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After the mother, son, and matchmaker, Mrs. Liu had left, the atmosphere of the hall within the Bai Family had suddenly become urgent.

"Ol 'Three, Ol' Three's Wife, I've lived for most of my life, but I've never seen anyone as stubborn as the two of you!" Old Man Bai reprimanded them while lighting up the smoke at the edge of the border. His face was dark as he started to smoke.

"That's right. I've never seen a girl who disobeys her daughter, not to mention following her advice with everything she has!" "Why don't you tell me whether you're Girl Jin's parents, or Girl Jin's parents!" Madame Wang angrily glared at the Third Son Family couple, but these words were extremely unpleasant to listen to.

"Dad, mom, don't be angry either. Isn't this how Third Brother and Third Sister-in-law doted on Girl Jin and respected her opinion?" Madame Zhang smiled as she tried to smooth things over.

"Pui!" Pet! Pet! How much must a girl be spoiled? Isn't it a money-losing deal? " Old Man Bai smoked a few mouthfuls of smoke and said with a dark expression.

Both Gaozhong and Madame Shen's expression turned ugly. Especially Madame Shen, who was holding onto her dress tightly with both of her hands. Her eyebrows were knitted tightly and her expression was heavy.

In the past, Madame Shen was always extremely respectful and gentle. When others smiled at her, she would smile back at them. When others had dark expressions, she smiled too. However, there was only one thing that could cause Madame Shen's expression to change.

"Father, mother, this matter concerns Jin's life and death, so it's fine if we ask for Jin's opinion, right?" Madame Shen said as she suppressed the rage in her heart.

When Madame Wang saw the usually respectful Madame Shen dare to refute, her face immediately darkened. She originally did not like the Third Son Family couple, so even Bai Jin did not like them, especially when she saw how doting they were towards Bai Jin!

"What opinion?" Did a silly girl like her know anything? Humph! I see that this Girl Jin is being spoiled by you guys as being lawless and doesn't understand the rules at all! Look at our Daqiu Village! Which family is the same age as Girl Jin, and they're already thirteen or fourteen years old.

After saying that, Madame Wang smiled mockingly, stared at Bai Gaozhong and Madame Shen and said, "You guys are the one who are too used to going to the river to play. This time, I almost lost my life!"

He had been bullied by Madame Wang since he was young. He knew that his parents did not like him, so he did not dare to say what he thought.

"Mother!" However, Madame Shen suddenly raised her head, her face no longer as docile and good-natured as usual, and she said in a deep voice: "Jin is the most obedient! "This time, I fell into the water because …" Madame Shen gritted her teeth, but didn't finish her sentence.

Everyone present knew that Bai Jin had gone to the river with Bai Miao to play. Then, Bai Jin had accidentally fallen into the river.

However, Madame Shen could not say these words. The Bai Family had not been divided, and the brothers could only look up and not see each other. Even if she did not say these words for her own sake, she still had to think for Jin.

Madame Shen swallowed her words and softened her tone. "Anyway, matters of marriage, we still want to respect Jin's opinion."

"Aiyo, Third Sister-in-law indeed dotes on her daughter, but then again, who knows who drove Girl Miao and Girl Jin to the river this time!"

Madame Zhang had a smile on her face, but her words were sharp. Just as she finished speaking, Bai Miao stood up and said carefully, "Sister Jin said that she was so bored that she asked me to accompany her out to play."

In the blink of an eye, everyone in the hall had a different expression.

Bai Jin, who was hiding outside the window, had a trace of coldness on her face as she listened to what Nie Tian had said.

Indeed, she was the one who said that it was too boring this time. Bai Miao came out from nowhere to say that she was bored, so she decided to play outside.

Bai Jin was usually spoiled, but she was also very obedient. Upon Bai Miao's advice, she nodded and left the house with Bai Miao, because Bai Gaozhong and Madame Shen had gone out to work and her brothers were not at home. So Bai Jin went out.

Her original intention was to go to the village and find a few playmates to talk to, but Bai Miao suggested that they go to the river. Bai Jin was timid, and her parents often told her not to play with others. In the end, it was Bai Miao who pulled her to the river and she fell into the water.

Thinking of this, Bai Jin's gaze turned grim.

If her memory was correct, she remembered that just as she and Bai Miao had walked to the river, Bai Miao's handkerchief had fallen into it before she could say anything. Bai Miao had worn new shoes, saying that she was afraid of wetting them, so she let Bai Jin help her pick them up. Bai Jin didn't think too much and bent down to pick up the handkerchief.

"..." Third Son Family! Is this how you talk to your parents-in-law?! " Inside the room, Madame Wang's eyes were wide open as she glared at Madame Shen in anger and scolded, "What life order! Now that the entire village was talking about Girl Jin falling into the water, what reputation did she have now? The other party's Liu Family was something Scholar had personally proposed, and yet you all dared to challenge him? What? Do you think your Girl Jin can marry any rich Master Ministry Councillor? "

Madame Wang's words stung her heart. In her heart, she felt that Bai Jin was not worthy of being given to the famous Scholar Liu because she looked better!

Madame Shen wanted to say something but was held back by Bai Gaozhong. Madame Shen was angry, but she could not say anything. Bai Gaozhong quickly raised his face to apologize.

Bai Jin, who was standing outside the window, had long been infuriated as she listened to the conversation going on inside the house. She felt both wronged by her parents' arrival, and frustrated by Madame Wang's and Old Man Bai's attitude.

Speaking of which, out of Bai Family's four sons, the one Old Man Bai and Madame Wang doted on the most was their boss and their boss.

Bai Jin felt wronged for her parents, so she wanted to rush in and explain the situation, but after taking two steps, she stopped.

If she were to barge in, then it would be too late. Old Man Bai and Madame Wang would reprimand her parents, and they would reprimand her. If they angered her, maybe Old Man Bai would just wave his hand and decide her marriage!

After all, there was still no branch family in the current Bai Family. The ones in charge was Old Man Bai and Madame Wang, so she definitely could not be rash!

He remembered that in his previous life, Bai Family had never been separated from his family, for no other reason than that one year later, Bai Qi and the other four brothers lost money in business outside, and owed him a lot of money. Old Man Bai and Wang was very concerned about Liu Tianzi so they helped him pay his debt.

Bai Jin remembered that in her previous life, she had been married for two to three years. Bai Gaozhong had been paying off the debt for the fourth elder, and on the one hand, he was constantly making up for her. In the end, it caused Bai Gaozhong and Madame Shen, the loving couple, to hate each other, because of the huge debt owed by the fourth elder, which caused Bai Gaozhong's sturdy body to collapse.

Even so, Old Man Bai and Madame Wang didn't show any gratitude towards Bai Gaozhong. At that time, Bai Gaozhong was the elder brother, and even the fourth elder brother was bullying Bai Gaozhong. Even though Old Man Bai and Madame Wang were the elder brother, they didn't show any gratitude to Bai Gaozhong.

No! No!

Bai Jin clenched her fists. In this life, she definitely couldn't let her parents be fooled to death by Old Man Bai's family!

She must think of a way to resolve the marriage and then split it between the two families!

Right! Branch family!

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