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C13 Sayo

I lay in bed thinking a lot of wild, tired feeling, do not know when I fell asleep.

When I woke up again, it was already completely dark.

I turned on the light and looked at the time. It was already past seven in the evening, so when I thought about going to the Chenhuan to start work, I immediately got up, washed up, put on makeup, and used the fastest speed to clean myself up before picking up my bag and opening the door to go out.

As I passed the living room, I was startled by Xu Zhe.

He was half lying on the sofa, sleeping with his eyes closed. I turned on the light in the small living room, so he didn't wake up.

Fortunately, I said to myself, if he wakes up now, I'll have to deal with him again.

Knowing that he colluded with Ms Lan behind his back and still refuses to admit it, my good impression of him disappears completely. He thought I was a fool, that I would believe him if he said a word.

How is this possible!?

I'm a very straightforward person. If I trust a person, then I will wholeheartedly believe it. However, if you let me know that you lied to me, then I'm sorry.

I quietly went out and took a taxi to Chenhuan.

Although I hate to go back to this place, I can't think of any better solution for the time being.

I thought to myself, I can only endure for one more week. If I didn't know what happened during the first week, wouldn't I be the same as well?

Of course, I would never let Ms Lan down again.

Fortunately, the contract was written in black and white. Even if she wanted to scheme against me, she wouldn't dare to do it openly. At most, she would secretly drug the wine.

That's what I had in mind, so when I entered Chenhuan and saw Ms Lan again, I was very confident.

When Ms Lan saw me, there was a flash of obvious surprise in her eyes. She probably thought that I was just talking in the morning because I was talking fast. Obviously, she didn't expect that I would actually come.

She might even be planning on how to bring someone to find me and ask for the penalty fee.

I felt so good about not letting her have her way, and I sneered inside, looking at her and walking over to her.

Her expression was well concealed, and only a flash of surprise passed before she looked at me expressionlessly.

"Qiao Mu!"

Just when I walked in front of Ms Lan, I didn't expect Xu Zhe to catch up to me and stop me.

He was shouting so loudly that someone in the lobby was already glaring at us.

I frowned at him. "Why are you here?"

Xu Zhe grabbed my hand, not allowing me to continue walking towards Ms Lan, "Qiao Mu, are you here at Chenhuan to continue carrying out the contract, or …"

Hehe, I sneered in my heart.

Originally, I still had some room in my heart for Xu Zhe, but looking at him who wanted to say something but hesitated, I instantly felt like I was being sentimental.

"Xu Zhe, do you want me to fulfill the contract, or compensate you for the breach of contract?"

I deliberately asked Xu Zhe. Even though I had already decided on what to do, I still wanted to see what Xu Zhe would say.

"Qiao Mu, 100,000 is not a small amount. If I had a way, I would definitely not let you stay here." But, Qiao Mu, I told you that you know my current situation. "We are husband and wife, I hope you can understand me. Rest assured, as long as I pass this hurdle, in the future …"

Sure enough, I coldly snorted in my heart.


To be honest, I really regret asking Xu Zhe this question. I know that I won't be able to hear what I want, but I will not believe what I just heard. Maybe that way I could see him a little better.

Xu Zhe was scared by my scolding and seemed to not know what to do.

I coldly said, "Xu Zhe, you're really generous. Do you really think I'm selling it?" No matter what, I'm your wife, don't you feel bad looking at a cheque for a hundred thousand yuan? "Don't worry, even if you didn't mind, I wouldn't have had the face to use that hundred thousand dollars."

Xu Zhe still wanted to speak, but even if I stopped him, I said: "I'm going to start work, you can go back. "Of course, if you're looking for Ms Lan, I won't disturb your reminiscing."

After saying that, I didn't care about Xu Zhe's reaction as I directly walked towards the resting room.

I've thought about it. Anyway, I'm going to have to go through this week.

Even though I had torn off all decorum with Ms Lan, I was clear that based on our current situation, other than taking Master Gu's cheque to compensate for the breach of contract, I couldn't think of a better way.

But the check for that hundred thousand dollars was a bottom line I couldn't cross.

Even if I didn't think too much about it, I would never step foot into Chenhuan, which in my eyes was an extremely dirty place.

The moment I entered the lounge, I saw a few sisters sitting together and whispering to each other. As I had come here on the spur of the moment, I wasn't familiar with them.

But this time I sat in the lounge and put on my makeup, the words "Yi" still floating in my ears, and I remembered that Yi, who had followed me to the box yesterday, had become so drunk that I didn't know what had happened.

Now that I hear them, I realize that I haven't seen Yi since I entered the lounge.

Although Chenhuan was only a place of entertainment, the system inside was still very standard. Even if you're drinking with us, you still have to punch the clock. There is no mandatory time limit, but if there are no special circumstances during the time you're off duty, then you'll need to deduct money for being late.

Logically speaking, Yi should have arrived long ago, but for some reason, she still hasn't appeared. For some reason, I feel uneasy.

I couldn't help but turn my head and ask, "Why didn't I see Yi today?"

Although they were a little surprised that I was able to ask, women are born with a gossipy disposition, so even if they wanted to, they wouldn't be able to stop me.

Immediately, someone replied, "Didn't you share a room with Yi yesterday, and you didn't know about it?"

The speaker had a look of intense curiosity on her face, and although I tried to remember which one she was, it didn't stop our conversation from continuing.

"I drank too much yesterday and felt a bit dizzy later on. My friend came to pick me up, I don't know what happened to Yi after that."

The person who asked the question was obviously just casually asking out of curiosity. After hearing my reply, he didn't ask anything further. Instead, he suddenly lowered his voice and said, "You still don't know, Yi was taken away by Fifth Master Qin yesterday, right? After hearing that Fifth Master Qin had a special hobby, Yi couldn't even stand up in the morning and was directly sent to the hospital for rescue. That area has been torn apart and is badly mangled. I wonder if it will recover in the future. "

"Sigh, it's already like that. How can it possibly return to normal? If I had to say, it definitely is broken."

"Sigh, I don't know if I can even give birth to children in the future."

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