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C7 Leave the house

After Kevin had unsuccessfully tried to fall asleep, he decided to stay with his mother in her room. Maybe if someone was with him, he would fall asleep.

But after he had knocked on the door, he decided against his former decision. What was he thinking? He was freaking sixteen. His mother will never allow him to sleep next to her. He seemed too old for that.

But it was too late. His mother had already opened the door and asked him if there was a problem.

"I...uh..." Kevin hesitated. "Never mind. It's nothing serious. Goodnight." He turned slowly to leave hoping she won't call him back.

Just as he thought, he was called back and told to come into her room.

"Is there something you will like to tell me Kevin?" His mother asked.

He looked at his hands.

"You know you can tell me anything." She placed her hands on his shoulder.


"Come on. Spit it."

He sighed. He should just tell her the truth and release the weight of the secret from him. "Mum, something happened today. I also want to tell you why I snuck out."

"Tell me." She ushered.

Kevin inhaled deeply and started telling her all that he had experienced, starting from his first dream in school. Then the second one.

"....then I saw you and Darrin before the dream ended and I woke up." Kevin concluded. He paused for a while and said. "Mum, this might sound weird but I saw Scott in orange skin. That's the real reason why I snuck. I thought a fire was really going to break out. Turned out I was wrong. Now, I don't what to do. What if...."

"Kevin." Lisa interjected. "Did you say you saw the boy with orange skin?"

Kevin narrowed his eyes. Why does she look panicked? "Yes."

"At what time did the girl come in your second dream?"

"I'm not sure...oh, I think it was half past eleven or so."

Lisa's expression showed she panicked more. What was she scared of?

"Mum, are you okay?" Kevin asked.

"We have to leave this house now." She stood up instantly.


"We have to leave this house right now." She repeated as she took her car key, house key and phone.


She grabbed his hand and took him outside. After hurriedly locking the door, she rushed to the car and entered.

"Get in quickly." She said.

Kevin entered the car to the back seat realizing that she was serious.

"Mum, what's going on?" He inquired.

"I'll explain later, but we need to go away from here." She started the car, moved the gear to Drive, and drove out from the driveway. The headlights of the car provided a means of seeing the road.

Kevin saw someone ahead but it seemed Lisa didn't see the person.

"Mum stop the car." He shouted in time for her to stop before she hit the person walking at the front of the car.

Lisa pressed the brake pads suddenly and they were pushed forward. Kevin steadied himself and looked at the person.

At first, he thought it was Mabel and his heart skipped a beat at the thought of that. But Mabel will be caught dead wearing black jeans with a black long-sleeved shirt and a black beanie on her head. It was someone else.

The person turned and the lights of the car revealed a familiar face with a pair of gray eyes.

Kevin's eyes widened and he exclaimed. "Darrin?!"

Darrin was surprised to see them outside. As he opened his mouth to talk, Lisa quickly shouted. "Get in."

He walked to the back seat door and entered after opening it.

"What are you..." Kevin was still asking before his body immediately pushed back as Lisa pressed the accelerator and moved the car.

"Geez, mum. Easy." He commented.

The car drove on. It came out to the highway and after some time, Lisa turned a corner that lead to a road unfamiliar to Kevin, which had forests on either side of it.

Throughout the journey to 'who knows where', they were all quiet. No one seemed eager to talk and Kevin didn't like that. Numerous questions were running through his head and none of them were being cleared.

Lisa kept driving on this forest road. They must have driven for an hour now.

"Ok, I can't keep up with this anymore." Kevin finally broke the silence. "Mum, where are we going to at this hour and why must we leave the house? And why is Darrin here, dressed like he wants to rob a bank?"

Darrin glanced at him.

"You'll get answers when you get to our destination. So, stop asking me questions." Lisa said.

"And what is our destination?"

"That was a question."

"Mum, I'm confused here."

"And you'll get more confused if you keep asking questions. Be patient."

