did not dare to look at Bai Gaowu.

It was all because of the broken leg of Bai Gaowu that Madame Feng borrowed over a dozen pieces of paper from Bai Gaoming. Madame Feng was angry with Zhao Old Man Bai and Madame Wang for their theory, but who would have known that Old Man Bai would say something like that?

It was one thing for Bai Gaoming to be ungrateful. However, in order to protect Bai Gaoming, Old Man Bai and Madame Wang actually said such chilling words!

Old Man Bai's mouth was trembling, unable to speak.

Madame Wang swallowed a few times and muttered in a low voice, "Second Son, don't say that. At that time, Fourth Son really didn't have any money. Didn't your parents give you money to treat your legs?"

The smile on Bai Gaowu's face became more mocking, and his voice turned colder: "Mother, do you think that one silver tael could cure my leg?"

Madame Wang's face was pale, and she felt that she was in the wrong. Back then, she was biased and didn't help the second wife, so she didn't dare to say anything anymore.

"In short, I can't help you with this matter!" Bai Gaowu Teng stood up, looked at the people in the room expressionlessly, then turned around and walked out.

Old Man Bai huffed and puffed in anger. Before Bai Gaowu could leave, Old Man Bai knocked on the small square table with the stick of dry smoke and scolded, "These are the wings that have grown hard one by one! You don't recognize me, your father! "

Bai Gaowu, who had just walked out of the main house, stopped and turned his head. He shook his head and sneered as he walked towards his own house.

In the main room, Bai Gaoming was the most agitated.

"Dad, Mom, Second Brother is looking down on you!" Pui! What Second Brother! Even if your brother is in trouble, he will not help! " Bai Gaoming's pair of sharp eyes were filled with dissatisfaction and anger as he shouted loudly.

Old Man Bai was too focused on smoking. After a long discussion with Bai Gaoming, Old Man Bai threw away the pipe and stared at Wu Tie, "You are also a failure! He had been out doing business for two to three years, and he hadn't been able to save a single cent. In the end, he still owed others so much! Twenty taels of silver! That's twenty silvers! "

When Bai Gaoming saw that Old Man Bai was angry, the shouting in his mouth immediately stopped. He was also a smart person, so he didn't dare to provoke Old Man Bai now.

He rolled his eyes and looked at Madame Wang. Immediately, he ran over and squatted beside her like he did when he was young and began to cry, "Mother, you have to help me. If you don't help me, your son will be taken into the yamen!"

Madame Wang's face turned pale as soon as she heard that. She held Bai Gaoming's hand tightly and asked with a trembling voice, "Fourth Son, is it that serious?"

Bai Gaoming nodded his head: "Yes, if I don't pay the money then I will be sued. When that happens, son, I will have no choice but to go to jail …" With that, Bai Gaoming cried like a man.

Madame Wang was frightened. Her eyes turned red as she looked at Old Man Bai and said, "Father, our Fourth Son can't go to jail, wuu …

"Cry!" What are you crying for! " Old Man Bai was annoyed by them, so he grinded his teeth and shouted angrily.

However, Old Man Bai was both worried and scared when he heard that Bai Gaoming might end up in jail.

Madame Wang held Bai Gaoming's hand tightly, her eyes were red, and she said while gritting her teeth: "Fourth Son, Mother will not let you be sued! "There's really no other way. Let's …"

Mrs Zhao's teeth were about to shatter: "Let's go to the third room to find Madame Shen. If Madame Shen doesn't help, let's go to the Shen Family! I don't believe it! "Shen Dahu can even watch his own brother get imprisoned!"

But Bai Gaoming didn't think so. If Madame Wang made such a ruckus, perhaps Shen Dahu would be angered, and they would meet at different Bai Family in the future.

He still needed people from the yamen to do his business. If he offended Shen Dahu, he would be in the wrong in the future.

Bai Gaoming rolled his eyes and suddenly had an idea.

"Father, mother, son has a way!"

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