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"Son, why did you say so many nice things to that Match Maker Liu? She's a money grubber, and she only knows how to ask for money when things aren't going well for her!"

At the entrance of Liu Family Village, Madame Chui stared at Mrs. Liu, the matchmaker whom they had just sent away with a myriad of thanks.

Liu Yanlang's delicate and refined face no longer had a gentle smile. He turned around and looked at Madame Chui calmly, "Mother, whether or not we can get married depends on Match Maker Liu. We should naturally be more respectful to her."

"Pui!" How can we lose her money?! "

Liu Yanlang sighed and left.

When Lili saw that Liu Yanlang was angry, she quickly followed with a small step. With a puzzled look on her harsh face, she said, "Yanlang, since you like that girl Third Son Bai, why did you reject her today? And let Third Son Bai go back and ask that little girl, what does that little hoof know? "

Liu Yanlang was obviously used to Madame Chui's vulgar words. He didn't even frown as he said lightly, "Since it's a matter of marriage, it's understandable to ask Bai Jin."

"Bah!" Madame Chui spat again, puckered her lips, and said with a trace of malice and dissatisfaction: "You already went to propose personally, so how can that little hoof not agree? Our family's Yanlang is Scholar! "She's the husband that everyone in this village has been envious of. If she doesn't agree, then she's really going blind!"

Liu Yanlang stopped walking and frowned: "Mom, don't say such vulgar words again."

Madame Chui was still the most afraid of her son. Hearing that, she smiled embarrassedly and rolled her eyes. Madame Chui suddenly said, "Son, maybe Bai Jin fell into the river because of you!"

The more Madame Chui thought about it, the more she felt that it was possible! Her son was Scholar! Which one of these girls didn't want to marry her son?

Liu Yanlang smiled but did not explain.

"..." But seriously, that Bai Jin would agree, right? " Madame Chui's expression changed as she asked carefully.

Liu Yanlang smiled confidently: "Of course she will agree. She was just outside when we were talking."

It was for this reason that Liu Yanlang was sure that Bai Jin would agree to this marriage. There were many people who liked him, but only Bai Jin matched the conditions he had set for her.

Madame Chui cursed inwardly at Bai Jin's shamelessness, but the worry on her face disappeared in an instant.

"That's good. We need to hurry up and settle this marriage. Otherwise, your father …"


Before Madame Chui could finish her words, Liu Yanlang's face darkened and he interrupted her.

Embarrassed, Madame Chui dared not say another word.

Bai Jin returned to her room and sat there for a while. When she heard the door open, she quickly stood up and went out to greet him.

"Dad, mom, you two came back?"

Bai Gaozhong and Madame Shen's faces didn't look too good, but when they saw Bai Jin, the couple still smiled. Madame Shen pulled Bai Jin's hand and said, "You're not well yet, so don't get off the brick bed. Just lie down and rest."

Bai Gaozhong also nodded and felt a chill down his spine.

Bai Jin clearly felt that there was a conflict between her parents. She must have been angered by her grandma and her mother. Her mother felt wronged and upset. Her father was cowardly and didn't dare to retort, so her mother ignored her father.

Bai Jin rolled her eyes and changed the topic. "Mom, where did you go just now?"

Madame Shen paused for a moment, thinking that her daughter was not well yet, so she didn't mention the marriage. But then she remembered that her daughter was indeed at the age of marriage, and this time, it was still hard to hide it from the public.

She sighed and recounted in detail what had happened in the main house.

Bai Jin listened quietly without a word.

Ego remembered that it was the same in her previous life. Her mother had told her that the Elementary Scholar who had saved her from Liu Family had personally come to propose marriage to her.

At that time, her heart was innocent. She knew that the person who came to propose the marriage was Scholar, who was very close to the village. Furthermore, he was her savior, so she could be at ease with one of her promises.

"..." Mother and your father did not decide for you either, so you can choose your own. Are you willing to marry into Liu Family? "

Bai Jin looked up, her fair and delicate face indifferent as she said, "Mom, I don't want to."

Madame Shen and Bai Gaozhong didn't care about being angry. They looked at each other, and Bai Gaozhong thought that Bai Jin didn't understand Liu Yanlang, so he explained Liu Yanlang's identity again.

When Bai Jin saw her father like that, it was obvious that he was very satisfied with Liu Yanlang. After all, Liu Yanlang was the only young man in the village who had managed to get into Scholar.

Scholar, in three years, Scholar will be able to take the Beijing college entrance exam. If he is lucky enough to be ranked first in the imperial court, then he will be honored.

Bai Jin sneered inside her heart. Liu Yanlang was an elegant and humble young master, but who knew that he was actually a jackal in human skin!

"Dad, I don't want to. I just want to stay with dad and mom."

Bai Jin's words were sincere. In her previous life, she owed her parents too much. In this life, if there was anything she didn't like, she would rather serve her parents and not marry for the rest of her life.

"What nonsense are you saying? How can a girl not marry? " Madame Shen glared at Bai Jin, but her heart was filled with anger.

"Even if I were to marry, I would only want to marry an honest farmer." Bai Jin thought for a moment and expressed her attitude.

Madame Shen and Bai Gaozhong opened their mouths wide. Seeing how determined Bai Jin was, they didn't think it was appropriate for them to say anything more.

They didn't want their own daughter to marry so early. Although they were old, in their hearts, they were still very young.

"Fine, my daughter said she won't marry, so she won't!"

Bai Gaozhong made his decision just like that.

Leaning into Madame Shen's embrace, Bai Jin greedily inhaled the smell of her mother's body. She secretly made up her mind that in this life, she would bring her parents away from the hardships of Bai Family and become rich, not making the family suffer as they did in their previous lives.

Seeing that it was not early, it was time to cook. Since it was Third Son Bai's turn today, the couple hurriedly left.

The room had just quieted down when a small head peeked in through the door.

Bai Jin heard the noise and turned her head to look. When she saw the little guy's head, her eyes immediately turned warm. She waved at that person and said, "Yi, come in."

Bai Shouyi hurriedly entered the room. At this moment, Bai Shouyi was eleven years old and could be considered to be a young adult. He looked at Bai Jin with concern and said, "Sister, how are you feeling? Are you better? "

Bai Jin nodded, but her eyes didn't seem to be enough. She had two good brothers, aside from Bai Shouyi and her son from Bai Family, Bai Shouxin.

Being doted upon by his parents, his two younger brothers couldn't bear to see their older sister being wronged. Thus, in his previous life, when his younger brother found out that he had been wronged in Liu Family, he tried to find a way to help her.

That time, Bai Jin went after the money, but coincidentally met Bai Shouyi, who helped her chase the money. Who knew that in the end, Bai Shouyi was killed by Old Man Liu and those who pursued debt …

Bai Jin's eyes were extremely sore as she thought of this. She tightly held her little brother's hand. In this lifetime, she would definitely allow her little brother to go to school and fulfill all of his wishes!

"Elder sister, why are you crying? "Did Bai Miao bully you again?!" Seeing Bai Jin's tears, Bai Shouyi's face darkened. While wiping Bai Jin's tears, he said bitterly, "I've always thought that she was a bad person! They were all sisters! It was based on my heart! "

"She caused my sister to fall into the river. I'll go teach her a lesson!"

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