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C4 Bad friend

"You two. What are you doing here?" A deep voice demanded. They had been caught.

Kevin realized he didn't plan this scheme properly. He should have thought of how they won't get caught as security men were always patrolling around the school and the floodlights made it hard for one to walk around without being noticed.

Kevin gulped, looking at the man who caught them. Being caught outside the hostel during curfew is one of the greatest offenses the principal detested. Culprits caught performing the act are either suspended or expelled, except if there is a life-or-death situation that prompted the act.

He hoped the fire had started so that it would save them from any punishment.

"I said what are you two doing outside?" The man repeated. "And what is that noise coming from the inside?"

Kevin said. "There is a fire in the hostel."

Darrin looked at him with puzzlement instantly. "Fire?!"

The security man hurriedly rushed to the hostel door and dipped his hand into his pocket. It came out with a bunch of keys. After hastily selecting the keys, he pushed one into the keyhole, unlocked the door and went in. Immediately, students dashed out of the hostel.

The hostel had two dormitories for grade seven male students and two for grade eight. Each dormitory housed twenty students, making eighty students in total staying in the hostel.

"Are you sure there is a fire burning in there?" Darrin asked, straining his eyes at the window. "We should be able to see the fire from the window by now but nothing is there."

He was right. Kevin couldn't see any trace of firelight from the window. It was pitch black.

The fire alarm went silent. More students poured out of the dormitory.

Kevin nearly staggered in astonishment as he spotted Scott running out with a panicked expression. He looked normal now. Kevin took another look at the window. Still no fire.

Scott didn't start the fire? Kevin felt relieved that won't be any cost of damage. But if there is no fire, doesn't it mean that he caused a false alarm?

‘Uh-oh.’ He thought as he realized this. ‘I'm in trouble.’

"What is going on?" A voice asked.

Speaking of trouble, here it comes. The students turned to face mean Principal Matt who was looking at them sternly.

"We heard the fire alarm go on and we all came out to avoid the fire." A student replied and everyone nodded in agreement.

"And which dormitory carelessness resulted in a fire?"

Kevin stared at the principal with displeasure. He loathed the fact that he didn't even ask if everyone was okay. You don't have to be mean all the time, Principal Matt. He wanted to say but bit his tongue to prevent him.

"It wasn't grade nine A." A student said.

"Neither was it grade nine B." Another one said.

"Not grade ten A."

"Certainly not grade ten B."

Two students said one after the other. Everyone looked at each other confused.

Anger was etched on Principal Matt's face. As he opened to speak, the security man stepped outside. "False alarm sir. No fire."

Murmurs filled the air as students whispered to each other and mumbled.

Principal Matt closed his eyes and inhaled deeply. "Do you know the delinquents responsible for this unruly act?"

The security man's index finger pointed at Kevin and Darrin. All eyes fell on them.

Kevin wished the ground would open up and swallow him to save him from this situation. With the way they glared at them, one would think the students wanted to kill them. The worst of it all was the principal's. His glare seemed to pierce through your soul and wants to make you pee in your pants. That reminded him he hadn't relieved his bladder.

There was a brief silence, Kevin's heart beating with anticipation as they waited for the principal's verdict. What punishment would he give them? Suspension? Expulsion? Punishment to clean the whole toilets in the school?

Principal Matt took in a deep breath again and ordered. "Everyone except those two, get inside."

"I'm so gonna kill those two."

"They are such a loser."

"I was dreaming that I was having dinner with Beyonce."

"I'm scared of the night."

This and that was grumbled by the boarders as they went in, giving Kevin and Darrin dirty stares.

Principal Matt glared at them again.

Dear God, please save me. He thought and gulped.

Principal Matt turned to the security man. "How did it happen Sebastian?"

"I caught them jumping out of the window. I think they were trying to go out from the school and accidentally pushed the fire alarm." The security man responded.

"No no. That isn't what happened." Darrin tried to protest but the security man wouldn't allow him.

"Are you trying to say I am lying?" He interrupted. "Weren't you two jumping out from the window? And you know so well that coming out during curfew is against the rules. Then what are you trying to say?"

Darrin opened his mouth but nothing came out. He was right. They weren't supposed to be outside.

Principal Matt was silent as he looked at Darrin and Kevin. Then he said. "You two, get inside. Sebastian, go back to your duty." With that, he walked away.

The security man scoffed at them and walked away.

"Well....that didn't go bad as I thought." Kevin remarked. He had thought they would have been expelled immediately.

Darrin looked at him angrily. "You and I know Principal Matt so well. Just because he didn't do anything now doesn't mean he won't do tomorrow."

He stomped into the hostel. Shortly, Kevin followed him and while he was climbing the stairs, he felt guilty as this was totally his fault.


"Kevin Jones, Darrin Chase, Principal Matt called for the both of you." A student announced to the class after taking permission from the teacher.

This was the announcement Kevin had been waiting for since he woke up today. The time has come.

"Yeah, go and get punished suckers." Scott jeered and the students, who had insulted him for disturbing their sleep, roared into laughter.

Kevin packed up his books in his bag and made his way out from the Fine Art class which he enjoyed as drawing was his main talent.

He waited for Darrin at the class door. Darrin came out and walked past him briskly as if he wasn't there. Darrin had earlier made it clear to Kevin that he would never speak to him if he gets expelled. And he was serious because after he told him this, he hadn't spoken to Kevin.

Kevin sighed and followed him to the principal's office.

Kevin knocked twice on the office door when they reached, bracing himself for whatever will happen in there.

