Husband Comes At Midnight/C1 Initial Observation
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Husband Comes At Midnight/C1 Initial Observation
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C1 Initial Observation

Sadly, the first time Gu Qingming and I were together, Xu Zhe sold me out for money.

You asked me who Xu Zhe is, hehe, he is not as good as my animal, call him husband thing.

He had to start talking about the matters of the dog blood from that day.

That day, after I had finished entertaining the guests in the box, I went back to my rest room and stuffed a stack of tips that the guests had given me into my bag, preparing to pack up for the day's work. However, she was stopped by the Chenhuan's PR manager, Ms Lan.

Chenhuan regulations state that the date at which the female sommelier discharges her shift do not specify. As long as the person in charge of the room finishes paying the bill, we can follow them out of work. Of course, if the responsible guest comes late, we have to stay with him, regardless of the time, until the customer finishes paying the bill.

"Xiaofang, luckily you haven't left yet. Quick, quick, quick, change your clothes and do Ms Lan a favor." Ms Lan grabbed my arm as soon as I pushed the door open. "I can assure you that he's definitely a rich man. As long as you can satisfy him, I estimate that this night's tip will last you at least a week."

I raised my eyebrows and said, "Ms Lan, my guests have all left. This doesn't conform to the rules."

"Aiya, saving a life is as urgent as putting out a fire. It's already burning my eyebrows. Isn't it because I had no other choice, that's why I came to find you?"

Ms Lan had a bitter face. I have come to Chenhuan for a week, but have never seen her lose her composure like this. Someone like her, who has been indulging in the festivities for many years, who can speak human language and can speak the hell out of it, and who is not proficient in all sorts of things, I am a little curious to know if she can't handle any of them.

I teased her, "What's wrong, Ms Lan? Shouldn't you be calling the fire service instead? You actually ran over to find me in a hurry." Do you want me to call the fire alarm or do you want me to take out the fire extinguisher? I'm just a weak girl who can't be picked up on my shoulder, so don't count on me. I don't have enough time to run. "

"Xiaofang, what time is this? Don't make fun of me anymore."

Ms Lan had an anxious expression on her face. She even started talking in her native language. Seeing that she was really anxious, he stopped joking around and seriously asked, "What's going on, Ms Lan?"

"Sigh, an important person from Royal # 1 has arrived. I've called all of the sisters who are free in this event over, but he's not satisfied with any of them. Well, it's been so many times. I don't have anyone left, so I can only ask you to help me out. If he doesn't like you, you can just go through the motions for him; if he does, you'll be in for it. Didn't you say that since you have matters to attend to, it is impossible for you to earn this fast with money? That is definitely a rich master! "

Ms Lan struggled to speak, but I was still hesitant.

Back then, in order to enter Chenhuan, I had hurriedly told her that I was lacking in money, but this was only an excuse for me to enter Chenhuan. Spending a night with a guest was already my limit.

This time, I really don't want to continue this show. Besides, my alcohol tolerance isn't that good. If I didn't know how to be smart, I would have already vomited so much that I wouldn't be sitting here so leisurely.

Seeing that I was silent, Ms Lan hurriedly said, "Xiaofang, this big shot is a VIP brought over by Fifth Master Qin. I don't know why, but he is not interested in so many people. I see that you're different from those sisters in the field. You might even be able to enter his eyes. "I'll tell you in secret, this is Fifth Master Qin's place. If his customers aren't satisfied with this, you probably won't see me again tomorrow."

I thought to myself, it seems that Ms Lan is really anxious. I snuck into my Chenhuan for a week, wanting to find out who the mastermind is, but I didn't have a clue. She actually told me about such an important information right at this moment, I really didn't need any effort to get it.

"Ms Lan, don't worry. I'll go."

The time I took to come to Chenhuan was too short, and I had never seen the Fifth Master Qin that Ms Lan mentioned before. Now, knowing that he is the boss of Chenhuan behind the scenes, I put on a calm appearance, but actually feel extremely excited in my heart.

This week's hard work had not been in vain.

"Xiaofang, since you've helped Ms Lan today, she will surely take good care of you and not treat you badly in the future." When Ms Lan saw that I agreed, she heaved a sigh of relief and immediately beamed.

I thought to myself, 'Isn't it a little too early for her to be happy like this?

I smiled and replied, "Ms Lan, speaking shamelessly, it's one thing for me to go. However, if that esteemed guest doesn't like me, you can't blame me."

"No, you can go if you want."

After saying that, Ms Lan pulled me out of the room. She didn't let go at all, as if she was afraid that I would run away.

The lights in the corridor were dim and unclear. Ms Lan's footsteps were hurried, and the "thump thump" of her high heels matched my heartbeat. I suspect that it was because I was finally going to meet the legendary Fifth Master Qin that my heart was beating so fast.

From afar, I could see two bodyguards in black suits standing at the entrance of Royal Room 1. They were dressed entirely in black, and each of them had on a pair of sunglasses. "In this dark corridor, I wonder if they can see anything while wearing sunglasses …"

Ms Lan led me into the private room and said to the person in the private room, "Fifth Master, this is Xiaofang."

"Xiaofang, it's that Xiaofang who is called Xiaofang by a girl in the village?"

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