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I met Xu Zhe in a vulgar way, through a blind date.

I was too busy working and running around every day to have time to fall in love. My parents saw that I was old, but they had no intention of getting married. They kept saying that the woman was too old and wouldn't be able to find a good wife, so they kept urging me to find a boyfriend.

Later, seeing that I completely ignored their words, I decided to take the initiative and start a blind date for me. At that time, there was a grand blind date in Grand City and they personally registered for me. Since I couldn't force them, I agreed to let them attend.

I met Xu Zhe at that blind date. At that time, although he didn't look too attractive, but because he was an editor, he had many common topics with me. After a while, we became familiar with each other.

Then, after a few months of dating, he asked me to marry him. Admittedly, people who go on blind dates tend to go straight to the point of getting married, so I didn't feel too surprised when he suggested marriage.

At that time, my parents and sister liked him a lot, so when he proposed marriage, my parents couldn't be more happy. Although I didn't really feel that I loved him to the point of death, but thinking about how living with him didn't seem to make me feel that I was going to hate him, so even though I only loved him a little, I didn't reject him.

At that time, I did not know how, did not have the slightest longing for love, just want to find a person to live together. But he didn't expect that on the night of his wedding, the problem would arise.

This question is somewhat difficult to answer. I find it very strange myself, but I can't deny that my body's true reaction isn't to be fooled.

The night Xu Zhe got his marriage certificate, he was very excited. Because I wasn't with Xu Zhe for a few months, we didn't have any intimate behavior before we were married. The main reason is that I was a little averse to it. At that time, I thought that it was because the two of us only knew each other for a short period of time, so neither of us cared too much about it.

Today, Xu Zhe can finally exercise his legal rights as he wished. He already pulled me out of the shower and prepared to roll in the bed sheets.

But when he brought my clothes and mouth up to his, I felt sick for no reason at all. I shoved him away and ran to the bathroom to retch, his face unsightly.

At first, I thought I had a stomach problem, so I went to the hospital to check it out.

However, every time Xu Zhe tried to exercise his power as a husband, my reaction would be the same as the first time.

At first, Xu Zhe was very patient. He understood that I might not be ready yet. But more often, he grew impatient, saying that I was not cheating on the marriage.

I felt wronged. Before I was with him, I had never dated a boy before. I didn't know why I would react like that.

After that, I had no choice but to look up a lot of information on the internet. I must have been able to confirm that my behavior was a psychological problem, so I went to a private clinic to look at psychological problems. I looked at them for over a year.

Xu Zhe and I have been married for more than a year. Although due to me, we have never been able to become husband and wife, but other than that, we are no different from other normal couples.

Xu Zhe was one of the top students from the countryside. The number of university students in their village could be counted with one hand. Therefore, Xu Zhe was actually a bit arrogant due to this.

Of course, when we first met, I didn't think that he was arrogant. I only thought that he had quite the ambition. Every time I communicated with him, I felt that he was someone with high ideals.

Although Xu Zhe didn't have the ability to buy a suite in Guangcheng at the time, my dad told me in order to force me to get married that it doesn't matter if the person I'm looking for has money or not. As long as I'm willing to get married, he'll give me a new apartment.

Although I made the decision to get married half of the emotional element in the decision, but on the other hand, because I still quite appreciate Xu Zhe.

At that time, I didn't have much hope for love. I thought it would be the same if I looked for anyone, but it was just like playing around together. It was better to meet a man who had thoughts than those of the "old gnaw clan".

Later, shortly after the wedding, Xu Zhe said he wanted to quit his editorial job at the newspaper office and start an online company with his friends. Although I don't ask much of a man, just a decent and stable job, and don't ask him to start a business and make a lot of money, but since Xu Zhe has the ambition to start a business, of course I support him.

Xu Zhe had worked for a few years and had accumulated some savings, but this savings was definitely not enough for the original funds.

Xu Zhe told me about the idea of starting a business. When he consulted me, I didn't say a word, and immediately added his name to the real estate certificate that my dad gave me when I got married, asking him to use it to make a mortgage.

He had used the money from the house mortgage as well as his savings to invest in the web company with his friend Wang Lin.

Maybe some people would call me stupid and unscrupulous, so easily adding Xu Zhe's name to the real estate certificate.

Honestly speaking, although I'm not the most shrewd woman, I'm not that kind of person.

The main reason I did this was because of my attitude towards marriage.

Funny, I'm a very traditional woman. Although I don't have much expectations for love, I'm very careful about marriage.

In my opinion, if two people decided to get married, it would be for the rest of their lives. Since I chose Xu Zhe to be the other half of my life with him, from then on, I did not hold anything back for him. I shared both honor and disgrace. To me, mine or his, both belonged to us.

I was so willing to stick to my attitude towards marriage, but reality slapped me hard in the face.

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