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C3 Final



" Eli stop that's not fair! " Dyna shouts as she and my son run around the back garden, bouncing from stone to stone as they cross over the miniature stream.

" Eli! " Dyna growls, making me pause smoothing out the light blue table cloth on top of one of the large wooden dining tables and turn to find her ruby eyes starting to glow with embers of orange in them.

" Elias! I don't know what you are doing, but you should know better than to annoy a dragon. " I shout, making my son's stunning blue-grey eyes snap to mine.

" I'm only playing around, she just can't take a joke. " Elias huffs, a deep scowl covering his lips.

" And what joke is that exactly? " I raise my eyebrow.

" He keeps using his gifts to cloak the rocks so I can see them and step into the water! " Dyna glares.

" Elias Orion. " I ground out. " What have I told you about using your gifts to prank people?! "

" Hey guys- oh.. I'm interrupting a strict mum moment aren't I? " Phoenix says, causing me to turn and see him walking through the back door with jugs of lemonade and ice tea in his hands.

" Ugh, the moment has passed... my son knows not to use his gifts irresponsibly, isn't that right El? " I shout the end of my sentence over my shoulder.

" Yeah sure mum whatever! " He calls back, making me roll my eyes.

Phoenix lets out a laugh when I roll my eyes, placing the drinks down into the table. " Uh, okay have you got the things of blood too? " I question him.

" Yeah, they're in the kitchen but the more important question, is how are you feeling about this meeting? " He asks, a small smile on his lips.

" Stressed. " I confess. " I'm sitting down with the entire clan to discuss the idea of turning the clan into a pack slash coven slash clan. "

" What made you decide this again? " He mumbles, crossing his arms over his chest.

My gaze shifts from him over to where Elias and Dyna are playing tag on the grass, using their supernatural speed and gifts to cheat at the game and giggling loudly when one out smarts the other.

A smile pulls at my lips as I watch my son who looks so much like his father, admiration and unconditional love overwhelms me at the mere sight of him and the pure happiness on his face causes tears to prick at my eyes.

" For him. " I whisper. " Other than me, he's the only one of his kind here, I mean I know his best friend is a dragon witch hybrid, so I guess it's partly about her too. Elias gets to learn about his vampire side the most, the same way Dyna learns the most about her dragon side from her dad but I want them to be in touch with all sides and be able to learn about each part of themselves, in a way that I never could. Not to mention since word got out of me leading the clan, rogue wolves looking for a pack have been coming to me, they want a leader and they think because I'm from an alpha bloodline that... " I trail off.

" That you're the one they're searching for. You know, they're right to seek you out, you're one hell of a leader and if you can convince the clan to go for it, this could really change a lot for the supernatural community. " Phoenix says from beside me, throwing an arm around my shoulders as he continues. " You're taking a step toward hybrid babies being normalised, no one will have to be hunted again. "

I sigh. " I hope they agree, I hated running. I hate the idea of my son ever being a target because of what he is. "

As we speak Phoenix and I both continue to watch the two kids playing. At one point Dyna nearly falls to the ground because of a spell Elias casts, but he is beside her in a flash catching her before she can fall. They both stare at each other for a few seconds before Elias shoots her a wink, shouting something about her having to catch him.

" Oh god, they're so into each other. " Phoenix snorts.

I giggle folding my arms across my chest, leaning into him ever so slightly. " I know. "

I feel him tense from beside me causing me to glance up at him, his eyes are wide as he stares back down at me. " If they're beloveds were all screwed. "

" What do you mean? " I tilt my head, letting out a small chuckle.

"A witch dragon hybrid fated to a witch, wolf, vamp hybrid? Their babies would be insane! " Phoenix gasps, his wide blue eyes laced with amusement.

" Yeah you're right, we would all be screwed. " I laugh.

" What are we talking about? " Dahlia questions, wandering out of the kitchen with the jugs of blood Phoenix was supposed to bring outside, behind her is Lila carrying their gorgeous adoptive daughter Winter in her arms, who weirdly looks like she has their genetics with her pale skin, deep brown eyes and raven black hair.

" We were saying how insane it would be if El and Dyna were beloveds and the fact their kids would be taking the term hybrid to a whole new level. " Phoenix snorts, removing his arm from my shoulders.

" Oh wow! " Dahlia gasps, letting out a giggle. " Don't let Atticus hear you guys talking about that, he'll lose his shit. As far as he is concerned that girl is going to stay eleven forever and never have a beloved, let alone conceive babies. "

The thought that Kai hasn't been here for so many important moments in Elias' life and that he won't ever be here to see him find a mate or to meet his grandchildren pops into my mind, sending me into a thought spiral.

Since Kai passed away there has been an emptiness in my heart, as the years went on it got easier to deal with but it still always remains there. Regardless of his absence, I like to think that Elias is half of him and half of me, so in some way he's not completely gone.

When he first passed I thought that any feelings of happiness were fleeting and would always be overshadowed by the loss of him, but now because of my son, my mate's family who I now consider my own and the clan, I've found a way to move on and cope with him not being here and I've learned to be happy, even if it is without him.

Sabine calls my name from the patio, snapping me out of my thoughts. " Everyone is ready when you are. " She tells me.

" Let's get everyone out and seated then, we can have the meeting and then we'll have some food, cake and whatever the hell else you want. " I grin, moving to the head of the table to take my own seat.

" Happy Eight Hundredth Birthday by the way. "

" Thank you. " She blushes, turning her attention to getting everyone seated.

" I still can't believe you didn't want a proper party or at least a day off from clan business for your birthday! " Phoenix snorts, taking a seat to my left and pouring himself a glass of blood while pouring some iced tea into a glass and placing it in front of me.

Once everyone is seated, Sabine joins me sitting on my right. I take a deep breath, absentmindedly reaching for Kai's signet ring around my neck and I scan my eyes over the clan. " Let's get started then. "

The End.


Hi everyone,

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this story, for all the love and support that's been given throughout. I'm truly thankful about how well this story has done.

I know a lot of you were upset about Kai's death and wanted Corinna to get a happy ending, but remember a man is a luxury ;)

No but seriously, in some way she did get a happy ending, that doesn't always need to include a man.

Again, thank you all so so much and I hope you enjoyed:)

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