Husband Comes At Midnight/C17 The Check Is Missing
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Husband Comes At Midnight/C17 The Check Is Missing
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C17 The Check Is Missing

My heart quivered. There was something in his words, and I felt as if he could read the thoughts in his head. He could easily see what I was thinking.

I immediately calmed myself down and pretended that nothing had happened. I smiled and said, "Master Gu, are you kidding me? I just drank so many cups consecutively. My alcohol capacity is shallow, but now I feel a little dizzy."

As I said that, I deliberately rubbed my temples, feigning dizziness.

Actually, what I said wasn't an exaggeration. Even if I ate some alcohol and medicine in advance, I still wouldn't be able to endure a few cups of mine. Otherwise, I wouldn't have the mind to think about all those useless thoughts.

Perhaps it was because he was the guest today, so my guard had been lowered a lot. I didn't have any concerns when drinking wine.

After all, I had done what I shouldn't have done, and there seemed to be no need for hypocrisy in front of him.

"This is not a place you should be."

He looked at me and suddenly said this.

His words were so sudden that for a moment I didn't know how to reply.

But after he asked this question, he only paused for a short moment before continuing, "Why did you come back here?"

I don't know why he suddenly asked me that kind of question. He didn't look like a busybody, and I don't know where I got his curiosity about me.

Is it because of that night, I said to myself, always feeling that there was something in his words.

I couldn't be bothered to ask any further, so I answered casually, "Master Gu, why did you come here? Of course it's because you lack money."

"Lack of money?" He seemed to be dissatisfied with my answer. He frowned and seemed to have thought of something as he spread out his arms, revealing a mocking smile, "So you came here because you lack money, and because you lack money, you can do anything. Because you lack money, anyone can do things like what you did last night with you!"

The more he spoke, the more agitated he became. He even reached out a hand and grabbed my arm.

"Looks like the money I gave you yesterday wasn't enough. Tell me, how much more do you need? Two hundred thousand? Or three hundred thousand? "

His sudden approach made me uncomfortable, and when I looked into his eyes, I felt scared, and my arms ached from his grip.

His questioning tone was as if I had done something wrong and I was somehow afraid to look him in the eye.

I sensed that he had misunderstood me.

But, I thought, he wasn't a person of mine, and anyway I didn't seem to have anything to do with him.

With that in mind, I looked up slightly and tried to shake his hand away, to put some distance between us.

But after a few times, he held me even tighter.

"Think clearly, for a guest as generous as me, it would be very hard for you to meet me again. "After all, with a body like yours …"

As he spoke, he swept his critical gaze up and down my body, and the look of disdain in his eyes made me angry all of a sudden.

I said depressingly, "You're thinking too much. Let me go first!"

At this moment, Little Yao, who was singing, seemed to notice that something was wrong on our side of the situation. She looked at me frequently, and I was afraid that she might misunderstand something, so when she went out to speak, she would hurriedly use her other hand to grab at his arm that was imprisoning me.

Following my gaze, he glared at Little Yao. He didn't say anything, but his eyes were absolutely merciless. Little Yao trembled visibly when he glared at her. She immediately turned around and started singing on her own.

He turned around and said, "Oh, I forgot. There's another person, Fifth Master Qin. He is also famous for being generous. What, you want to go find him?"

When he said Fifth Master Qin, his eyes narrowed and he used a bit more strength in his hands. I felt that my arm was about to be broken by him.

"Hiss …"

"Hmph, you can't stand such little pain. Just looking for Fifth Master Qin like this, there's only two words left to describe the outcome." He deliberately paused, then leaned close to my ear and whispered, "You're courting death!"

Listening to him talk about Fifth Master Qin, I remembered what they said in the lounge. Thinking that I escaped calamity due to him, I couldn't help but to slow down my tone and explain, "You misunderstood me. I told you that I only drank with you, what happened yesterday was an accident. Besides, I think you know better than me what's going on. Didn't you tell me that I was sold to Fifth Master Qin? "

After hearing my explanation, his expression finally eased up. Even though I was depressed, I still didn't understand what he was angry about.

He slowly let go of my hand and continued to ask, "Since you know that you've been tricked, why did you still come?"

"It's not as simple as you think. The contract I signed will only expire in a week. If I don't fulfill the contract, I'll need to pay a large amount of contract money. How can I pay so much money?"

I snapped.

"Didn't I already give you 100,000 yuan? As far as I know, this amount of money should be enough for you to pay the contract penalty."

"Ah, yes, that hundred thousand!"

When I heard him mention a hundred thousand dollars, I suddenly remembered the check and didn't care what he said in the second half of the sentence.

The reason why he accepted that cheque was to test Xu Zhe. After piercing Xu Zhe's disguise, I actually really wanted to tear it off in front of Xu Zhe. I really wanted to see the ugly sight of Xu Zhe's mask breaking in front of me.

I don't know if it's because I subconsciously didn't want Master Gu to misunderstand me, but after Master Gu reminded me, I hurriedly stood up and prepared to return the cheque to him.

"Master Gu, wait a moment, I'll return the cheque to you."

I hurried out of the box and into the lounge.

There was a locker in Chenhuan Rest House. Everyone had one, which could be locked. I figured they wouldn't be so shameless as to steal it, so I locked the check and the bag in the closet.

Obviously, I underestimated them.

When I opened the locker and took out my bag to look for the check, I felt a little dazed.

The check is gone!

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