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On the morning of the second day, Madame Shen had finished cleaning up and was preparing to return to her parents' home.

Madame Shen's mother's family lived at the Xiaoqiu Village. Although her Xiaoqiu Village was close to the Daqiu Village, she still needed to get up early to drive a carriage. That day, Madame Shen still needed to return home.

The moment Madame Shen stepped out of the room, she saw Bai Jin already dressed and waiting outside.

Madame Shen was a little surprised. "Jin, why are you up so early?"

Bai Jin walked over and held Madame Shen's arm, smiling, "Mother, where are you going?"

Madame Shen glared at Bai Jin and said, "Mom is going home."

Bai Jin thought to herself.

"Mom, I haven't seen Grandma and Eldest Uncle in a long time, why don't you take me as well?"

Madame Shen loved Bai Jin the most. Usually, she would agree to her requests. However, at this moment, Madame Shen hesitated. "Jin, your body is a bit better, so it would be bad for your health to go out."

Bai Jin had already expected Madame Shen to be so nice, so she said coquettishly, "Mother, it's better if you go out and take a walk. I always stay at home, it's so boring."

Madame Shen shook her head and sighed. She caressed Bai Jin's black hair affectionately and said, "Ah, you … Alright, then you go back with mom."

The mother and daughter duo left the house and walked onto the Daqiu Village's dirt road to wait for the Cart to pass by. After an hour, they finally saw a donkey pulling a Cart as it slowly approached.

There were already four to five people on the Cart. When the Cart stopped, Madame Shen and her daughter got on the Cart and reported the name of the village.

After an hour, the Xiaoqiu Village had arrived. Madame Shen gave him the money and walked towards the Shen Family with Bai Jin in tow.

The Shen Family was at the east side of the village, and on the way there, Madame Shen met a few familiar people from Xiaoqiu Village. They warmly greeted each other and before long, they arrived at the Shen Family gate.

The houses built by Shen Family were not made of clay, but green brick and tile. The walls of the houses were extremely high, and these kind of houses could be considered wealthy in the village.

Madame Shen knocked on the door first. After a while, she heard an old and hoarse voice coming from inside the room. After a while, the door opened and an old woman dressed in a gray and black robe came out.

Her black and white hair was combed back into a smooth bun. Seeing Madame Shen and Bai Jin outside the door, the old woman's wrinkled face was immediately filled with a loving smile. This person was Madame Shen's mother, Madame Chen.

"Aa Ruan, Girl Jin, why did you two suddenly come here? Why didn't you get someone to tell me so Mom could come and pick you two up?"

Madame Shen smiled and said, "Mom, it's not like I don't know the way home. Why would I need you to pick me up?"

Bai Jin, who was standing at the side, also walked over obediently. She looked at Madame Chen and smiled, "Grandmother, Jin misses you."

Madame Chen's heart immediately softened. She held the casket in her arms and touched it. "Oh! Why do I feel like Girl Jin has lost weight again? Or is she that skinny?"

Bai Jin smiled and said, "Of course not. I stay at home every day. I've gained a lot of weight."

The three of them talked as they walked towards the main house. But when they reached the door, they heard the door on the right side open and a woman came out. Beside the woman was a six-year-old boy with delicate features.

"Who do I think it is? It's Sister Ruan. Why are you here so early in the morning? Have you eaten breakfast?"

Madame Chen and Madame Shen's expressions didn't look too good when they saw this woman.

"Yes, I have. Thank you for your concern, sister-in-law." Madame Shen said indifferently.

This Madam was the eldest wife of the Chen family, Madame Su.

Madame Su's skin was slightly dark and her figure wasn't as delicate as other girls. She was tall and sturdy with thick eyebrows and a sharp gaze. She was a stingy person who didn't like other people.

Bai Jin looked at Eldest Aunt, her expression unchanged. There was even a trace of admiration in her eyes.

