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Bai Gaowen opened his mouth and looked at Madame Zhang nervously.

"T-that …" Bai Gaowen secretly poked Madame Zhang, who was beside him, with his hand under his sleeve.

At this moment, Madame Zhang was fuming with anger. She was gnashing her teeth in anger at Old Man Bai, Madame Wang, and Bai Gaoming.

It was clearly Bai Gaoming who owed money in business, why did he need his brothers to return the money to Fourth Bro?

Madame Zhang spat with hatred from the bottom of her heart. She scolded Old Man Bai and Madame Wang for being eccentric and shameless!

However, she didn't dare to show it on the surface. After all, their house only referred to the farmland that they earned from living, and occasionally they could be greedy for a small advantage. If they pissed off Old Man Bai and Madame Wang, their house wouldn't end up well.

Seeing Bai Gaowen's hesitant look of fear, Old Man Bai immediately became angry. He slammed the table and angrily said, "Gaowen, you are the eldest brother. You guys are the first one to speak!"

Bai Gaowen was naturally unwilling to pay up. Why would Bai Gaoming collect the money he owed them? Even though Bai Gaoming had earned money, he hadn't seen him spend it on this big brother of his!

However, even if he wanted to, he didn't dare to say it out loud. Just as he was getting impatient, Madame Zhang spoke up from the side.

"Dad, you're right. Master is our blood brother. Now that Fourth Brother is in trouble, of course we have to do our best to help him."

When Old Man Bai and Madame Wang heard Madame Zhang's words, the depressed expression on their faces instantly disappeared. Their mood also eased a bit.

Unlike Second Brother and Third Brother, we don't have any crafts skills, and we also have more items. We rely on our family's property to earn some money, and now we still have several tens of coins left in our house.

Hearing that the boss only gave him several tens of coins, Old Man Bai was unhappy, but he didn't say anything.

After all, Old Man Bai was normally biased towards Bai Family Main House, except for Bai Gaoming.

Otherwise, why would the monthly payment always be less than the other rooms?

"Yes, Eldest Wife is right. Fourth Son is the younger brother of all of you. You guys naturally have to help him, so it's fine as long as you do your best." After Old Man Bai said this, he looked towards Bai Gaowu.

"It's Second Son's family's, it's your turn."

Bai Gaowu frowned: "Dad, the money we should pay this month has already been paid. You're still letting us pay now, aren't you letting us live?"

Madame Wang immediately became anxious, "Second Son, what are you saying? Are you saying that your parents are forcing you to die? Aren't we discussing it ourselves? Not a single master craftsman could afford to spend more than that, but you guys can't? "

"Of course not." Madame Feng sneered. She looked at Madame Wang with mockery and said, "Mom, don't forget that Big Brother only has two daughters in his room. Our second wife has Wen Zhi as well. Wen Zhi is already 15 years old. It's time for the wedding."

Madame Wang was instantly speechless.

When Madame Zhang heard Madame Feng's words, her face turned dark and distorted.

The family didn't have a son, which was the pain in Madame Zhang's heart. Otherwise, she wouldn't have to take all those bitter pills every day just to get a son in her heart!

"Sister Second Brother, you shouldn't say that. It is true that you have Wen Zhi in your Second Branch, but don't forget that Fourth Brother is our blood brother. How can you stand by idly and watch?"

When Old Man Bai and Madame Wang heard this, they immediately felt a lot better!

Madame Feng and Madame Zhang usually disliked each other. Hearing that, she stared coldly at Madame Zhang and said, "I admire what Eldest Sister-in-Law said, but our 2nd house has to save up some money to help Wen Zhi get married. Since your eldest house is so generous, why don't we have a few more?"

"You!" Madame Zhang was so angry that her face turned red. Of course, they still had some savings in the house, but how could she be willing to take it out to pay that debt to Bai Gaoming?

"Father, mother!" Madame Feng turned her head to look at Old Man Bai, "Our Second Branch does have some skills, but the money we earn is also hard work. Madame Feng turned her head to look at Old Man Bai," Our Second Branch does have some skills, but the money we earn is also hard work.

"Dad, mom, your hearts love Fourth Sonzi, but don't forget that you don't only have one son!" You can't force your other sons to die just because of him, right? "

Old Man Bai's face was as black as the bottom of a pot. He heavily knocked on the table and panted as he shouted, "Wu Tie's wife! Is that how you speak to your father-in-law? Second Son, you don't care about your wife! See if she still has a wife! "She wants to climb on your father's head!"

Since Bai Gaowu's leg broke once, it was no longer the same as before. Everything went according to Old Man Bai and Madame Wang.

He frowned and said in a rough voice, "Dad, don't blame her. She is right, Wen Zhi is not young anymore. We have to save money for his marriage."

Old Man Bai glared at Bai Gaowu and said, "Second Son, you are going to anger your father to death! Fourth Son is your own little brother! Are you really going to watch as something happens to him? "

Bai Gaowu looked at Bai Gaoming, who was sitting beside Madame Wang, "Fourth Brother, you have been doing business for more than two years, do you not have any money to save? You still want us to help you pay back the debt? "

Bai Gaoming clenched his teeth and suppressed the anger in his heart.

Of course he had some savings, but that money was for him to eat and drink. How could he spend it so easily?

"..." "Second Brother, I beg of you, please help me." Bai Gaoming lowered his head and begged.

Madame Wang's eyes immediately reddened when she heard this. She felt sorry for Bai Gaoming the most. She turned her head and stared at Bai Gaowu, "Second Son, your house is not without money. Why can't you take it out to help Fourth Son?"

"San'er!" Old Man Bai suddenly looked at Bai Gaozhong and glared at him. He frowned, "Come and say something. You are Fourth Son's Third Brother. You have been pampering him since you were young. Do you really have the heart to watch what happens to Fourth Son?"

Madame Shen gripped her sleeves tightly, feeling angry in her heart. Old Man Bai and Madame Wang only said this because they knew Bai Gaozhong was honest and loyal!

Sure enough, Bai Gaozhong stammered, "Fourth Brother is in a difficult position. As a member of Third Brother, of course I have to …"

"His father! Have you forgotten about our family's Shouyi and how to keep your promise? " Madame Shen looked back at Bai Gaozhong and said.

Bai Gaozhong's lips trembled one by one: "Shouyi is going to get married this year, and so is that kid Shouyi... "Father, mother, I'm here …"

Bai Gaowen and Madame Zhang looked at Bai Gaozhong's family and felt angry, especially Madame Zhang.

He only had two daughters in the Bai Family Room to this day, but the Third Family of the Bai Family have honestly Mu Na, and had two sons!

"Third Brother, you go to the town every day to sell your vinegar and earn quite a bit of money, right? Fourth Brother is our little brother, and I really don't have that kind of ability. Bai Gaowen said in a weird tone.

His words made Bai Gaozhong blush. He stuttered, "Dad, Brother, we really don't have any money left."


Suddenly, Madame Wang knelt down right in front of them. The people in the rooms immediately stood up in shock.

"Boss, Second Son, Ol 'Three, Mom is begging you. If you don't help Fourth Son, he, he's going to be locked up in jail!"

Madame Wang's voice was shrill and her expression was miserable. Her voice was choked with sobs as she spoke.

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