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Madame Wang was about to scold Madame Feng after she finished her first half, but when she heard the second half, her eyes immediately lit up.

"Second Son's family, are you willing to pay?"

Madame Feng was still smiling, but her smile was too sarcastic. "Mother, look at what you're saying, isn't it only 20 taels? "For Fourth Brother, I can't bear to part with a child."

Madame Wang nodded repeatedly. Even Old Man Bai was looking at Madame Feng with glowing eyes.

Bai Gaowu looked at his wife with a complicated expression.

"Isn't it fine to just sell our land?"

"Even if it doesn't work, big brother's family's Girl Miao is going to get married. She always married earlier than Girl Jin, there must be a Betrothal Money."

After Madame Feng finished speaking, the complexions of Madame Wang and Madame Zhang, who were kneeling on the ground, immediately changed, especially Madame Zhang. She glared at Madame Feng and gritted her teeth as she said, "Sister Second Brother, why don't you like Girl Miao any more? How could you say such a thing? "

Madame Feng sneered coldly, looking at Madame Zhang with a mocking gaze, "Sister-in-law, what I said is the truth. Isn't Girl Miao just bigger than Girl Jin?" Besides? [You have the least number of men in your house. We haven't said anything, have we?] Besides, isn't there nothing I can do about it now? Aren't we doing this for Fourth Brother? "What do you think, Mother?"

Madame Wang's lips trembled, but she was at a loss for words.

Just now, she said that Bai Jin was about to get married and wanted Bai Jin's Betrothal Money. Now that Madame Feng mentioned Bai Miao, she had an idea.

Who knew how many Betrothal Money could Bai Jin's girl have when she got married. If Bai Girl Miao got married and asked for Betrothal Money, this way they could gather a little more, then it would be enough for them to repay Bai Gaoming's debt!

Thinking this way, Madame Wang's gaze landed on Madame Zhang beside her.

Madame Zhang's face instantly turned extremely ugly to behold. "…" Mother, Girl Miao is still young. Furthermore, she … she has yet to be engaged. "

"He's not young anymore." Madame Feng continued, "She's two years older than Girl Jin. Some of our village's daughters who are the same age as Girl Miao are already mothers."

Madame Zhang's face contorted in anger. She glared hatefully at Madame Feng and said while clenching her teeth, "Sister Second Brother! "Why are you so cruel to my family's Girl Miao!"

Madame Feng immediately giggled, "Sister-in-law, how did I harm Girl Miao? Didn't you just say that Girl Jin's marriage was also for Fourth Brother? However, Girl Jin's marriage hasn't been decided, and she's still young, how can she be like Girl Miao? Since she's old, she should look for someone else, and what's more, haven't we done this all for Fourth Brother? "

Madame Zhang was left speechless. Her face trembled as she heard Madame Wang say, "Second Son's family is right. Old master, didn't you say a few days ago that you fell for a blacksmith from the town? If this marriage succeeds, then let's hurry up and choose a day to get married! "

Madame Wang didn't care about the darkened faces of Madame Zhang and Bai Gaowen. She only calculated and said, "The blacksmith in the town must be a rich man. When the time comes, we'll have more …"

Madame Zhang was so angry that her face twitched. Listening to Madame Wang's words, she couldn't wait to marry Bai Miao out in a few days!

Marrying Girl Miao was something she would do as a mother. Of course, the bountiful Betrothal Money would be taken by her as a mother! Why did he have to pay back the debt for Madame Wang and that prodigal Bai Gaoming!?

No! Absolutely not!

"..." "No, no, mother, Girl Miao's marriage hasn't been decided yet. We still have more land. Right, we still have more land. In order to save Fourth Brother, mother, you should sell the land at home!"

Although Madame Zhang's heart ached from selling the land, after all, the Bai Family land was taken care of by her big family, so they could take advantage of it, but when she thought of Girl Miao's generous gift, she no longer cared about that land!

Madame Shen stood there, watching the argument between Madame Zhang and Madame Wang with a face full of ridicule.

This person was really selfish. Only when they met him would they not make sarcastic remarks!

Thinking about Madame Wang's request for Girl Jin's Betrothal Money, Madame Shen's heart turned cold.

Now, she was truly disappointed to the extreme by this Bai Family!

"No way!"

Just when Madame Zhang was trying her best to persuade Madame Wang to sell the floor, Old Man Bai knocked on the table heavily and growled, "Stop messing around!" Can a field be bought at will? What are we going to eat if we sell them? "

Madame Feng was a shrewd person. Upon hearing Old Man Bai's words, she looked at him and smiled, "If you can't sell the land, then Fourth Brother will be locked up in the prison."

With that, he rolled his eyes and interrupted Old Man Bai's voice again, "Don't tell me that dad wants to sell us out?"


Old Man Bai's old face twitched in anger.

He growled, a look of embarrassment flashing in his eyes, and said angrily: "Second Son, you b * tch, what nonsense are you spouting! Second Son! This is how you take care of your wife! "Let's see what she has to say!"

Seeing that Old Man Bai was really angry, Madame Feng didn't dare to say anything else.

However, she had said what she needed to say. It was likely that even if Old Man Bai married his granddaughter and wanted the Betrothal Money, he wouldn't be able to do it.

Sure enough, Old Man Bai took a deep breath and said in a hoarse voice, "Motherf * cker, what are you saying? Let's not talk about Girl Jin and Girl Miao not getting married yet. Even if they're married, we can't use this money to fill Fourth Son's hole."

Madame Wang's face was pale, and she was already sitting on the ground. Madame Zhang was also sitting on the ground beside her, but she did not take the initiative to help her up.

"His father, then are we really going to sell the land?" Madame Wang asked with a trembling voice.

Old Man Bai frowned and looked around at the people in the room. He sighed and said while clenching his teeth, "Boss, Second Son, Old Third, Fourth Son is your parents' flesh and blood, your own brother. We can't just watch him get locked up in jail.

Madame Feng was furious. Just as she was about to say something, she was stopped by Bai Gaowu.

Then, he heard Old Man Bai say, "Take this money as a loan from your parents. After you sell the food this year, they will give you three houses."

Since Old Man Bai had already said so, the three brothers in Bai Family could no longer say anything.

Seeing that the money to fill the hole was finally taken care of, Bai Gaoming, who was standing at the side all along, immediately revealed a relaxed expression.

He didn't seem to care at all. The room was so stiff and so noisy because of him.

He didn't even take the initiative to help Madame Wang up. Instead, he thought, "I finally have the money!" Finally, he no longer had to be afraid of being reported to the government! Don't worry about the money!

After making such a big fuss, all the families in the three houses of Bai Family were also tired, so they all returned to their own rooms.

On the side of the third house, Bai Jin, Bai Shouyi, and Bai Shouxin were standing by the door waiting for their father to come back. When they saw their parents walking over from the main house, they hurriedly came to welcome them.

"Father, Mother …" Mother, why are you crying? " Bai Jin knew today was the day of her marriage, but she didn't expect the main house to be so noisy.

She originally wanted to secretly run over and eavesdrop, but Bai Miao and Bai Yu were also guarding outside. If she went over, Bai Miao and the others would definitely tell Old Man Bai and Madame Wang.

Madame Shen wiped her tears and forced a smile. "Mom is fine."

Bai Gaozhong walked over and stood behind Madame Shen. His face was pale as he said in a hoarse voice, "Mother, it's all my fault. You, don't blame Father and Mother. It's not easy for them either …"

"His father, it's best not to talk about this in front of his children."

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