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C2 Semi Final


I don't stay on the ground for more than half a second before I'm back on my feet, sending a rough punch directly into Farrah's jaw with such force it whips her head to the side.

Not giving her time to steady herself, I throw another punch to her stomach making her stumble and fall flat on her back. She flips her body forward, landing on her feet, narrowing her eyes into slits when I send her an arrogant smirk.

She then comes at me with a series of hard blows, but I manage to block each of them with my upper arms. She grunts in annoyance, trying again to land a hit on my face, I grab her wrist using my hold on her to twist her arm, she lets out a loud cry of pain but I don't stop until I hear multiple loud snaps of her bones.

When I release her arm, I swing a roundhouse kick to her head, leaving her soaring across the field from the force of it. She lands on the ground so roughly that it knocks the breath out of her momentarily, she takes a few deep breaths as she forces herself off the ground, snapping the bones in her arm back in place as she drags herself back to her feet.

We both take off running towards each other, never slowing down, not even as our bodies were about to collide. We both go tumbling to the floor in a blur, only coming to a halt when I grab Farrah by the throat, lifting her off her feet and then slamming her into the ground, leaving an indent of the back of her head on the grass.

Picking her back up again, I move behind her, stomping my foot down onto the backs of her knees. She falls into a kneeling position with the loud snap of her knee caps meeting the floor below us, keeping one hand firmly wrapped around her neck, I lodge my free hand into her chest cavity, clenching my fist tightly around her heart.

" I don't want to kill you Farrah, there's been too much death today. " I say to her, not bothering to lower my voice, knowing the crowds around us would hear every word I say through the heavy silence in the air.

" But I can't let you live if you're going to disobey and continuously challenge me. " I continue, my hold on her heart causing her body to tense and a soft whimper to pass her lips. " So I want you to submit to me, pledge your allegiance and we can start over. "

She remains quiet, only her loud pants of breath can be heard until I once again tighten my hold on her heart. " Okay! Okay! I pledge you my allegiance! "

I remove my hand from her chest, her body falls to the ground once again with a loud thud. Her breathing is rapid as she grasps at her chest, squeezing her eyes shut tightly.

Lowering myself into a crouching position, I lean into her. " Just remember for the days you think about challenging me again, this is me on my worst day, tired and grieving. Imagine just how quickly I could end your life on a good day. " I threaten.

When I stand back up straight, my eyes fall on the crowds of people around me, now bowing their heads towards the grass at their feet as a sign of submission. Searching the crowd, I find Sabine, Darius, Cleo, Mateo and nod for them to come over to me.

They immediately make their way across the field, joining me just as Farrah steadies herself on her feet. She begins to walk away, freezing and turning to me in shock as I speak.

" Farrah, where do you think you're going? " I call.

" I.. I.. Should I not leave? " She furrows her perfectly shaped eyebrows at my words.

" Well you're one of the house representatives, aren't you? " I question her, tilting my head.

" I figured you would replace me now that you're leading. " She shakes her head.

" Now that I am leading, you and I will have a fresh start. Besides my mate chose you to over see one of the houses of his clan for a reason, as long as you're doing your job well and don't give me a reason to replace you, then you can remain a representative. " I tell her, when she doesn't move from her spot I speak again. " But if you're not interested- "

" No! I am. " She cuts me off, rushing up to where the others are standing in front of me.

" If it's not already obvious, things will remain the same as before when Kai was leading, I will probably adjust things as we go but we'll take that step by step, together as a team. " I explain to them. " Does that work for everyone? "

The five of them all nod their heads, mumbling in agreement. " Perfect, let's get everyone back to their homes then. " I announce. " Oh Sabine? Could we have a moment? "

Sabine furrows her eyebrows but nods nonetheless, I stay quiet letting the others walk away before turning to her. " I'm obviously going to need help with all of this, I'm not familiar with vampire customs and overall now that I'm a mum, I'll need a second set of hands to help me, I want that to be you. "

" Me? " She chuckles.

" Yeah, of course. You're strong, smart, a good fighter, and a straight to the point kind of woman. And honestly, you've been a great friend to me. I'm sure you know that wolves generally have their leader, the Alpha, but an alpha has their second and third in command, a Beta and a Gamma. I'd like you to be my second in command. If you're willing to do it? " I say, sending her a warm smile.

" I would be more than willing. " She grins.

" Thank you. " I give her a quick hug. " Okay, after today I really just need to crawl into bed and cuddle with my son, so we'll start getting things organised tomorrow, sound good? "

" I'll meet you in the office tomorrow morning then. " Sabine sends me another smile as we both begin wandering off toward the house.

When inside, I immediately make my way over to the sofa where Lila is sitting with Elias, taking my son into my arms, I say my fair wells to everyone before I retire for the night and head upstairs to the floor where mine and Kai's room is.

Swinging open the door, the minute I peak inside the bedroom, I find myself stuck in the threshold unable to enter. Taking a deep breath, I rush into the room, dragging Elias' bassinet behind me, leaving the stand belonging to it as I run out of the room and into his Nursery.

Once I am washed up, Elias is changed and fed, I place the basket on top of the rug and gently lay him down inside. His little hand grabs hold of my thumb, causing a small smile to grace my lips.

Struggling for a few minutes, I eventually get comfortable on my side facing the basket so he can still hold my hand. Elias quickly falls asleep and before I know it I'm drifting off asleep on the floor of my son's nursery with my thumb still in his grasp.

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