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The four Bai Family Brothers who were shocked by Madame Wang's action all stood up abruptly, their faces were shocked and complicated.

"Second Son, Ol 'Three, all of you are skilled!" Mother, please help Fourth Son, help your Fourth Brother! Mom is begging you, Mom can't just watch Fourth Son get locked up in jail! "

As she wailed, Madame Wang even knelt on the ground and kowtowed to them.

This action of Madame Wang's had directly forced several of her sons to their limits, especially the second and third rooms of Bai Family.

They couldn't just watch helplessly as Madame Wang kneeled down to help her juniors.

Madame Zhang directly knelt together with Madame Wang, and looked at Bai Gaowu and Bai Gaowen with tears streaming down her face, and said, "Second Brother, Third Brother, brother and sister-in-law are also incompetent. We don't have any craftsmanship, and we don't have many benefits.

Madame Zhang was extremely tactful with her words. No matter if the family really had no money or not, the moment she kneeled down, she stood on the same front as Madame Wang.

Furthermore, the words that she had said seemed to indicate that there was quite a bit of money in the second and third rooms of Bai Family that she was unwilling to take out.

Madame Shen and Madame Feng paled in anger as they saw Madame Wang and Madame Zhang kneeling together, crying out in pain.

Again! Madame Wang was always like this!

Whenever there was a matter in the family that required money, Madame Wang and Old Man Bai's attention would be focused on not returning the money to the second house and the third house of Bai Family.

It seemed like the second and third houses of Bai Family did not need to live as their money had been swept away by the strong winds, and could be spent at will!

Bai Gaowu and Bai Gaowen knelt there. Their expressions were slightly moved, but they did not agree on the spot like they did in the past.

However, Madame Wang was too shameless to do such a thing. As sons, what could they say?

Bai Gaowu opened his lips and lowered his voice, "Mother, the kid Wen Zhi is getting married this year, I really don't have any money on me …"

Before Bai Gaowu could finish his sentence, he heard Madame Wang scream miserably, "Second Son, you're going to force your mother to death, your brother is going to die!"

Old Man Bai, who was sitting on the brick bed, looked at the family as he heard Madame Wang's mournful cries. His aged face was full of depression.

His eyes turned red as he puffed on his pipe.

"..." Mother! Is there really only Bai Gaoming in your heart?! " Madame Feng screamed anxiously.

"Second Son, you are all mother's children! Why would Mom think this way!? But Mom can't just watch Fourth Son get locked up in jail! That would be taking your mother's life! "

Madame Wang tightly held onto Bai Gaowu's and Bai Gaowen's sleeves. After she finished speaking, she looked at Bai Gaozhong and wailed, "Third brother, you have been the most obedient since young! You're the one who loves Fourth Son the most! Can you really just watch as Fourth Son is imprisoned? "

Bai Gaozhong was the most honest, loyal and soft-hearted one. Listening to Madame Wang's words, his expression became sorrowful, but when he thought about the situation at home, he choked up and said, "Mother, that was twenty taels. I, I really didn't. Shouyi and the man on the phone are both going to get married, they …"

"Don't we still have Girl Jin?" Madame Wang seemed to have suddenly recalled something. She held tightly onto Bai Gaozhong's sleeve with bright eyes, "Girl Jin was married to that Scholar Liu! "When the time comes, you will have your Betrothal Money, so give this money to Mother. Don't worry, Mother won't take your money for nothing, Mother will return it to you …"


A voice even sharper than Madame Wang's screamed out.

Madame Shen's face was filled with shock as she stared at Madame Wang. Her body trembled in anger and she reprimanded in disbelief, "You, how could you turn your attention to Jin!? Not to mention that Jin and Scholar Liu were not engaged yet! They were engaged! Then we will not give you even the slightest bit of Betrothal Money! "

Bai Gaozhong also kneeled on the ground, trembling. His heart, which had just tensed up, suddenly felt like it was stepped on by someone.

His face was blank as he looked at Madame Wang in disappointment. With a hoarse voice, he said, "Mother, you … how could you possibly place your attention on Jin?!"

Not only were Madame Shen and Bai Gaowenzhong trembling from head to toe, even Bai Gaowu and Madame Feng were staring at Madame Wang in disbelief.

Madame Zhang was also crying as she supported Madame Wang. A light flashed in her eyes as she supported Madame Wang and choked with sobs, "Third Brother, Third Sister-in-law, don't blame Mother. Mother has no other choice, right? If we had the money, could we implicate Girl Jin? "

Bai Gaowen was kneeling beside Madame Zhang. He hurriedly nodded and advised, "Third Brother, don't blame Mother. Mother has no other choice. If Big Brother had money, Big Brother would have already given it to you."

Madame Shen looked at the family of two, one singing with a dark face and the other with a red face. She was so angry that she started laughing.

"..." Bai Gaozhong! Look, this is our filial parents who have been filial to us for the rest of our lives! My dear parents-in-law! The reason we worked so hard to earn money day after day outside was to make our parents better off, to let our two sons get married, and to make Girl Jin more prosperous! Haha! Look, your mother actually wants Wu Junzi, whom she dotes on, to go and get Girl Jin's Betrothal Money! "

Bai Gaozhong couldn't even raise his head when he heard Madame Shen's words. He felt pain in his heart, guilt, but more of it was resentment!

Yes, resentment!

He was Bai Family Four's son, and because of Bai Gaozhong's honesty, he had been at a disadvantage since he was young!

Bai Gaowen loved to take small advantages! No matter what Bai Gaowu did, he was the fastest to run, and Bai Gaoming was always doted on by Old Man Bai and Madame Wang.

Just him, Ol 'Three, the one who always suffered a loss, he wasn't an idiot, he just wouldn't say it! He couldn't open his mouth!

But how could his own parents treat his honesty and loyalty as the capital to bully them!

"..." "Bai Gaozhong, you, if you agree, if you agree, then I will leave with you!" When Madame Shen said this, everyone present was shocked.

Bai Gaozhong's body trembled as he hurriedly raised his head to look at Madame Shen.

Madame Shen raised her sleeves to wipe her tears, looking determined.

She can suffer grievances with Bai Gaozhong, that's nothing, she's the wife of Bai Junior High!

But their daughter must not be wronged!

"..." Mother, Aa Ruan is right, not to mention that Girl Jin is not engaged, she is definitely engaged, then we will definitely not touch the Betrothal Money! "

Madame Wang didn't expect Bai Gaozhong, who was usually the most soft-hearted and easy to pinch, to dare to say such words.

"Humph!" It's just a little girl! " Bai Gaoming sneered.

Madame Shen's cold gaze instantly shot towards Bai Gaoming.

His gaze was too cold, causing Bai Gaoming to feel guilty.

"Hur hur." Madame Feng burst into laughter as she cried.

She said, "Dad, Mom, why did you guys scam Girl Jin for Fourth Brother? Wasn't it just asking for money? I have a way. "

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