He remembered that in his previous life, Liu Yanlang's father went to gamble and provoked a powerful character. He almost killed off Liu Family and silenced them. In the end, it was Bai Jin who asked Eldest Uncle to settle the matter.

However, because of that incident, Eldest Uncle lost his constable position due to her, and was beaten up by someone for fifty times before being chased out of the magistrate court.

In the county magistrate court, Constable was a cheap business. Eldest Uncle had finally gotten to the position of Constable with great difficulty. It really wasn't easy, who would have known …

After what had happened, the only pillar of support for Shen Family had collapsed, so Grandma was unable to stand up straight. Grandfather also left early, leaving behind an orphaned and widowed mother. In the end, Eldest Aunt had to support Shen Family by herself.

Grandma normally didn't think much of Eldest Aunt, but when Shen Family was at its most difficult moment, Eldest Aunt had raised it up by herself and served Grandma and Uncle day in and day out.

Bai Jin knew that Eldest Aunt was just a little rough with her manners, unlike the other women. Bai Jin knew that Eldest Aunt was just a little rough with her manners, unlike the other women.

As for Madame Shen, Bai Jin had no idea.

"Eldest Aunt." Seeing that Su was looking at her, Bai Jin smiled sweetly and called out softly.

Madame Su stared blankly at Bai Jin's smile. She remembered the last time Bai Jin came back with Madame Shen, she wasn't this enthusiastic?

"Girl Jin also came. Tsk, she looks a lot prettier now." Saying that, Madame Su pushed the boy beside her and said, "Mo, hurry and call me cousin."

The child beside Madame Su only cared about eating her fingers. When she saw Bai Jin and the other two, she cowered behind Madame Su in fear.

Looking at this child, Bai Jin's heart felt even more uncomfortable.

Shen Mo, Eldest Uncle's only youngest son, had been a fool since he was young.

Bai Jin walked over slowly. Looking at Shen Mo behind Madame Su, she said gently with a smile, "Mo, do you want to eat some candy?"

As she spoke, Bai Jin had already taken out a piece of white Dragon Tooth Sugar from her sleeve.

Although Shen Mo was a fool, he still recognized the tasty things. He ran over to Bai Jin with the words pancreatic cancer and stretched out a hand that was filled with saliva: "Yes, yes, TangTang …"

Bai Jintian scratched Shen Mo's nose, "You want some sugar? Cousin Jiujiu."

"..." Compare... "Elder sister …" Shen Mo's pronunciation was not accurate, so she got anxious. She directly used her hand to touch Bai Jin's new white dress until it was watermark on her mouth.

Madame Su's expression immediately changed. She remembered that last time, Shen Mo accidentally dirtied Bai Jin's dress, and for that, she and Madame Shen even had a fight.

Unexpectedly, Bai Jin didn't mind at all. She stuffed the dragon whiskers into Shen Mo's mouth, touched Shen Mo's flesh and gently said, "Cousin is so obedient."

Shen Mo, who was eating the sweet candy, started to giggle as he looked at his beautiful sister in front of him.

Everyone in the village despised him because of Shen Mo's idiocy, and even Madame Chen despised Shen Mo. But now, Madame Su saw Shen Mo smile at Bai Jin, and her eyes became wet.

"..." "Jin, let's go inside."

Bai Jin nodded, then looked down at Shen Mo and said, "Mo, do you want to play with your sister for a while?"

Madame Su quickly pulled Shen Mo back and smiled, "Mo doesn't know anything. Girl Jin, go ahead."

Bai Jin nodded with a smile. "Alright then. I'll come back later to play with Mo'er."

"Look at how dirty Mo is, I don't know how to clean up the child!" Madame Chen frowned as she turned around and entered the house.

Madame Su's face was a bit unsightly. She didn't know how to speak good words and didn't show any weakness. She pulled Shen Mo into the room.

Just as Bai Jin entered the living room, she heard Madame Chen grumbling to Madame Shen, "Look at that sister-in-law of yours, does she still have any rules?"

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