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C10 A Dilemma

Seeing that I was silent for a moment, Ms Lan continued to laugh coldly, "I knew it. What are you trying to do? If you can't bear to pay the penalty, then come back to work." There was no need to think about hiding. The company had many methods, if every sister who signed a contract with it could break the contract as they pleased, how could Chenhuan shine in Grand City for so many years? "There are only two options in front of you right now. One, start working and stay on the contract until it expires. The other, for you, is simple. Just take the cheque in your hand and pay for the breach of contract."

At this moment, in the face of Ms Lan's aggressive attitude, I was in a dilemma.

To be honest, the cheque in my hand is more than enough to pay the penalty fee, but once I use this cheque, then I'll admit that last night, I really was …

No, I can't!

The moment this thought appeared in my mind, I immediately rejected it.

In the morning, I took the one hundred thousand yuan cheque from Master Gu to draw out Xu Zhe's real face.

Now, my goal has been achieved. If I were to redeem this hundred thousand dollars, then what difference would there be between me selling it and me?

When I thought about how I repeatedly said in front of Master Gu that I wasn't a seller this morning, if I just used the cheque like that, then I would be slapping myself in the face.

At this moment, I suddenly remembered that devilish face with a smile that was not a smile. I felt a little guilty and hurriedly stopped daydreaming.

Xu Zhe stood at the side without saying a word. I originally thought that since he should say something for me, he would just stand there and watch.

I get angry when I think that the real culprit behind my fall is him!

He hated himself for being blind. He had been together with Xu Zhe for more than a year, but he didn't realize that Xu Zhe was such a person.

At the moment, despite my confusion, I tried to look calm on the surface.

I glared fiercely at Xu Zhe, maybe he was scared by the hatred in my eyes, his eyes that were emitting a bright light flickered for a moment, then he squirmed his mouth and turned to Ms Lan: "Lan Qing, don't be so aggressive, it was because I was too hot headed to listen to your words that I tricked Qiao Mu to go drink with you at Chenhuan. "Although I can't find the truth behind your plan with Qiao Mu, if I really were to pursue the matter and cause a ruckus at Chenhuan, your boss probably won't let you off, right?"

"Hmph, if you're not afraid of losing face, then go ahead." It was so funny that he had tricked his wife into drinking with him at night to repay his debt. If word of this got out, it would become a piece of news, and he might even hit the headlines. I think you should just do the news on your own web site. If things go wrong, this news might just cause your web site to wake up. There's no need to waste time thinking about how to earn money. "

Ms Lan was extremely sarcastic. The funny thing was, everything she said was the truth, and I couldn't refute it.

"You, Lan Qing, shut up!"

Xu Zhe got angry from her words. To be honest, I don't get it. At the beginning, I thought it was Ms Lan and Xu Zhe agreeing to something without me knowing.

But looking at Xu Zhe's angry expression, it seems that the both of them are really provoked by me.

At this moment, I really can't tell if Ms Lan proposed the penalty for wanting to keep the hundred thousand yuan for herself, or if she was just doing it for Xu Zhe and his wife's sake.

Xu Zhe spoke furiously as he argued with Ms Lan loudly. However, I didn't want to continue watching.

Whether they were playing a good show or actually camped out on their own, I just felt exhausted.

I know that the Chenhuan's water is very deep, but I didn't consider everything so I made this matter too simple. But in any case, I had already decided that even if I had to suffer for another week, I would not touch that shameful hundred thousand dollars.


I shouted out loud. The two people who were facing each other were shocked by my shout. They stopped and turned around to look at me.

"Ms Lan, stop paying the penalty fee. I will start work on time tonight. It's only for a week. However, if you still want to do something small, don't blame me for not telling you in advance that a barefoot person is not afraid to wear shoes.

I said this very stubbornly. Perhaps it was because of my serious expression, Xu Zhe frowned and said: "Qiao Mu, don't be impulsive …."

I completely ignored Xu Zhe's reaction. After saying that, I turned around and walked towards the door.

The two ugly faces across from me, I really don't want to stay here any longer!

"Qiao Mu, wait …"

Xu Zhe chased after me and shouted.

I walked quickly without looking back, and when I reached the elevator, which was just going down, he caught up with me.

He saw my displeasure and knew it was not his place to say anything more, so he said nothing and followed me out when the elevator reached the first floor.

Seeing that I didn't stop walking towards the gate of the district, Xu Zhe pulled me back, "Qiao Mu, I'll take you home."

I wanted to throw him off, but then I thought, why? It's not my fault, why should I waste money to beat him up again?

With that in mind, I stopped, changed directions, and headed in the direction of his car.

Xu Zhe saw me turn around and trotted to the car. He opened the passenger door and waited for me to get in.

Normally, I would have been more than happy to have been moved by his considerate actions, but now, all I could see was that he cared and cared for me in a way that was false.

I ignored his eager gaze as I opened the back door and got in.

Xu Zhe didn't show any dissatisfaction when he saw me do this. He calmly closed the car door, walked to the driver's side, and opened the door to get in.

To prevent myself from seeing the person I was so worried about, I closed my eyes and dozed off as soon as I got in the car.

I pretended to be calm, but in reality my mind was in turmoil.

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