"Come in." A voice said from inside.

He opened the door and walked in. Principal Matt was typing on the keyboard of his laptop as usual getting cooled by the AC.

"How may I help you two?" He asked casually, not taking his gaze from the laptop.

"Um...you called for us sir." Darrin replied.


"Darrin and Kevin."

"When I ask for your name, I need your full name."

"Sorry. Kevin Jones and Darrin Chase."

"Oh, the rule breakers. Take this." He pointed at the two envelopes beside the laptop. They took one each.

EXPULSION LETTER was boldly written on it.

Darrin's gray eyes widened. "We are expelled?"

"Yes." He said and raised his head to look at us. "You know I have zero tolerance for rule breakers, yet you went ahead to break one. Also, I got a report from Mr. Clark that you two are the biggest troublemakers in this school. We don't accommodate your kind here."

"Um sir, can I...." I tried to plead but he cut me off.

"And you Kevin, I'm very disappointed in you. You were going to be one of this year's award winners. But you marred your chance to win it. Can you see the consequences of disobeying a simple rule?"

"Please, hear me out."

"I don't have time to listen to fake pleas as I have other businesses to attend to. Therefore, pack up your bags and baggage, leave this school and never step foot in it again."

"But sir..."

"I said leave." He raised his voice.

"Grr." Darrin growled and stormed out, pushing the door loudly. Kevin followed, feeling dejected.

He was expelled for the first in his life. That doesn't sound like a good thing to put in his record. The principal was right. He has ruined his chance to ever win an award in the school. What was he thinking?

He looked at Darrin. Darrin's breath was audible as he exhaled deeply with annoyance. Anyone who saw him would know immediately that he was not happy at all.

"Are you okay, buddy?" Kevin asked, feeling guilty. He was the cause of this.

"This is your fault." He yelled at him.

"I'm sorry."

"You are sorry? Go and convince Principal Matt to cancel the expulsion, then I'll be convinced that you are truly sorry."


"Why did you drag me into a mess with you Kevin? You could have gone on your own. Was it necessary to involve me?"

"Darrin please...."

"You are a bad friend."

Kevin felt his emotions get stabbed after hearing those words. He was a bad friend for trying to save the life of his best friend?

Darrin walked faster, leaving Kevin behind. Did he just lose his only friend? He closed his eyes tightly in regret, wishing he never snuck out. He swallowed the lump in his throat and continued walking.

It took less than thirty minutes to pack up their clothes and other belongings. No one was in the dormitory as everyone was in class. So, they were saved from the mocking of Scott or other students.

Darrin didn't speak to Kevin as he packed up. He just acted like he wasn't there.

After packing up, they took all their luggage and bags outside and walked to the gate of the school. Just a few students were walking around.

They went out from the school premises and sat on the pavement, waiting for any of their parents to arrive. The school was based in an estate and the road was free of vehicles at the moment. Some residents of the estate were walking on the pavements, taking glances at the school and them.

Darrin wasn't still talking to Kevin as he clenched and unclenched his fist repeatedly. Kevin couldn't help but think that he was actually a bad friend. But he can't lose Darrin.

"Darrin." Kevin said.

He didn't respond.

"Darrin, I'm sorry."

Still no response. Darrin turned his head to look at the school's name boldly painted on the wall.

"Please, forgive me. I'm very sorry. I never meant for us to get expelled. I... I don't wanna lose you okay? You are my only friend."

Kevin saw his angry face soften after he spoke. He shifted closer to him and placed his hand on his shoulder. "I'm sorry."

He sighed. "Why Kevin? Why did you take us outside? You said there was a snake but there was none, so why?"

Kevin lowered his head. Should he tell him about the dream? How would he react? He got him expelled because of a dream?

"I...." Kevin hesitated.

"Well, I'm waiting."

"It's complicated to put in words."

"When you are ready to tell me the reason for your actions, then I'll consider pardoning you."

Kevin pressed my lips. "Darrin please. Try to understand."

"Try to understand what?" He fired.

"Ok, you wanna know the truth? Here is the truth."

He'll tell him. At least, he will be at peace knowing that he has made him know the purpose of bringing him out.

"I had a...."

The revving of a car disrupted his flow. They looked up to see a familiar red car and stood up. The door pushed open and Kevin's mother walked out dressed in a business suit.

She folded her arms and stared at them, angrily and disappointedly.

"Hey mum." Kevin greeted very nervously.

The glare intensified after he said that. He gulped.

"Get in the car, both of you." She finally said and entered back into the car.

They carried their luggage and strode to the car.

Kevin heard the bell ringing behind him and he looked back, for probably the last time, at the school building. And to be honest, he won't miss this place a little bit.


Meanwhile, three people watched them from the window of an office. A grown-up man, a boy and a girl. The bell for recess just rang.

"I'm so disappointed in you Blaze." The man said after the boy and his friend drove off in the red car with the woman. "I just gave you a simple task to do and you failed woefully."

"It wasn't my fault. I didn't see the both of them in the dormitory so as I wondered why they weren't there, the fire alarm rang and I couldn't do it." The boy defended himself but he should know the man won't buy that.

He grunted. "Lame excuses won't be tolerated by me. Meet me later for your punishment."

The boy bit his lips.

He looked at the girl who had been smiling mischievously at Blaze because of his failure. "You are up, Shivella. Don't fail me."

She chuckled. "Of course, I won't. I will execute it perfectly."

He looked back at the window. The mistress put him in charge of this operation and he'll make sure he does his job perfectly.

He smirked. All Hunters in the school will surely be eliminated.

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