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In the blink of an eye, it was already the end of March, which was also the day that the four rooms of Bai Family gathered together.

In an ordinary village, as long as there were no branch houses, they would have to give the money they earned from each room to their parents for safekeeping at the end of the month or at the beginning.

On this day, the four rooms of Bai Family were all gathered in the main room. Old Man Bai and Madame Wang were sitting in the middle and looking at it.

The fourth branch of Bai Family sat according to seniority. The one on the left was Bai Gaowen and Madame Zhang, and beside them were Bai Gaowu and Madame Feng. Between them was Bai Gaozhong and Madame Shen.

"Ahem, all of you children have worked hard this month. Normally, all of you are busy with your own things, especially Second Son's family. They left for ten days to half a month. Father and Mother miss you guys very much and are worried about you."

Old Man Bai's words were quite sincere. The children had grown up and now had their own families and children. As their father, Old Man Bai's heart ached for them as they were all busy with making money.

Hearing Old Man Bai's words, the fourth floor of the Bai Family showed some emotions on his face.

"Boss, as the eldest brother, you have been helping the fellow in the field all day. You've worked hard." Old Man Bai looked at Bai Gaowen and said benevolently.

Bai Gaowen laughed and said, "Dad, what's so hard about farming your family's land?"

"Exactly, speaking of hard work, father and mother are the ones who have the hard work to do. Their hearts are filled with worry for our fourth child." Madame Zhang said something nice.

Old Man Bai and Madame Wang loved to listen to Madame Zhang talk, so what she said sounded very nice.

Old Man Bai looked at Bai Gaowu again. His eyebrows twitched as he smiled and said, "Second Son, our family belongs to the hardworking family. They also earn a lot of money …"

"Dad, look at what you're saying. We're just subservient people. We're only earning small amounts of money. We've only just had enough to live on, so how could we have that much money?" Hearing Old Man Bai's words change, Madame Feng immediately cut him off and taunted him.

She glanced at Bai Gaoming, who was sitting beside Madame Wang, and said, "Speaking of which, in our Bai Family Room 4, aside from Fourth Brother who earned a lot of money from his business, these three houses are farmers, big brother, sister-in-law, Third Brother, Third Sister-in-law, don't you think so?"

Even though Madame Feng was a shrewd person, she still knew about etiquette. Knowing that her elders speak, the younger generation could not interrupt. Now that she was able to say such words, she was obviously forced into a corner by Old Man Bai and Madame Wang.

Old Man Bai and Madame Wang's face immediately became unsightly. The main house laughed awkwardly and didn't say anything. On the side of the third house, Madame Shen wanted to say something, but was stopped by Bai Gaozhong instead.

Madame Shen took a deep breath and lowered her head in silence.

The others didn't say a word, while Madame Feng just sat there, unperturbed.

Old Man Bai's face twitched. He wanted to say something, but he suppressed the anger in his heart and said slowly: "Second branch wife, you can't say that. As the saying goes, it's not easy to do business. There are a lot of people who lose money."

Madame Feng smiled mockingly but didn't say anything.

Old Man Bai looked at Bai Gaozhong's room and coughed, "San'er has a good skill at making vinegar. It's hard work going to the town to sell vinegar every day."

Old Man Bai rarely cared so much about Bai Gaozhong. Suddenly, Bai Gaozhong's mood was agitated as he hurriedly shook his head, "Dad, I didn't work hard."

"Tonight, our family will have a good meal. Mother, go prepare some good food to properly reward our children." Old Man Bai changed the topic and directly ignored Bai Gaoming as he said with a smile.

Madame Wang nodded her head hurriedly. "Yes, yes, yes."

"Cough, in a while, we will go and buy vegetables for you. You two can hand over your money for this month."

Since Bai Gaowen was the head of the house, he was naturally the first to pay. He paid more than two taels of silver and paid two taels of silver to Bai Gaowu.

Old Man Bai and Madame Wang looked at the two taels of silver with a trace of dissatisfaction in their eyes, but they did not say anything.

Bai Gaozhong was the most sincere here. He also paid two taels of silver, but that was the Third Branch's most of this month's income.

Old Man Bai looked down at the seven taels of silver on the small square table. If this were left in other houses in the village, it would be worth six taels of silver a month.

However, thinking about the account that Bai Gaoming owed him in business, what could he do with six taels right now?

Old Man Bai and Madame Wang didn't keep the money on the small square table as usual. Instead, they lit up a dry cigarette and started to smoke.

Madame Feng raised her eyelids and looked at Old Man Bai's expression. Her eyes flashed with a "as expected" mocking expression.

Madame Shen was not a fool. Normally, they had to pay every month in the fourth house. When had Old Man Bai and Madame Wang ever talked so much, saying that all the kids worked hard and had a good meal together?

Usually, unless Bai Gaoming came back, Old Man Bai would give Bai Gaoming a small stove and a good meal. Since when did their rooms receive such treatment?

On the other hand, Bai Gaozhong was too honest, he did not notice all these twists and turns. He only thought that Old Man Bai and Madame Wang truly cared for him, and his face was full of happiness.

"Dad, mom, we'll pay this month's money as well. We still have other things to do in the room, so we'll be leaving first." Madame Feng was the first to stand up and leave.

Bai Gaowu also stood up and prepared to leave. Who knew that Old Man Bai would put down his pipe and say in a low voice, "Second room, you guys sit down. Dad still has something to say."

Madame Feng curled her lips and laughed mockingly as she sat down.

The dry smoke lingered in front of Old Man Bai. He smoked so fiercely that it covered Old Man Bai's face. No one knew what kind of expression he had.

He said: "Boss, Second Son, Old Third, you are all parents' children, your parents' feelings are the same, Fourth Son is also your blood brother, now, you all know that Fourth Son is out in the world doing business and has been scammed by someone. Since you all owe an account, you guys are both Fourth Son's brothers, so do a favor."

The first one whose expression changed was Madame Feng. She glared at Old Man Bai and mocked, "Dad, what do you mean by that? "It can't be that they want us to return the account owed by Fourth Brother, right?"

Madame Wang quickly said, "Second wife, you are Fourth Son's second sister-in-law. We are family."

"Oh, now we're family. When Fourth Brother made money doing business outside, why haven't I seen him give a few points to his brothers?"

Madame Wang's face trembled as she gritted her teeth and said, "Fourth Son came back from the town and never brought anything to you."

Madame Feng sneered, "I forgot. Every time Fourth Brother comes home, he always brings back some pastries. Unfortunately, no one in our second room has ever had such a great time."

"Wife of Second Son! What are you saying? Are there any rules? " Old Man Bai said angrily as he knocked on the table with the smoke stick.

"Boss, you're the eldest brother. Why don't you first show off?" Old Man Bai didn't wait for Madame Feng to speak and looked directly at Bai Gaowen.

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