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Compared to the surrounding neighboring villages, Daqiu Village could be considered a large village. Within the village, there were nearly three to four hundred villagers, and nearby Daqiu Village were Xiaoqiu Village, such as the Lu Family Village, Yu Family Village, and the Liu Family Village.

Bai Family could be considered to be a family with a flourishing and prosperous Daqiu Village. Not to mention that there were quite a few people with Daqiu Village envious of Bai Family, even the surrounding villages envied Bai Family.

Therefore, many people took note of the girls from the Bai Family, and the most thought of one of them was Third Son Bai's daughter, Bai Jin.

Bai Jin was Third Son Bai's only daughter, and she doted on her very much. She was never allowed to be a heavy worker, so Bai Jin made a girl who could not touch the sun and spring water. Bai Jin was pretty, fair, and tender, so anyone could not help but take a few glances at her.

Third Son Bai and his wife doted on their daughter, so they were unwilling to arrange a marriage for her. Furthermore, they didn't think that since their daughter was old, no matter what others said, it would be useless.

Yesterday, Bai Jin and Bai Family elder's daughter, Girl Miao, was playing by the river, but who would have known that she would accidentally fall into the river. At that time, someone heard Bai Miao screaming beside the river and knew that someone had fallen into the water, so those passersby rushed into the river and saved Bai Jin.

Logically speaking, it was a good thing for a hero to save a beauty, but the one that fell into the water was an unmarried young lady. If she fell into the river and was saved, wouldn't the person who saved her be able to touch her?

In their village, they cared the most about their daughter's family name and reputation. They should have pitied her by falling into the water, but in the end, someone spread a bad reputation.

It was Third Son Bai's daughter, Bai Jin, who showed her body to others, and that person was the one who saved her. A girl's reputation was ruined after her body was touched by someone, and such a good and bad rumor instantly spread throughout Daqiu Village and several other villages.

And it was precisely because of such bad rumors, that the person who saved Bai Jin came over the next day to propose using their Bai Family, in order to block their unhurried way.

The main Bai Family room's hall was extremely spacious and spacious, and at the same time, there were quite a few people seated around the hall, causing it to seem extremely lively.

The two people sitting in the main seat were the owner of Bai Family, Old Man Bai and his wife, Madame Wang. The man sitting on the left was slightly built, very upright, with only a pair of eyes narrowing from time to time, causing people to feel uncomfortable.

It was none other than the daughter-in-law of the elders from the Bai Family, Madame Zhang. Behind the two of them, there was a girl around fifteen years old, with a delicate figure and delicate face. She was the eldest daughter of the boss, Bai Miao.

The two people sitting opposite of Bai Family Boss were Bai Gaozhong and Madame Shen, and beside them was a smiling middle-aged woman. This woman was dressed in flowery clothing, and beside her right ear was a palm-sized peony flower. Her body was slightly fat, and from time to time, her body would emit a strong fragrance.

Under the matchmaker, Mrs Liu was seated a stout woman with a coarse face and drooping eyes. Beside the woman stood a slender young scholar wearing an azure robe.

The young scholar had handsome features and exuded a scholarly and refined aura. He stood there obediently with his head slightly lowered, as if listening to the lord's teachings. He looked like an extremely well-behaved and well-mannered scholar.

Who would have thought that Scholar, who had such good skin and was admired by everyone, was actually a jackal in human skin!

Bai Jin was squatting below the window. Her pair of black eyes were staring at the man with a unique scholarly air, as if she wanted to see his dark heart and liver!

As if she felt the gaze from outside, Liu Yanlang suddenly raised his head and looked out the window. Bai Jin's body instantly shrunk back. At this moment, voices also came from inside the room.

"It's the Third Son Family. What do you think of my suggestion just now?" The matchmaker Mrs. Liu said with a smile.

Bai Gaozhong and Madame Shen looked at each other, then looked up at Mrs. Liu. Their lips moved, changing their words, "After all, this is related to the marriage of our children, so we wanted to ask our daughter's opinion."

Mrs Liu held the scented handkerchief to her mouth and said happily, "Aiyo, this marriage is a big matter. I have never heard of anyone asking for the opinion of their own daughter." Pausing, Mrs Liu's smile faded. She looked up at Bai Gaozhong and said, "I know your family loves your daughter, but you still have to think about your daughter's reputation? Nowadays, everyone is talking about it in the outside world …

Bai Gaozhong and Madame Shen's expression immediately darkened and became extremely ugly to behold.

They didn't know why this rumor would spread so quickly. Rumors were flying all over the place. It was as if it was going to return Bai Jin's reputation to her!

"Scholar of the human Liu Family is a son-in-law that is hard to find even with a lantern, not to mention, Yanlang is your family's savior, Girl Jin's savior. Yanlang's family is loyal, and afraid that Girl Jin's reputation will be ruined, so they came to propose marriage on the second day.

What Mrs Liu said made Bai Gaozhong's thick face show guilt.

Speaking of which, this Liu Yanlang of Liu Family Village was the famous and talented Scholar of Ten Li Eight Village. If it wasn't for the burden of his family, Liu Yanlang would have probably passed the exam long ago.

It was precisely because Liu Family was poor and had a gambling father that Bai Gaozhong did not immediately agree.

"Aunt Bai Family, what do you think?" Mrs Liu looked at Old Man Bai and Cui Madame Wang with a smile.

Old Man Bai looked at Liu Yanlang and let out a sigh in his heart.

Speaking of which, Old Man Bai had long had his eyes on Scholar. He had even wanted to tell Liu Yanlang about the big boss's Girl Miao, but who knew that in the end, Third Son Family was actually taken advantage of.

Old Man Bai looked at Bai Gaozhong with a meaningful gaze and said slowly, "Match Maker Liu is right. Since Liu Yanlang saved Girl Jin and he came to our house to propose marriage, is there anything you aren't satisfied with?"

Without waiting for Bai Gaozhong and Madame Shen's great-aunt to finish her sentence, Old Man Bai looked at Mrs. Liu and Liu Yanlang and said, "Girl Jin's marriage is set. I believe Liu Yanlang will definitely be a good son-in-law. If he can save someone at the risk of his life, it means he will definitely treat his wife well!"

Bai Jin, who was hiding outside the window, tensed up, her hands clasped together tightly.

Anger and grief were written all over her face. Why, why did she have to face this kind of fate when she was reborn? Could it be that her marriage to Liu Yanlang couldn't be changed?

No! She would never marry Liu Yanlang. She would never marry into the home of a jackal, a tiger, a leopard!


Just as Bai Jin was about to rush in and refuse the marriage, the sound from inside the house made her stop and freeze on the spot.

"I respect Miss Bai Jin's opinion as well as the opinions of Third Uncle Bai and Bai Third Aunt. Let's wait for Miss Bai Jin to personally agree to this marriage, then we can discuss further."

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