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In this area, the villages were basically all next to each other. The Daqiu Village s were approaching the Xiaoqiu Village s, and the Xiaoqiu Village s were nearing the Mu Family s village.

This Mu Family Villa was extremely famous in these ten miles and eight villages. There were a total of one hundred people in the Mu Family Villa, and the people in the Villa all had the surname Mu.

Since the village had dealings with the village, naturally there would be conflicts, but this Mu Family Villa was something that the other villages did not dare offend. Since his fame was already in the Mu Family Villa, people would not lose out, and if anyone provoked the people of the Mu Family Villa, it was equivalent to provoking the entire Mu Family Villa.

Mu Yunshen was originally a person of Mu Family, but why did he live in Daqiu Village?

It was rumored that Mu Yunshen's mother left after he was born. Not even a year later, his father also left. The three siblings in Mu Yunshen's family lived together.

When Mu Yun was six years old, he went to the river with his little sister to play. Who knew that his little sister would fall into the water and be saved in the end?

From then on, it was unknown who spread the rumor that Mu Yunshen was a bane star! Whoever was with him would be doomed.

No one believed him at first, but after a while, there were a lot of rumors circulating around. Mu Yunshen was responsible for the incident that happened in the family of a relative who was related to Mu Yunshen.

In the end, Mu Yunshen became the bane of the people, and the people of these ten miles and eight villages all knew about it. In the end, the people of the Mu Family Villa teamed up and chased Mu Yunshen out of the Mu Family Villa.

At that time, Mu Yunshen was just a ten-year old child.

Mu Yunshen could live in Daqiu Village because his mother's family lived here. His grandmother's family also disliked Mu Yunshen as a bandit, so she drove him away to explain that his grandfather, seeing that the child was still young, was indeed pitiful, so he gave Mu Yunshen the worst recipe in the family. From then on, Mu Yunshen lived in Daqiu Village.

Lili had heard all this from others, and as Mu Yunshen grew older, the rumors got worse, but Mu Yunshen was the one to blame for anything that happened to anyone.

However, Mu Yunshen was not someone to be trifled with. Although he looked fair, he had learned a lot of martial arts from who knows where. No one dared to kick him out or bully him after that.

Mu Yunshen seemed to know the rumors on him. He was usually alone and never made friends with anyone. Who knew that he actually saved Bai Shouyi twice.

Bai Jin lowered her eyes and looked at Bai Shouyi. Bai Shouyi's eyes were bright as he said heavily, "Sis, you just saw Big Brother Mu. Do you think he's a bad guy or a calamity?"

Bai Jin smiled. With the events of her past life, how could Bai Jin easily believe those rumors?

It was rumored that Liu Yanlang of the Liu Family Village was parallel to the right and upright. He was full of talent and was even more gentle like jade, who wouldn't want to marry him?

However, after she got married, she found out that those rumors were all fake, or perhaps Liu Yanlang had faked it in front of an outsider.

He was just a jackal in human skin!

"No, I don't believe that." Bai Jin said gently.

Bai Shouyi immediately laughed and said happily, "Sis, I knew you were different from the rest of the villagers!"

The three siblings chatted for a while before returning to their rooms and starting to prepare lunch.

Every day, Bai Gaozhong and Madame Shen would push their carts to sell vinegar before daybreak. They wouldn't be here until noon.

Bai Gaozhong was good at making vinegar. Although vinegar didn't sell for a high price, the vinegar he brewed was still delicious and there were a lot of people here to buy it.

Logically speaking, they, the three houses of Bai Family should have made quite a bit of money, so they shouldn't be so anxious to live. However, all the money they earned was handed over to this old man and Madame Wang.

It was precisely because of this that the couple worked so hard to earn money for the marriage of the three children in the family.

By noon, Bai Jin had already prepared lunch for her family. Bai Gaozhong and Madame Shen also came back with their cart.

However, other than the two of them, there was still one other person who had returned. It was the youngest son of Old Man Bai and Madame Chui from the fourth house of Bai Family, Bai Gaoming.

Bai Gaoming wasn't tall and wore silk clothing. He always smiled when he saw people, and his pair of eyes looked extremely shrewd.

He didn't look like a mud leg at all, but more like the rich man of the town.

"Oh, is this Girl Jin?" Bai Gaoming got off the cart and smiled when he saw Bai Jin. He looked extremely kind as he said, "But I haven't seen her for two months, why do I feel that Girl Jin has become beautiful again?"

With that, Bai Gaoming looked back at Madame Shen and said with a smile, "Third sister, Girl Jin is like you, she's really prettier the more she grows!"

Madame Shen's face didn't look too good. She smiled in a perfunctory manner.

Bai Gaoming then patted the heads of Bai Shouyi and Bai Shouxin. He then took out the gift he prepared and handed it to them, "Girl Jin, so be honest, this is a good thing that Fourth Uncle prepared for you. See if you like it or not!"

After saying that, Bai Gaoming winked at Bai Shouyi and the others and whispered, "Fourth Uncle is sure that your gifts are better than everyone else's!"

Bai Shouxin was a child. When he heard this, he jumped up in joy and said, "Fourth Uncle, you're so good!"

Bai Gaoming smiled in satisfaction. Bai Jin, on the other hand, could not smile no matter how much she looked at Bai Gaoming's benevolent face.

Because in his previous life, the third house of the Bai Family ended up as a dead end, as if they were beggars, all because of Fourth Uncle!

"..." "Thank you, Fourth Uncle." Bai Jin squeezed out a smile and said calmly.

"Good boy."

Wu Tie chatted with Bai Gaozhong and Madame Shen for a while. Before he left, he bowed to Madame Shen and said, "Third sister, I'll leave this matter to you. When it's done, I'll definitely invite you to the biggest restaurant in town for a good meal!"

After Bai Gaoming left, Bai Jin saw Madame Shen's expression darken and so did her own heart.

She still vaguely remembered that in her previous life, it was also at this time that Bai Gaoming returned to Bai Family and asked her mother to do something for him. However, it seemed like Huo Niang failed to help him.

It was also because at that time, Bai Gaozhong had always felt ashamed of Bai Gaoming. In the end, he had sincerely listened to Old Man Bai and Madame Chui's words and paid the debt for Bai Gaoming!

When night came and they both went to sleep, Bai Gaozhong and Madame Shen also went to wash up and lay down. However, the couple wasn't sleepy at all.

"Mother, if you're really in a difficult situation, then it's fine even if you don't go find your brother-in-law. I think that with how smart Gao Ming is, he might be able to settle this matter by himself." Bai Gaozhong said in a low voice.

Madame Shen's maiden name was Shen Nuan. Hearing Bai Gaozhong's low and pained voice, Madame Shen softened her heart and said, "It's not a problem. My big brother is Constable from the county magistrate. It's not a big deal to ask for his help. It's just that your brother …"

"How is he asking for help? He's clearly threatening us!" Thinking about what Old Man Bai and Madame Wang said to them before dinner, it was clearly an order.

Bai Gaozhong sighed, "I'm Third Brother, and I've been doted on by my family since I was young, so I don't blame him for this."

Madame Shen glared at him. "You're being honest." With that, he sighed again, "Tomorrow, I'll go back to my parents' home and ask Big Brother."

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