Kevin breathed out deeply and rested his head on the seat, hoping they reach where they were going on time.

He turned to Darrin. "Why are you here?"

"You heard your mum. Stop asking questions."

"She said I shouldn't ask her questions. She never said I shouldn't ask you."

"Well, don't ask me."

"Yeah, I'm not heeding to that. And would you please remove that stupid beanie from your head? It doesn't suit you at all."

He scoffed and took the beanie from his head. "Not like it would suit you too."

"I'll keep pestering you until you give me answers. And trust me I can do that all night."

"Kevin, leave Darrin alone." Mum intervened to his rescue.

Kevin looked at both of them. They were hiding something. "Is there something I should know?"

Mum groaned in anger. "Kevin, I've told you to stop asking questions."

He shouldn't have pushed it. His mother's annoyance is not a thing to behold. But he just couldn't help it. It's not cool to keep secrets from your child or friend.

"I'm sorry mum but I'm still gonna ask what is going on. You two are obviously keeping something from me and I don't....ah."

Kevin screamed as a piercing ache flooded his head. He held his forehead.

No, not again. He thought.

"What's wrong?" Darrin asked.

The ache increased and his body felt weak. If he was standing, he would have fallen on the floor by now.

"Kev." Darrin held his shoulders. "What's going on?"

Then images flashed in Kevin's head.

This time it was more vivid and not so fast. From an overhead perspective, he saw their car driving. A blue car came from behind and hit their car. It hit it again and again causing their car to lose control and it stumbled into the forest and hit a tree. Then, the whole thing disappeared.

The ache reduced, though he still felt weak.

"What happened Kevin?" Lisa asked, looking back.

"Nothing mum, I'm okay. Just a slight headache."

"Are you sure?"


They became silent again which gave Kevin time to think about what he saw. He was glad he didn't black out this time. But he couldn't help but feel scared. He prayed they don't have an accident like he saw. But who was in that blue car? Who wants them to have an accident?

He might be taking this too seriously. It was just a...what was that? It wasn't a dream. Maybe he should take it seriously. He decided to check the cars moving around just to be safe.

He brought out his head from the window. There was no car ahead of them. He looked back and his eyes widened at what he saw.

He could have mistaken it for another color since it was night, but there was a blue car, not too far and not close behind them.

He took his head in. That was the car in his....whatever he had. If the car was here, does it mean that...

He looked out again. The car had increased its speed, gaining on them.

He took his head in, his heart beating fast as fear crept into it. He wasn't taking chances with this. They have to get far away from that car.

"Hit the speed, mum." Kevin said.

"Huh?" Lisa looked back at him.

"Increase the car speed. There is a car following us."

"How did you know that?"

"Just hit the accelerator mum."

Lisa scowled at him and was about to speak. Suddenly, they were propelled forward as something hit the car from behind and they heard a crashing sound.

"It's happening. Mum drive faster."

Kevin was pushed backward as Lisa increased the car's speed. His heart was pounding very hard and fast now. He looked around. Apart from their car and the blue car, there was still no car around. Come on, there has to be a police car around here somewhere.

The car behind seemed to be faster than theirs. It hit their car again, shaking the car and them.

Lisa increased the speed more but Kevin could still hear the car behind them.

The car drove beside theirs. He couldn't see anyone or anything through the window as it was very dark. He narrowed his eyes. Why does this car look so familiar? But he didn't have time to think it through as it came closer.

"Mrs. Jones, it's gonna..." Darrin didn't finish his sentence before the car hit their car with its side.

Lisa lost control of the wheel and it twisted to the right.


They screamed as the car skidded into the forest, hitting anything on the floor, breaking twigs and bumping them up and down, making bumping sounds. Kevin held the handle near the car roof for support.

"Crap! The brakes are damaged." Lisa said.

"Oh no. Look." Darrin pointed.

The headlights revealed a strong tree stem ahead.



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