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Bai Miao quickly pulled Bai Shouyi back and said, "No, I'm not crying because of Bai Miao. I'm just happy …" He was so happy to see his parents again, and his younger brother.

Bai Shouyi's eyes lit up. He blinked and said, "Sis, did you already know?"

Bai Jin wiped the corner of her eyes and said in a daze, "What?"

"The matter of Liu Family coming to propose? Sis, are you happy because of this?" Bai Shouyi said with a smile.

The smile on Bai Jin's lips stiffened, then she shook her head. "I will not agree to the marriage of Liu Family."

"Huh?" Bai Shouyi looked at Bai Jin in a daze. "Sis, I remember you praising Scholar Liu in the past. I thought …"

Bai Jin smiled. "That was in the past."

I used to like it, but now I don't?

Bai Shouyi was confused by what he heard, but since his sister doesn't like it, then he doesn't like him either.

The two siblings naturally had endless words to say to each other.

Since Bai Jin fell into the water, Madame Shen and Bai Gaozhong told her to take good care of her body at home and not do any heavy work. Of course, before Bai Jin fell into the water, she didn't need to do any work at home.

In the back room of the mansion, Bai Miao was sitting at a wooden table, writing with a brush in her hand.

Boom! *

The curtain on the door was pushed open roughly, and soon after, a person filled with anger entered the room and sat on the edge of the bed, panting heavily.

Bai Miao did not even turn back as she said lightly, "What now?"

"It's still not Mother!" I just accidentally knocked over the medicine jar! "She hit me!" The girl who had spoken was about eleven to twelve years old. Her facial features were somewhat similar to Bai Miao's, and she could be considered a delicate and pretty girl.

At this moment, her left cheek was slightly red and swollen. There was even a five-fingered mark, indicating that she had just typed it.

"I already told you, when you're making medicine, you have to be careful. If you don't pay attention to your own medicine, then you should be beaten up by your mother." With that, Bai Miao put down her brush and turned to look at Bai Yu, who had an aggrieved expression on her face.

"You're not convinced? "It's not that you don't know that those pills were brought here by your mother after a great deal of effort. Since she took a fancy to those pills and you knocked them over, how could she not feel sorry for you?"

Every few days, Madame Zhang would find a way to get medicinal plants and eat them. It was for no reason other than to think that the eldest daughter of the eldest branch had no son and only two daughters.

In the village, no one looked down upon having a son, especially the four sons of Bai Family. Aside from the main house, all the other three houses had sons, which made Bai Gaowen and Madame Zhang anxious.

Madame Zhang and Bai Gaowen were getting older and it was getting harder and harder for them to get pregnant.

Although Madame Zhang was shrewd enough to make Old Man Bai and Madame Wang happy, and even Bai Gaowen, who served her, didn't have much of an opinion on her, but without a son, it was still Old Man Bai and Madame Wang's heart.

So Madame Zhang went around asking to marry a medicine that would give birth to a child, but she never got a child.

Bai Yu only felt a burning pain on her left cheek. No matter how wronged she was, she didn't dare to get angry at Madame Zhang. Now that she heard Bai Miao's words, she bit her lip, feeling even more unwilling.

"Mom always eats those weird pills, so it's normal for her to be in a bad mood. Don't complain." Bai Miao comforted her softly.

Bai Yu could only vent her anger bitterly. She thought to herself, you're so generous, why don't you boil some medicine? Every time you try to coax Madame Zhang to be happy, you're always so unlucky yourself.

But she didn't dare to say it out loud. Bai Yu had a hot temper, but she was extremely afraid of her sister.

"Alright, I know that you're in a bad mood. Send this letter to me, I'll go buy a box of rouge from the town for you later."

Bai Miao smiled as she handed the envelope in her hand to Bai Yu.

Although Bai Family resided in the Daqiu Village, their ancestors could be considered an elegant family, so any descendant of Bai Family, regardless of male or female, had to recognize some of the characters.

Bai Miao was the first grandson of the Bai Family and was extremely spoiled when she was young. She had been reading since a very young age and because Bai Miao was like her mother, she had a sweet mouth that could coax people.

Bai Yu looked at the letter, her lips pursed into a smile as she took it over. "Then, Big Sister, don't lie to me. I want the rouge from my Mo Family!"

Bai Miao smiled. "Alright."

Bai Yu happily left the room. Bai Miao stood in front of the door of the long room, staring at the door of the third room with a trace of pride and arrogance in her dark eyes.

Bai Jin, do you think that Yanlang really likes you? He's just using you! Humph!

At that time, Bai Yu was holding a letter from Bai Miao in her arms. She walked all the way to the river bank and quickly squatted down to look at her reflection in the river. When she saw that her left cheek was slightly red and swollen, she couldn't help but feel anxious.

Bai Yu smiled as she thought about it. She thought to herself, "That person might feel sorry for me after seeing me like this."

Bai Yu's mind was racing as she waited by the river for over an hour before she finally heard footsteps approaching. She quickly turned around and saw a slender figure approaching from afar. Her lips couldn't help but curl up as she lowered her head shyly and said, "Brother Yanlang …"

The person who came was none other than Liu Yanlang of Liu Family Village.

Liu Yanlang was slender and elegant, unlike those farmers in the village. He had no temperament and only knew how to work.

Liu Yanlang smiled elegantly and said, "It's been hard on you, little sister."

Bai Yu lowered her head shyly. She also liked Liu Yanlang. No, who in this eight miles village didn't like Liu Yanlang?

But Liu Yanlang was only close to himself and his sister. After they stood for a while, Bai Yu suddenly asked, "Brother Yanlang, are you really going to marry Bai Jin?"

Liu Yanlang was still smiling as he said, "That's right. Bai Jin's reputation was ruined because of me. I have to take responsibility for her."

"Then I …" Where's my sister? " Bai Yu originally wanted to say 'I'? But when he thought about how he was only the messenger of Liu Yanlang and Bai Miao and nothing else, he felt depressed.

Liu Yanlang smiled, "I will definitely not let down your sister."

Liu Yanlang had only said half of what he wanted to say. He was so nice that Bai Yu would believe everything he said, and thinking that Liu Yanlang was responsible for Bai Jin, that damned girl, made Bai Yu angry!

Why didn't Bai Jin drown? It's fine if she didn't drown to death, but she even dragged Liu Yanlang to take responsibility. How shameless!

"..." This is the letter big sister gave you. " Bai Yu finally remembered what she had come here for. She handed the letter to Liu Yanlang, who thanked her elegantly. It made Bai Yu even more dazzled.

"Sister Yu, what's wrong with your face?" Liu Yanlang pointed at the left side of Bai Yu's face.

The pale face pouted and lowered his head. "Nothing." In his heart, however, he was overjoyed.

"I just happened to have a bottle of medicine. I bought it yesterday. If Sister Yu doesn't mind, then take it." Liu Yanlang took out the medicine bottle and handed it over to Bai Yu.

Bai Yu was flattered and took it over. She said happily, "Thank you, Brother Yanlang!"

Liu Yanlang gave Bai Yu a gentle smile, which mesmerized Bai Yu completely.

After chatting for a bit, Bai Yu and Liu Yanlang finally bid their farewells and left.

After Bai Yu left, Liu Yanlang turned around and opened the letter in his hand.

After reading the letter through ten lines at a glance, Liu Yanlang tore the letter into pieces. With a toss of his hand, he threw the pieces of paper into the river. However, a deep smile flashed across his refined and handsome face.

Bai Jin, he will marry, and Liu Yanlang, the backer of Shen Dahu, will also be the backer.

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