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After Bai Shouyi finished shouting, he saw a person walk in from the outside.

This person wore a patched black cloth. His sleeves were half pulled back, and he had a tall and sturdy build. He had a head full of black hair, he was very handsome, with thick black eyebrows and white skin.

He was carrying a bamboo basket on his back, which was completely covered up, but he did not know what was inside.

The man looked nervous and uncomfortable. He glanced at Bai Jin, and something flashed across his eyes.

"Sis, this is Big Brother Mu. Just now, Third Brother and I encountered a poisonous snake while cutting firewood. Luckily, Big Brother Mu wanted to save him!" "Catch that snake!"

Bai Shouxin, who was at the side, also quickly raised his head with a face full of admiration and said, "Sis, you don't know, Big Brother Mu is really amazing! When he bent his waist and stretched his hand out, the snake was grabbed by him and he did not dare to move! "

The two brothers' faces were beaming with joy, but when Platinum heard this, his heart trembled with fear.

"Meet a snake?" "Are you guys alright?" Bai Jin looked at the two brothers with a pale face.

Bai Shouyi chuckled and said, "Sis, we're fine! Oh right, do not tell Father and Mother about this, otherwise they will worry. "

Bai Jin understood, she said worriedly, "Didn't I tell you not to enter the forest? "It's spring now, and all the living things in the mountain have come out. It's very dangerous for you to go in …"

"Sis, we understand, we won't enter anymore …"

"Brother?" If I don't go into the mountains, I won't be able to chop good firewood, right? "Then how can we help Mom and Dad save money?" Bai Shouxin was young, so he kept Bai Shouyi's words in mind.

"…" Bai Shouyi glared at Bai Shouxin. This stupid kid, he couldn't tell that Bai Shouxin was being perfunctory with his sister.

Bai Jin's nose turned sour when she heard this. Naturally, she knew that their family was in need of money at the moment.

She was soon going to be old age, and Bai Shouyi was also engaged to be married. They would be married in a few years, and Bai Shouxin was also a boy, so they also needed to get married.

Doing these things naturally required a large amount of silver, not to mention the request from the woman who was betrothed to Bai Shouyi, the Fang family.

Most of the money Bai Gaozhong and Madame Shen saved up each month had been handed over. They didn't have much left, so they could only work hard to earn money so that they could work for the children.

"..." "Sis, don't be like this. I'm already so big, so I can earn money too. I can chop down some wood and sell some money. Maybe I'll earn enough to marry my wife!" Bai Shouyi said with a smile.

Bai Jin sniffed with her nose but didn't say anything offensive. Instead, she said solemnly, "Then you can't go into the deep mountains. There are many poisonous insects and wild beasts there. It's very dangerous."

As she said this, Bai Jin began to think about how she should help her family earn more money in order to lighten the burden on her family.

"I can help them."

When the three of them reached the deepest part of their conversation, they actually forgot that there was another person standing beside them.

Bai Jin came back to her senses and quickly looked at the man. She bowed and said, "This brother here, thank you for saving my brother."

Bai Shouyi's eyes lit up when he heard the man's words. He ran to him quickly and grabbed his hand happily, "Big Brother Mu! "Are you saying that you will come with us to the mountain in the future?"

Others might not understand Big Brother Mu, but how could Bai Shouyi not understand it? His movements were agile, but he was a good hand at catching snakes and ferocious beasts!

He nodded and said, "Yes, I also want to go hunting every day, so I'll go with you guys."

"Great!" Bai Shouyi exclaimed happily as he turned around to look at Bai Jin and said, "Sis!" Big Brother Mu was very skilled! With him, you don't have to worry about us! "

This was the first time she had seen him, so she didn't even know if he was someone from the Daqiu Village, or if he could be trusted.

Perhaps he had seen through Bai Jin's suspicions. With a tight face, he coughed and said, "I'll bring them home safely every day. You, don't worry."

For some reason, a strange feeling flashed through Bai Jin's heart. Her lips moved as she said, "T-then I'll thank you. I just don't know if you …"

"Oh, Girl Jin, who are you siblings talking to so early in the morning?" The person who walked in with the voice was Madame Zhang, the owner of the house.

"Eldest Aunt." Noticing Madame Zhang's lowered eyes, Bai Jin called out respectfully.

Lili laughed when she saw the firewood on the backs of the two brothers. Her eyes lit up as she smiled and said, "Shouyi, you guys are really diligent in keeping your promises. Why are you cutting wood so early in the morning?"

Madame Zhang's gaze finally turned to look at the man after she finished laughing. Her expression immediately changed.

She suddenly took a few steps back and pointed at that person. "You, why did you come to my house?" She sounded disgusted, and her expression was one of disdain.

This person's expression didn't change when he heard Madame Zhang. Instead, he glanced at Bai Jin. Seeing her confused expression, he didn't know whether to be happy or sad.

He lowered his head, looked at Bai Shouyi and said, "Tomorrow, we will meet at the mountain pass."

"Hmm, Big Brother Mu, you're going back?"

The man nodded, and after a quick glance at Madame Zhang, he turned around and left in big strides.

Until this person left, Madame Zhang still waved her sleeves in the air, seeming to want to drive something away, and said with a face full of disdain, "What bad luck! We met this god of pests early in the morning! "

Bai Jin listened in confusion.

"Girl Jin, Shouyi, you guys, it's not that Eldest Aunt is scolding you. How could you let such unlucky people come to our house? Don't bring misfortune to our family! " Madame Zhang said with a look of disgust.

Bai Shouyi's small face immediately darkened. Suppressing the anger in his heart, he said, "Eldest Aunt, Big Brother Mu, he …" He's a good person, don't say that about him in the future! "

Madame Zhang curled her lips and looked disgusted. A trace of fear flashed in her eyes as she said: "Shouyi, you are still young, how could you know how powerful this Bane King is? "If you bring such people into our family, then our family will be in for a lot of trouble!"

Madame Zhang took a few steps back when she thought about how Bai Shouyi and Bai Shouxin were still walking together with that man. It was as if the two brothers also had something dirty on them.

Bai Shouyi curled his lips and walked to Bai Jin's side, whispering, "Sis, don't listen to Eldest Aunt Hu's nonsense. Big Brother Mu is a good person. It was those people outside who said he was the bane!"

Bai Jin had never seen Eldest Aunt lose her composure like this and could not help but ask, "Who is he? "Why is Eldest Aunt so scared of him?"

Bai Shouyi pursed his lips and said, "Sis, did you know? Actually, half a month ago when I went into the mountains to chop firewood, I met a wild beast and almost lost my life. It was Big Brother Mu who saved me."

Bai Jin's face instantly turned pale.

To be fair, Shouyi did not want to say these things to scare his family, but now he had to say it: "Big Brother Mu is not like the rumors, he is brave, smart, and has good hunting skills! He was not a Bane! He is a good person! "

"..." What, what's his name? "

"Mu Yunshen, he's from Mu Family Manor."

Mu Family Manor? Mu Yunshen? Bane?

Bai Jin's eyes changed slightly. She now knew who this man was.

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